Noppharat Daily News (NDN) is a major Suriyan-language daily newspaper published in Noppharat and distributed nationwide

Imperial Crisis in Mandarr

Suriya - Economic problems in Kebir Blue have affected many countries, including Suriya. But one of the most worrisome countries at this time is Mandarr, due to its severe financial crisis and the prolonged political problems. Causing a revolution throughout the empire. A lot of people had to flee in chaos, while the government and the army had to suppress the uprising. Emperor Trajan of the Rokjovi Dynasty tried to control the situation to his full potential. But the severe fracture within the empire made his destiny unpredictable except for life or death. In this regard, the emperor contacted Suriyathibodi XVIII to help look after his royal family including the Empress, the crown princes and princesses, and some royal servants which would travel to seek refuge in Suriya.

500th anniversary of Suriya Celebration Ceremony

Suriya - The years 4618 marked the 500th anniversary of Suriya. Udom Dechasingh, the Prime Minister, informed the King that the year 4618, Kingdom of Suriya would be 500 years old, auspicious time indicating the stability of the country has passed through various disasters. There is peace with the grace of the founder of the kingdom and with the wisdom of Suriyathibodis, The government and the Suriyan people are therefore delighted to express their gratitude to the royal kings of the Bhanuwong dynasty and the Suriyan ancestors who soothed the nation for prosperity, peace, and tranquility until today.

In Noppharat, numerous festivals and parades were organized such as a military parade, and royal barge procession, His Majesty Bhanuchoti also graciously allowed the people to worship the Great Buddha of Suriya for the first time in Maha Bhanuwong Palace. Nearby and allied countries, such as the SEAA nations, Gaia, Ailuros, Malizi, Sikarian, and Mandarr also participated in the greatest events in Suriya history.

Traitors Eliminated

Jaratburi - 

Thaluangfan Special Forces during the operation.

Dead bodies of CLANS terrorists.

Three CLANS subcommanders were executed by Thaluangfan Special Forces after discovering the plan to murder the royal family.

The Special Forces have encircled a base of the CLANS terrorists in Jaratburi. Both sides have negotiated for more than four hours, the special forces decide to storm in the building and eliminate the terrorists. Resulting in the death of six terrorists, one seriously injured. Three of the six deaths are subcommanders, which are Suriyan.

"Netibhong Paisarn, Pakorn Jai Peth and Thanong Sriprasert are traitors who turn their back on our country, and worse, the special forces revealed that they try to harm our royal family which is unforgivable and should not let them live." said the Prime Minister.

The surviving CLANS terrorist were also executed as well after being investigated.

Operation All Clear in Suriya was accomplished. A total of 317 CLANS terrorists, both Suriyans and foreigners, killed and executed. However, the government still observing the situations of CLANS around the world. Checking the safety of tourists and refugees is still an issue that should be given priority because Suriya is a tourist country.

Operation All Clear report 02

South East Amherst - Dear all countries in Centura Donna. SDMM has asked for help in tracking down the CLANS subcommanders sent by Yong Cheng to various regions.

Here is the list of the CLANS subcommanders:

Amherst: Netibhong Paisarn, Pakorn Jai Peth, Thanong Sriprasert, Ngo Van Diem

Austral Bergo: Yoshihiro Endo, Aguila Al-Harat, Memphis Xiros

Decambra: Muammar Ashraf, Salman Akhmadov, Edward Wong

Elizabeth: Abdul Che Manh, Jaban Al Bashir, Haruo Nakamura

Glarus Modo: Hassan Rayalong

Great Hills: Nathaniel Jefwa, Osman Ali Saleh, Samuel Amin

Hora Est: Paresh Rawan, Anwar Ahmed

Melodia Granda: Roque Alvarez

Mercury Mundo: Omar Hapilon, Ali Hajar

Micron Bollero: Moshe Peretz, Kong Samrong

Pasta Basta: Hiram Simmons

St.Lucie: Quentin Wolff

Taurus Kulma: Costas Sargologos

Xango Ho: Austin Moore 

The SDMM urged the public not to directly approach the men but to contact the local police.

Operation All Clear report 01

South East Amherst -  SEAM Defence Ministers Meeting (SDMM) was held urgently to discuss about Operation All Clear, after the rumors of the Centura Donna CLANS top leader, Joshua Cheng the Savior, plans to cause chaos in Mercury Mundo, Great Hills, Hora Est, Elizabeth, Austral Bergo and Amherst.

