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East Heaven Kingdom Restored!
By: Der Weißhaupter
Westlairen Celebrations.jpg
Westlairen - On August 3483, the city of Westlairen saw one of the largest fireworks shows and celebrations since the 2nd Reclamation in 3440. This city of an estimated 400,000 core inhabitants is the largest city in the Duchy of East Prussia, which is home to the largest Oirthir population in the country, being an estimated 90% of the Duchy's population of 1,571,650. The reason to celebrate was the incredible restoration of the East Heaven Kingdom, Aquitanians and Oirthir are equally rejoiced, with hundreds of thousands of former Oithir refugees preparing to go back home and assist in resettling their ancient homeland. Aussenpol has yet to release any comments regarding the new Oirthir Government in East Heaven, sources inside Aussenpol however, have hinted that the Aquitanian Government has reached out to the upstart nation. The Imperial Family has travelled to Savoy to have lunch with the Princess of Savoy and her family, Morgan IV na Colliete, a member of the East Heaven Royal Family and descendant of the survivors of the 3171 war. No further information has been released.
New Alexandria Declares State of Emergency
By: Neue Alexandrinishe Zeiten
April 13th, 3371 - New Alexandria, Grand Duchy of Alexandria - The Government of Alexandria has declared a State of Emergency for its capital following an increase in violence, which in the last months was growing into the city following reports in other nearby towns along the eastern seaboard. Following the inefficiency of State Troops in containing the violence, the Imperial Army is to be mobilized in the next few days to be sent in to New Alexandria to protect the city, which is the third most populated in the Empire. An anonymous member of the Alexandrian Army has stated that checkpoints will be established around New Alexandria's Highways to assist possible evacuees. Meanwhile, Königsberg has reported that confusion dominates the current situation and is demanding a true explanation from the Grand Duchy, which has chilly relations with the capital as a result of losing the Imperial City of Kahltforenburg back in 3330. Some voices within the Dyranttag are beginning to suspect the Alexandrian Duke might be wanting to snatch something from its former territory, if not reincorporate it completely.
Riots and Violence in Waarburg, Eastern Coast
By: Neue Alexandrinishe Zeiten
September 3rd, 3370 - Waarburg, Provinz Ostlexus, Grand Duchy of Alexandria - There are several reports of outbursts of violence and riots in several towns in the states of Alexandria and Wulffbein, it is believed the disturbances are a result of the pseudo-austerity measures announced and put into effect by His Majesty's Government 12 years ago. The measures have not rekindled the economy and the country remains stagnant. The violence is absent in other parts of the country and may be a result of differing ideologies in different parts of the country, as the east, specifically Waarburg, are the only ones that have seen these violent acts. The State Governments have responded by sending their troops to contain these acts and prevent damage to properties.
Aquitania Shuts down Lothringian Border with Constantine
By: Straßburger Zeiten
February 19, 3334 - Alßab, Niederlothringen, Lothringen - The Aquitanian Government has shut down its land border with Constantine, this includes Lothringen's border with the southern neighbour, which, according to Treaty provisions, was to remain open to holders of Constantine Passports after annexation so these wouldn't be deported en-masse. The decision came as there were reports of illegal Constantinian Spies using Aquitania as a bridge to infiltrate the Western Constantinian Republic and the danger present in the possibility of ultra-nationalist rebel groups entering Aquitania in attempts to re-claim Lothringen. The decision was controversial, as a portion of the Constantinian minority in Lothringen that was allowed to live there after annexation, were barred from entering the country. Aussenpol Spokespersons were not available for comment.
3330: 300 Years of the Third Empire

(3330: 300 Jahre des drittes Reich)

By: Die Weisshaupter
Kahltforenburg, Alexandrien - In the heart of Aquitania, preparations are going steady for the 300th Anniversary of the foundation of the Third Empire. The reason the report for such an important event was done here rather than in Königsberg, Arkadien or Brandenburg is not only because patriotic celebrations here in Kahltforenburg have magnificent pomp, but rather because it is rumoured this city will receive the status of Imperial City. This will be the main event and it will effectively separate the city from the Grand Duchy of Alexandria and turn it into our 12th Federal State. The media is still unaware of what sort of deal Königsberg and New Alexandria made in order for the state of Alexandria to relinquish control of such key landmark, but it is rumoured to be an ultimatum, rather than a deal. Last week a scandalous tape was released by Der Wulffbein Zeiten, in which the King of Wulffbein was quoted as saying that Alexandrien was a relatively new state in Aquitania similar to Savoy and Weißland, also saying that territorial devolution would be demanded from New Alexandria if it did not comply with the release of Kahltforenburg.

