The War Index, or War Situation Index, is a number between 0 and 100 that is used to determine when a country has lost in a war. If it ever reaches 0, the country has lost.

War Index Parameters

Every country is given an initial value of 100 for the War Index. However, certain factors may cause the country to start a war at a lower value. If the country does not have at least one corporation or national industry, it will lose 20 points. If it has less than 100 fortifications, it will lose .5 points for each fortification it is missing.


The maximum number of fortifications a country may have is 100. For each fortification missing below this number, the country's war index is deducted 0.5 points. If you have 40 fortifications, then the war index will be damaged by 30 points whether you lost them in fighting, destroyed them yourself, or never had more. A maximum of 50 damage points can be done via this section.


All corporations in the country are worth 20 points. Public and Private corporations cannot be attacked and don't count toward this value. These points are dispensed equally among all state corporations and national industries. The number of points are based on the number of corporations at the start of the war. If a country has more corporations than it started the war with, it will not incur damage points until the number of current corporations falls below the number at the start of the war.


It is uncertain exactly how the maximum asset damage is calculated. However, it is clear that each location type yields consistent asset damage and there is a good rule of thumb for determining how many damage points $1T asset damage will cause. The number of points $1T asset damage will yield is roughly: 60M / Population to a maximum of 30 damage points.

Asset damage by location:

  • Capital: $1T
  • Cities: $300B
  • Towns: $50B
  • Counties: $10B
  • Everything Else: $2B-$3B


Each 0.1% of the population killed results in 1 damage point via this section to a maximum of 40 damage points. Population lost in attacks on population centers, corporations, and weapons count toward this value. However, population lost through nuclear disasters do not.

Occupy Country

Each country has a number of "areas" that can be taken by moving a military unit over it. This is most commonly called "painting". The number of areas in a country is related to the size of the country. A maximum of 30 points can be achieved via this section. However, each area yields an even 0.4 damage points and countries come in various sizes, making it possible for a country to not have enough areas to achieve the full 30 damage points offered by this method, in rare cases even less than 10 points, or to have a great deal more areas.

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