A painting of Czar Vladimir Ulyanov

Name: Vladimir V. Ulyanov

Born: 2717 (Age 57)

Occupation: Czar of the Civil Anarchy of Zion

Wife: Vladislavia Ulyanov

Children: Three

Religion: Buddhist


Vladimir Ulyanov (2717-) is the current leader of The Civil Anarchy of Zion since 2773. He is over twice as respected as the past leaders of the anarchist territory. Growing up in a small village in the middle of a very small village. Ulyanov was not schooled in any other government system until he was much older. Ulyanov (Age 57) took over 20 years to unite Zion.

Birth and Youth

Vladimir Ulyanov was born in a small village in the Central North area of Zion. This village was then called

Xenomorphiagradoviaofv-Zionofiovia (Z-no-mor-f-i-uh-gr-od-o-v-I-a-ovf Z-i-un-o-fv-no-v-i-uh), this city is the modern city of Mount Zion, the capital of the Civil Anarchy of Zion. Ulyanov was not born to a rich family, but a poor family. Ulyanov's real parrents are unknown, he was abandoned as a young child. Even his adopted parrents are unknown. "My parrents abandoned me in the year 2720, when I was only 3 years old. I was adoped a week later, but that was in a allyway. And in 2726, when I was only nine, they were murdered by a war group. I escaped, never to see Xenomorphiagradoviafv-Zionofionova for over 45 years" Vladimir Ulyanov claims. He lived a extremly harsh life for the next 11 years.


The Zion Revolution lasted (offically) from 2673-2773, but from records show that the first signs of Anti-Anarchist revolution dates as far back a week after the country collapsed hundreds of years before. Vladimir was a major role player in the revolution, but not the first. The offical start of the revolution was made when a war group tried to retake the formmer ancient capital city, but failed. But the leader of this assult did not know what he has just awakened.

Vassily Ivanov (2640-2735, Aged 95 years) was the first major leader of the revolution. In 2734, Ulyanov has the upmost honor to meet Vassily before his sudden death, less than 4 months later. He was the largest infulence to Ulyanov then anything else.

Ulyanov was trying to lead a peaceful revolution, but this was short lived. Several warlords tryed to take power by force. In a now ruined city in South Zion called Setuov (C-tu-off), it was once a massive city.