Kalhtforians are oblivious of the situation and do not oppose or openly support the movement, rather being very enthusiastic for the upcoming celebrations, Kahltforia is a major tourist attraction on the Vereinheitlichung, Kalenhad and Drittes Reich Days. The feature attraction will reportedly be the largest beer garden in the world, called "Das Schiff Garten" or "The Ship Garden", it will be open all year on Kahltforia Lake. The historic centre and castle will be decorated with national colours throughout the whole year and 300 medals will be handed out to foreign heads of state that attend and to their ambassadors, a few select will be given to exceptional Aquitanians.

A Return Trip
By: Der Ausländer
June 3, 3301 - Helggen-Brandenburg International Spaceport - The Gaian Government announced the resumption of the Honourary Gaian Citizenship Programme. It also apologised and reimbursed affected Aquitanians that were not working or studying at the time of the suspension, and therefore left, less than a Kebir Blue month ago. While most passengers embarking on trans-spacial flights choose comfortable starliners and cruisers for their journey, the majority of the Aquitanians that left Gaia four weeks ago queued up at TransGaia, AQverein and Luftheiss Counters to catch express flights back to the Kebirian Motherland, as many of the civilians, leaving in a hurry last month, abandoned their daily routines following the suspension.

The Aquitanian Ambassador in Gaia, which remained oddly silent while the suspension was active, has issued a public statement: "We are very happy and appreciative of the Gaian Government for considering the interests of Aquitanians in their country" - Claudia zu Strelitz, Aquitanian Ambassador to Gaia

Thousands of Aquitanians & Scores of Foreigners Leave Gaia
By: Die Weisshaupter
Aquitanians Queue up on Elizabeth's Horizon Spaceport to leave, 3299.jpg
April 1st, 3299 - Elizabeth, Migiwa Peninsula, Gaia - Following the suspension of the Gaian Citizenship Program a few days ago, thousands of Aquitanians living in Gaia and not working/studying left the country today along with many other foreigners that had their Honorary Citizenship suspended. "Gaian Authorities didn't really specify whether all the citizens of a country with a working/study treaty with Gaia were exempt from this, or just the people working or studying here, so I prefer to not take any chances, considering how rushed the suspension was, and leave before being penalised, or worse, deported. I assume most of us leaving share the same doubt" - Petra Ackermann, animation artist formerly living in Coral, Central Province. The Imperial Union's decision is indeed justified if the Program was being abused, the suspension though, came with unfortunate consequences for many foreigners which lived abiding Gaian Law. The Aquitanian Embassy in Celestial City has not released any official statements and the ambassador was not available for comment.

The suspension comes after Ossorian Nationals, reportedly counterfeited Gaian passports, misused and abused the program. Honourary Gaian citizenship is the country's initiative to provide foreign nationals a way to attain some aspects of full Gaian citizenship, which is restricted to ethnic Gaians. (Source: Gaia News Network)