"This man is a danger to Centura Donna, including our region. We do not know how other regions will deal with this. But for SEAM members, we will control both the border and social media. Including following this man because if he was in Amherst, we will certainly not be merciful to him." said Gen. Thanet Rachatakul, Minister of Defence.

Currently, special forces from various countries in SEAM have come to practice and plan to cope with uncertain situations. Meanwhile, the government has announced a warning to the public to be conscious of not being a victim of terrorist groups.

Operation All Clear by SEAM nations

South East Amherst -  On 4 January 4475, Prime Minister Tatchapol Viharnjarat attended in the special meeting of SEAM members to confer the threat of CLANS which affects the business and security between SEAM countries. Members attending the meeting including the Kingdom of Suriya, Republic of Singhapura, Republic of the Union of Thura, Kingdom of Ramthep, Peoples Republic of Dhakesh, Republic of Xiang Xai, Federal Republic of Dong Kin, Socialist Republic of Dong Kin.

Leaders of the eight nations agreed with the "Operation All Clear", military cooperation to purge the terrorist groups from the Amherst Region. Since the rise of CLANS many countries in Amherst region have suffered greatly from the incitement of terrorists, especially, the Republic of Singhapura, which has suffered the most from CLANS terrorists.

In addition, the Suriyan army will hold the Viper Diamond "special" training this March, it will be the largest military exercise and has the highest number of members since its inception.

The Rise of CLANS In Centura Donna 

Noppharat - The Royal Suriyan Police receive reports of the CLANS terrorist members have sneaking into Centura Donna continent to expand its influence. Suriya Police Chief said it is possible for Suriya to be the first destination of the terrorists because it is the center of tourism. The Royal Suriyan Police and the Immigration Bureau have increased safety measures and closely monitoring the situation.

What is CLANS?

The seal of CLANS.

The CLANS or "Center of the Liberation and Annihilation for the New Society" is a powerful anarchist terrorist group that notorious for its brutal violence and murderous assaults to liberate countries from the control of the governments. The group using armed or social media to cause confusion and provoke people to fight their own government. Right now, more than 500 countries in Kebir Blue are facing the threat of CLANS, especially in Antilia Major, around 30 countries in the continent have to deal with riots. CLANS has no leader according to its anarchist ideology, but the founders of the group will have the title "the Savior" after a person's name. Estimates of the size of CLANS's member have varied widely, from 500,000 up to 900,000 (Not included supporters in social media).

How to deal with CLANS's social media rhetoric?

Increase control and screening of media are important. The government needs to provide knowledge for people to be more careful and not fall victim to the media. Also, immigration measures must be more concise. Because there is a high possibility that CLANS members will sneak into your country.

General Election Results 4467

Noppharat -  General elections in Suriya, 4467, held on 7 February 4467, It resulted in the Suriyan Samakkhi (SSP), led by, former PM Bongkochaya Pridakul, losing the election to the Palang Chat (PCP), led by Tatchapol Viharnjarat who become the new leader of PCP since the resignation of the former PM Chana Thinnakorn. Although in this election, the Palang Chat Party (PCP) will receive the most seats in the Representatives Council. But cannot get more than 250 seats in order to form a majority government. For the first time, the Parliament of Suriya could not have a majority government, so it became a minority government.

Former government parties like Suriyan Samakkhi Party (SSP) lost more than 30 seats in the council. As a result of the survey, Suriyan Samakkhi received 1 million votes less than the Palang Chat party. The Raeng Ngan Party (RNP) followed in third place and the Pracha Num Chat party (PNCP) in fourth place.

Party Symbol Ideology Seats Leader
Palang Chat SYP1๑.png Classical Liberalism, Nationalism Conservatism
232 / 500
Tatchapol Viharnjarat
Suriyan Samakkhi SYP2๒.png Economic Liberalism, Populism, Progressivism
211 / 500
Bongkochaya Pridakul
Raeng Ngan SYP3๓.png Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism, Environmentalism
41 / 500
Wuttipong Plaeknam
Pracha Num Chat SYP4๔.png Populism, Conservatism
16 / 500
Udomrit Chaivijitr

Veteran's Day Of 4460

Suriyathibodi XIII reviewing troops.

Chai Prakarn -  On 7 February 4460, His Majesty Suriyathibodi XIII visit the army in Chai Prakarn to participate the ceremonies at the Monument of the Sacrifice.

Since the end of Suriyan-Primorian War, the bones of the dead soldiers were brought to the newly constructed cemetery named "Sukhatiya Weerachon Satharn". On this occasion, the King had come to perform the ceremony and pay respect to the deceased, in order to give the highest honor for those who gave up their life to protect the kingdom.

