White Giant
Starting date July 27, 2001
Months per day 3
World Statistics
Countries 6,376
Population 27,717,758,718
Enterprises 81
Corporations 110,062
Common Market 233
Production 152,626,163,260,210 $SC
Nominal Value 36,044,4 USD
Federations 277
Army 922,599,196



White Giant was the third world created in Simcountry and it is one of the most active worlds. White Giant is very similar to Kebir Blue but it is larger. With 6376 countries it even larger than Fearless Blue but feature wise, it is a copy of Kebir Blue.

Running six game months per day, White Giant is the busiest of the five worlds with most registered countries and the largest number of logins per day.

The product market and the stock market are the busiest, there are many peaceful players but there are also huge wars sometimes with some members trying to gain control of large areas of the world.


White Giant World Map

White Giant is composed by 10 continents, like in all the CentauDos planets, some continents have diversal geography with several islands.

Notable Countries

DISCLAIMER: mention only the countries that have a clear activity on this site, feel free to edit it deems appropriate

The Most Notable countries in White Giant are:


There are several large federations and federation networks in White Giant. the most recognizable in this wikia is The Union Federation

Security Council

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