Major Infrastructure Projects in Lothringen Nearly Completed
By: Straßburger Zeit
Elevated Highway Border with Constantine - Straßburg&Alßab to La Habana.jpg
March 28th, 3299 - Alßab, Niederlothringen, Lothringen - The extensive infrastructure projects initiated by the Imperial Government in 3275 to rebuild the newly incorporated Imperial Territory following the War with Constantine are nearly concluded and are expected to be finished in the year 3301. The finishing date will be a year before the 2900th Anniversary of the Independence of Aquitania from Sevintria and 6 years in advance of the 1800th Anniversary Celebrations of Unification. Recently, an elevated Highway, the HA-80, was inaugurated a week ago. The new Elevated Highway runs from Heiligessankt to Alßab, near the Constantinian border. Aquitanische Bahn, the largest rail operator in the country, is due to build 5 railway lines in Lothringen, including one from Straßburg to Heiligessankt, the third largest city in Lothringen.
Helggen-Brandenburg International's Tether Disabled
By: Elisabeth Schumacher
April 21st, 3268 - Helggen-Brandenburg Airport, Brandenburg - The shocking attack last afternoon of Brandenburg's Space Tether alarmed many into the streets and forced a partial evacuation of the city as debris the size of vehicles and large rocks fell from the sky. This is the first, confirmed attack on Aquitania other than Straßburg, which has been besiege by the enemy for 4 months and 13 days now. The attack did not collapse the Tether, but the barrage did disable it, isolating the Spaceport and cutting off the ground from space. People transiting between the Spaceport and Airport were trapped in the tether as all elevators made emergency stops, stranding hundreds for hours, 37 fatalities were confirmed after debris fell inside a running elevator's shaft and caused the moving cabin to plunge 2456ft back to the Airport, causing additional fatalities on the elevator's entrance and ground level. The victims are yet to be identified but foreign tourists are feared to be ampng the count, evacuaions and the spaceport's service have been halted as the Spaceport's superstructure itself tilted 13 degrees south in disbalance as a result of shattered support cables due to the attack. Authorities have diverted evacuations of off-world foreigners, in their majority Gaians, to Ruthenia.
Kriegsmarine Shells Nuevo Bayamo
By: Wilhelm Kahlter
March 29th, 3268 - SMS Tridius, Bayamo Bay - The Imperial Navy has blockaded the port of Nuevo Bayamo, and has begun daily and nightly shelling on the city. Efforts by the Constantinian fleet in port to break the blockade have failed, and the Black Fleet has decimated the local fleet. Nuevo Bayamo lights up on fire during the nightly shelling and air raid alarms are heard more than 15 times a day as the Kriegsmarine's Black Fleet refuses to relent to counter attacks or attempts at breakthroughs. Nuevo Bayamo is the administrative Capital of Eastern Constantine and is also its most important commercial and strategic port in Auriga Bella. The war rages on after an unwarranted Constantinian attack on Straßburg forced Aquitania to declare war on the Imperial Union of Constantine.

Kaiser Wilhelm VII slaps Arendale on possibility of Mobilisation with comments directed at the Golden Rainbow nation: "For a nation deeply divided and thwarted by its own people, to be financially supporting Constantine in the war is ridiculous, they should be using those funds to unite their people and stop the war they haven't even won yet, Aquitania hopes the very navy that assisted the Arendaelian State in its civil war won't have to bomb or invade it any time soon due to their rash actions". Will Arendale intervene on Constantine's side? According to experts, no, since Arendale does not have the capability to move troops between planets and much less to land them safely in another, above all, Aquitanian allies heavily deter the small country.

Straßburg in Dire need of Relief
By: Franz Grotter
March 18th, 3268 - Aquitanienstraße, Straßburg - The bewildered city of Straßburg has been under siege for three months and ten days, length of time which has aggravated the food situation, the southern sector of the city is in ruins as the city's infrastructure and services are paralysed and in a state of neglect, as most emergency vehicles were evacuated to assist the Wehrmacht, which held off the Constantinian Invasion and isolated the Siege of Straßburg to a small pocket in the Duchy of Dessau.

Restaurants and Cafes have ceased to serve any food as shortages take bite, the authorities have temporarily legalised the use of stray cats and dogs as an alternative for food "only if in extreme need", something some restaurants and in particular, popular cafes, have taken as advice to assist their hungry clientele. Menus which used to indicate standard Aquitanian food now display elborate dishes created with the means available, such examples as: "Cat Würst a la carte", "Rich Horse Stew" and "Fried Dog Ribs" display the gravity of the civilian's welfare in the besieged city. Other, more traditional dishes, such as "Sauerkraut" continue to appear on the menus.