Wedding Of Suriyathibodi XIII And Nisamanee Na Ayuchathani

Noppharat - The royal wedding of Suriyathibodi XIII and Nisamanee Na Ayuchathani took place on 9 May 4455 at Maha Rangsima Grand Palace, Noppharat. 

The royal wedding was Suriya's largest media event in history. During the ceremony the King also received the Crown of the "Suriyamaharajinimongkut" (Queen's Crown) and bestowed it on Nisamanee Na Ayuchathani, formally proclaiming her as Queen of the Kingdom of Suriya. The occasion was a public holiday in the Suriya and featured many ceremonial aspects. Over 1,000 street parties were held throughout the Suriya, and one million people lined the route at Maha Rangsima Grand Palace. 

The ceremony was viewed live by tens of millions more around the world. In Suriya, television audiences peaked at 17 million viewers, with a total of 23 million watching part of the coverage.

VICTORY! War Is Over, Red Primorians Is No More

Noppharat - On 9 July 4454, Democratic Primorye reveal surrender to Kingdom of Suriya and Primorian government-in-exile. The Red Primorian officials were arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment, including uncovering of genocide which the new government of Primorye has helped the victims that were detained and abused.

Throughout early 4454, Operation Majuraj was launched, led to the death of the Red Primorians leader and senior members and cause the remaining members to begin to disordered and fight each other. Until the morning of July 9, the Democratic Primorye had declared surrender to Suriya, even with some Red primorians who did not accept the surrender came out to fight Suriya's forces but were quickly suppressed. After Primorye's recovery, a new diplomatic relationship between Suriya and Primorye will be held.

At the same time, the Suriya military gradually traveled back home. On the way, many people came out to welcome the return of brave soldiers. The King also announced the commendation of all those who sacrificed to protect the nation.

"Thank you to all the sacrifices that have together to protect our beloved and cherished kingdom. Your courage will be inscribed in the history for future generations to remember." - Suriyathibodi XIII.

Prime Minister Declared War With Red Primorian

Noppharat - On 2 January 4453, while His Majesty Suriyathibodi XIII, visited the immigrants and officials at the refugee camp in Chai Prakarn Province. A bomb went off, causing many officers and refugees injured. Even if the King is not injured, this makes people very angry and demanded the government to deal decisively with the Red Primorian, because this is the fifth raid of the PRA on Suriya land.

On 3 January 4453, Chana Thinnakorn, Prime Minister of Suriya, declared war with Democratic Primorye.

"The Democratic Primorye actions are clearly trespassed our sovereignty, including the brutal murder of the compatriots and kill our soldiers.

This act is an insult to the honor of the Suriyan people and the holiness of His Majesty Suriyathibodi XIII, King of Suriya.

From now on, we will counter the aggression of Democratic Primorye to the utmost. There will not be any compromise. And there will not be any negotiation.

May the sacred power of the twelve Suriya kings in the past, help us to prevail in this war."

Suriya's statement also made the Primorian government-in-exile (also known as White Primorians) to join the war. The meeting between Suriya and White Primorians will be held next month.

Follow the war reports in the Suriyan-Primorian War.

PRA Cross-border Led To A Big Battle In Chai Prakarn 

Suriyan soldiers during firefight with PRA.

Chai Prakarn - On 14 March 4452, the conflict took place in Suriyan-Primorian border when the PRA troops crossing to the Suriyan border to arrest the fleeing refugees. The Suriyan army later sent it troops to warn the PRA to move out from the border. But for more than an hour, PRA had no signal to follow the warning, the Suriyan army decided to evict the intruders using force. The firefight consumed more than two hours until the situation back to normal.

The fight resulted in 11 wounded Suriyan soldiers while 4 PRA killed and 1 captured. After the conflict, the Suriyan soldiers were shocked when they found more than 300 refugee corpses lying between Suriyan-Primorian border which believe that they were killed by PRA's gunfire. The rumors of Primorian genocide are true, says commander-in-chief of the Suriyan army.

"If this happen again, of course, we have to do something with the Primorians." said General Samarn Palanon, commander-in-chief of the Royal Suriyan Army.

Terror After The Primorian Political Crisis

Primorye city under Red Primorians attack.

Democratic Primorye Flag.

Noppharat - On 18 April 4449, the civil war that occurred in Primorye ended up with the victory of "Red Primorian" and declared the establishment of the "Democratic Primorye", that brought concern to Suriya due to fear of communism would spread into the kingdom.

