Il de Hermantine at night

Il de Hermantine was the capital of Kingdom of Hermantine, with a last recorded population of 2,020,378 citizens and nobles in 2980. It sat at the crossroads of several cities and corporations, making it an important economical, educational, and spiritual center.


Il de Hermantine was once Castle Hermantine, the governing center of the duchy of Hermantine once ruled by House Kitan and then by House Selis. During the civil wars, many refugees entered Castle Hermantine, which prompted it to be declared a city. When Duke Henry Selis began his series of campaigns to reunite the land, Il de Hermantine, as its name had been changed to, had suffered from constant attacks. With the unification, Il de Hermantine quickly recovered and began to become the center of governing the now formed Kingdom of Hermantine.

After King Henry's death, Il de Hermantine was once again choked by a civil war. With the Royal Family returning to the Crystal Palace, her people took up arms to defend the city at all costs. The city's greatest defender was the 14 year old Amy Lynn Daniels, who took command of the First Armoured Division (renamed First Motor Rifle Division) and defeated multiple attacks on the city before advancing on rebel forces. With the defeat of House Covall, the city once again returned to normal, rebuilding damaged buildings and constructing new ones as well.

The city prospered even after the collapse of the Kingdom of Hermantine in 2894, receiving moderate damage during the War of Unification, but lost its capital status to the city of Veluca in the year 2979 after the war ended the same year. Every foreign embassy moved to Veluca except the Aquitanian Embassy, which had been there since 2857, the year Aquitania and Hermantine, the predecessor nation of East Heaven, established relations for the first time. 

Records suggest 84% of the city was destroyed in the first wave of attack in the year 3172, a year after a Pegersian declaration of war. The city was completely destroyed in a nuclear attack eleven years later in 3183 while under Pegersian occupation. At the time, most of the population had evacuated 10 years prior, after the initial 3172 attack, only 18% of the population remained in the ruins.

Transportation System

Il de Hermantine was serviced by the Kathalan Int'l Airport in the northeast and by the Royal Valencia Air Base at the southwest. It was connected to the kingdom by the Great Coastal Highway that ran to the northwest and remained along the coastal lowlands, the Royal Highway that lead to the city of Sanyu, where the Emerald Palace was located, and the Great Southern Highway which ran to the southeast before branching off at Imil.

Public Security

The peace was maintained by the Il de Hermantine Police Department (IHPD), it's fire department (IHFD), and by the Queen's Own.