Explosion Hits Aquitanian Embassy in Mandarr
By: Otto Berlitz
Königsberg, Reichskanzlei Aussenpol Offices - On September, Kebir Blue date, an explosion rocked the Aquitanian Embassy in Revolution Center, Mandarr. The attack was reportedly set into action due to a previous news report last year regarding the political situation in Mandarr at the time, and eventhough the attack on the empty embassy directed a symbolic show of force against Aquitania and its free press, the bombing only wounded and even killed innocent, surrounding Mandarran and foreign citizens. The Mandarran claims that three Aquitanian Officials had perished in the bombing is false, since a full evacuation of the embassy was ordered by Aussenpol a few hours immediately after the major Mandarran City Bombings of December 5th, 3579, which has left the diplomatic building empty for nearly a year for the security of Aquitanian Civilians and Government Workers. The three bodies of those presented as false evidence are a shame to the nationalist/extremist factions of Mandarr, which use terror and now, even the grief of family and friends to advance their false propaganda agenda and tainted objectives
Who is to Blame?
By: Wilhelm Kahlter
May 5th, 3267 - Evacuation Ship KMS Stadtstaat, Mandarran Orbit - Aussenpol has reportedly given an odd eye on the situation occurring on Mandarr as we report. The Aquitanians present in Mandarr for business or tourist reasons were evacuated well before the systematic attack that shocked the Kebirian Nation today, December 5th, 3579 (Kebir Blue Date). The Aquitanian Embassy was partially evacuated since mid KB September, today it was completely evacuated by 1:00pm, an hour after the attacks. Many people believe the attacks were Social Unity Party sanctioned and were effected to have excuses for the granting of further Emergency Powers, and by extension, full Social Unity takeover and suspension of Democratic Liberties in Mandarr.

As the Aquitanian Foreign Minister, Alexander Brindt, has stated, it is not the unilateral suspension of democratic liberties that concerns Aquitania, but the rise of a Communist Government. "The very post-bombing scenes in the Mandarran Government partially prove the theory feared by many: The Supreme Court's handing of 32 Senate seats to the Social Unity Party is an outrageous display of a takeover, the Socialist Unity Party doesn't even have the decency to make it more discreet" - Alexander Brindt, Aquitanian Foreign Minister

When will Arendale take Punitive Action?
By: Otto Berlitz
MSS Kapital in Orbit.jpg
October 18th, 3263 - MSS Kapital, Arendaelian Orbital Airspace - Aquitania's Foreign Minister has recently blasted the Arendaelian Government for ignoring the NPA (New People's Army) growing power and increasing terrorist activities in the southern territories. The Reichskanzler has been quoted saying: "The Communists should be bombed from space into oblivion". Aquitania considers the passive response of the Arendaelian Government as unacceptable and ridiculous, something must be clearly done to stop the NPA's criminal and extorting activities. "Since Aquitania signed the 3259 Treaty with Arendale obliging Military Exercises precisely countering that, Arendale should be taking stronger measures to weaken and counter the Communists in the south, rather than negotiate with them" - Alexander Brindt, Foreign Minister
Identity of the Straßburg Bomber Revealed
By: Georg Müller
Strassburg CCTV Superintendent Footage.png
June 4th, 3260 - Straßburg, Straßburg-Deßau, Prussia - The Pulse Blast that killed 2,347 people in Straßburg's Friedrich-Platz last November has had survivors and family members of the dead fighting to know who the culprit was. Initially, on January, it was announced that the suspect was foreign, igniting fervent demands by the population to have the Government reveal the identity of the bomber. After much pressure, the Polizeipräsidium Straßburg (Straßburg Police Department) finally revealed the identity of the bomber to the press:

"Investigations and reviewing of CCTV footage from the database of Straßburg's Superintendent revealed the identity of the bomber as Juan Jose Antonio Gonzalez Lopez, of Constantinian background. The reasons that compelled this man to smuggle and detonate this high grade military explosive in a busy city sector is yet unknown." - Joseph Gerhard von Kiel, High Marshall of the Straßburg Police Department.

The revelation caused an immediate backlash on Aquitanian-Constantinian relations, yet His Imperial Majesty the Kaiser has said relations with the south shouldn't be affected by the actions of a minority of radicals. Wilhelm VII did indeed call in the Constantinian Ambassador to Aquitania to discuss the issue of border security and to bring the suspects collaborators on the southern side of the border to justice. Bleak reports mention the man originated from a specific tribal region in East Constantine proper.