Elections in Suriya have been postponed indefinitely due to the political crisis of the neighbor country. The political crisis in Primorye broke out since the end of 4448, Leonid Mikhailov, president of Primorye, failed to subdue the riots and was overthrown by the communist party known as "Red Primorian". The president was killed while trying to escape and many members of the government were captured. Valeriy Popov, leader of Red Primorians, declared himself the new President of Primorye and change the country name to "Democratic Primorye".

The Suriyan government responded by send troops to defend along the borders to control the Primorian refugees after more than 10,000 Primorian refugees trying to enter Suriya.

"The situation of the neighboring countries at this time greatly affects our country. Right now, there are more than 20,000 Primorye refugees trying to sneak into our border. We need to control and set up the refugee camp for them. We don't have many choices but to protect our country because the situation in Primorye now changed and I'm sure that many weird things will happen under the regime of Red Primorian." said General Yutthakarn Asavakul, Minister of Defence.

Please follow the situation closely.

Viper Diamond 4447

A Suriyan marine handles a cobra.

Participants in Viper Diamond.

Muay Suriya Training.

Noppharat - The largest military exercise in Centura Donna is coming with more intense and bigger than before.

"Whether war or disaster, all of us must be prepared to handle every situation. And this training is considered to create a good relationship with the members of Pnakotic Congressional Order as well, so welcome all members and see you all at Viper Diamond 4447" said General Yutthakarn Asavakul, Minister of Defence.

Kingdom of Suriya
Imperial Union of Gaia
Mandarr Peoples Republic
People's Republic of Malizi
The Kingdom of Beautiful Swan
Camp Kilo
The Republic of Keuyap

Kingdom of Erusea
Kingdom of Corona
Republic of the Union of Thura
Republic of Singhapura
Primorye (remove due to border conflict)

All units welcome!

Royal Coronation Of Suriyathibodi XIII

Suriyathibodi XIII and Suriyadevarajabanlang Throne in the coronation ceremony.

Noppharat - On 9 March 4445, the crowd hail with joy in the royal coronation of Suriyathibodi XIII at Maha Bhanuwong Palace.

Since the death of Suriyathibodi XII, Athityakorn who succeeded his deceased father as the crown prince, become the thirteenth monarch of Bhanuwong Dynasty, at the age of 19.

As everyone in Suriya knows, The monarch is represented peace, stability, and prosperity to the people. Everyone give love and respect to the king, even some people respect the king like divinity who came down from heaven.

Apart from Suriyan people, Suriya also invited the foreign royals from many countries to the coronation ceremony, whether Princess Rosa Cossette of Erusea, Crown Prince Vincent of Corona, Prince Kaito of Gaia and more.

"I will respect the law and constitution. And I will undertake royal missions for the nation and the people, from now and forever." pledged by Suriyathibodi XIII

Long Live Suriyathibodi XIII!

170 Years of Suriyan-Erusian Relationships 

Noppharat - This year 4444 marks the 170th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Suriya and Erusea, established during the Royal Visit to Erusea of His Majesty Suriyathibodi VI in 4274. Since then ties between two countries have been inspired by the special chemistry that existed between Monarchy of Erusea and Suriya

Today the royal visits of Princess Cossette of Erusea to Suriya with welcomed from Crown Prince Athityakorn and Princess Angsumali took place in Noppharat at Thepjuti Palace.

Suriya is one of the few countries in the Southeast Amherst to have such a long-standing relationship with Erusea.

Border Standoff Finally Ended

Location of Laemphet district, the conflict take place in the red area.

Suriyan and Primorian soldiers.

Noppharat - On 12 April 4439, Suriya and Primorye have agreed to “peace talk” before withdraw troops from Suriya border where their soldiers have been locked in a stand-off for more than one months, Suriya’s foreign ministry said. 

The trouble started in March when Suriya sent troops to stop Primorye from crossing border in Laempeth district,Chai Prakarn province. Primorye said, they want to protest Suriya for help their political prisoners escaped. Though Suriya replied that they had nothing to do with the Primorye crisis, yet the Primorian troops still remain in the areas with no sign to withdraw.

Suriya said that Primorye military activity there was a threat to its sovereignty. And they'll interact to this actions by sending troops and evacuate it citizens from the area.

But after the peace talk, the fight between both nations finally ended, although several soldiers of both sides injured. Fortunately, no civilians were harmed during the conflict.