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January 11, 4467

Gaia Opens Overseas Base
By: The Chukyo Times
Noppharat, Suriya - Today officials from both the Gaian and Suriyan governments held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of GDF Hirunnakhon Air Base in the northwest of Suriya. The opening of the air base marks the first time in well over a century that Gaia Defense Forces personnel have been deployed overseas, and marks a key move forward in the ruling coalition governments pursuit of an open and involved foreign policy. However, the move has received condemnations from pacifist factions in both houses of the Gaian Parliament, and has elicited demonstrations in front of the parliamentary complex as well as the Ministry of Defense headquarters in Chukyo.

Excerpt from the Chukyo Times



March 18, 3745

March 11th Attacks, One Week After
Miyako, Eastern Gaia - It has been one week since the unprovoked attacks on a Tadokoro Services facility in Eastern Gaia by the rogue state of US Gamora. Missiles fired by ships from US Gamora on the morning of March 11th, led to the deaths of 2686 people and left many more injured. The attacks have already been described as the worst foreign terror attacks on Gaian soil in the country's history.

The country's defence forces remain on their highest level of alert as are local police and the Public Security Bureau. Military units from Soviet nations continue to arrive in Eastern Gaia as part of federal wide defence measures following the attacks. It has been confirmed by Defence Ministry officials that a retaliatory attack has been put on hold due to the Soviet governments fear that a larger conflict would erupt between the federation and the KB Protectorate, which the rogue state of US Gamora is a member of.

Prime Minister Akiyama continues to be under increasing pressure from a wide spectrum of Gaian society to step up retaliatory measures or even to go as far as disregarding Soviet advice and launch a retaliatory attack on US Gamora. The Prime Minister has used his emergency powers to extend entry restrictions for the entirety of Eastern Gaia, with support of Eastern Gaia's Chief Representative.

Excerpt from the Kuroki Shimbun

March 12, 3623

Gaia annexes Eastern Gaia
Celestial City -

Gaian Defence Forces personnel cross the border into Eastern Gaia

Prime Minister Maho Kawashima has formally signed the annexation of Eastern Gaia into law, following approval from Her Imperial Majesty.

On March 9, 3623, the Gaian Defence Forces crossed into the western portions of Eastern Gaia, where a majority of the territory's ethnic Gaian population resides. Eastern Gaia, formerly known as the Empire of Luna Moor, was largely in a state of anarchy, prior to the Gaian annexation. Unemployment rates in the country were as high as 60% and a majority of the population were impoverished.

The annexation is expected to have major impacts on the Gaian economy as the costs of improving Eastern Gaia's infrastructure, education and health systems, are expected to exceed ₡1 trillion.

The territory is expected to receive semi-autonomous status within the Imperial Union of Gaia, in an attempt to decrease tensions with the ethnic Austral Bergonians, who comprise of approximately 35% of the territory's population. The northeastern section of the territory, which is where a majority of Austral Bergonians reside, has been already granted semi-autonomous status. Under the arrangements, this will be guaranteed by the Gaian government for atleast 50 years, the approximate amount of time it will take for the territory to become fully developed and economically productive.

July 28, 3621

Empress Signs Abdication
Celestial City - Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Isabella, signed her intent to abdicate into law, at a modest ceremony in the Imperial Family's Sora Estate. Crown Princess Hitomi will ascend the throne in January of 3622, after her mothers abdication comes into effect.

The signing ceremony was attended by members of the Imperial Family and a delegation representing the Gaian government, led by Prime Minister Kawashima. The Prime Minister gave a speech praising Her Imperial Majesty's reign and her decision to abdicate in favour of her daughter, the Crown Princess. "Her Imperial Majesty's reign has brought our nation prosperity and peace. I applaud her decision to abdicate the throne in favour of the Crown Princess, as it continues this long held and noble tradition." she said.

The Empress is credited with increasing the welfare of average Gaians and her work in the Imperial Family's primary charity, the Empress-Mother's Foundation.

A spokesperson from the Office of the Imperial Household has confirmed that Crown Princess Hitomi will gain regency during this transition of power.

Latest National Headlines

March 1, 3930

Citizenship Reforms Move On to Next Stage
Chukyo - A proposal that was passed this February in the Imperial Assembly on ending the Honourary Gaian citizenship program and replacing it with a "permanent resident" program has moved on to the Imperial Senate for debate and voting. If it is approved by the upper house, the Honourary Gaian citizen status will be replaced by a permanent resident program, where permanent residents who have resided in Gaia for more than 10 years will be able to apply for Gaian citizenship. Current Honourary Gaians will receive regular Gaian citizenship. The country's policy on not allowing multiple citizenship's, such as dual citizenship, will not be changed.

The reforms have been welcomed by civil rights groups in the country as well as many Honourary Gaians, who say the current system creates a discriminatory atmosphere for non-ethnic Gaian citizens, even though honourary citizenship status is identical to regular Gaian citizenship (currently only available to ethnic Gaians) exempt in name.

Excerpt from GHK online article


June 10, 3611

Minor Earthquake hits Sanho Prefecture
Saehom - A magnitude 6.7 earthquake has struck Sanho Prefecture according to the prefectural government and the Gaian Emergency Relief Agency. Locals experienced powerful shaking during the early noon hours of June 10th. Several minor aftershocks followed the main event, causing minor panic in the resort city of Saehom. GERA has since placed a local travel advisory for the region, due to minor damage in the towns and villages of Sanho Prefecture and surrounding areas. Gaia Railways temporarily halted its high speed rail services in the region shortly after the earthquake, but has since resumed rail service following an extensive inspection of its rail lines.

Excerpt from Saehom Shimbun article

May 1, 3611

Government Apologizes, Honourary Gaians Reimbursed
Celestial City - The government issued a formal apology to those affected by the suspension of its citizenship program. Those affected, a majority of which are Aquitanians, were given travel vouchers and monetary compensation. A clarification on the suspension was issued beforehand:
  • Clarification: Suspension will not affect people from countries with education or work treaties with Gaia, regardless if they are studying or working in Gaia.
  • Will affect all other countries.
  • Suspension of the program will considerably slow down current citizenship applications.
  • The citizenship program will resume with countries with education or work treaties with Gaia, as of May 5, 3611.

April 10, 3611

Gaia Suspends Citizenship Program
Celestial City - Following the misuse and possible counterfeiting of Gaian passports by Ossorian nationals, the Gaian Foreign Ministry has suspended its citizenship program for foreign nationals. The suspension prevents non-ethnic Gaians from attaining Gaian citizenship and passport. Foreign nationals with Gaian citizenship, known as Honourary Gaians, have since had their Gaian passports invalidated until further notice.

Honourary Gaian citizenship is the country's initiative to provide foreign nationals a way to attain some aspects of full Gaian citizenship, which is restricted to ethnic Gaians. The foreign ministry has stated that the suspension of the citizenship program will not affect countries with education and work treaties with Gaia.

May 3, 3599

Earthquake Rocks Eastern Province
By: Richmond-Yangcheng Times
Richmond, Richmond-Yangcheng Prefecture - In the early evening of May 3rd 3599, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck approximately 50 kilometres off the coast of Eastern Province. The number of dead are feared to be in the hundreds, according to early estimates by the Gaian Emergency Relief Agency. Thousands of buildings are either destroyed or severely damaged across Richmond-Yangcheng Prefecture. Along the coastline, there are reports of numerous breaches along the levees, that line the coast of Eastern Province, due to a small-scale tsunami. Aerial flights conducted by GERA, have confirmed breaches near the town of Fumiko, where the tsunami is thought to have done the most damage.

The earthquake has since caused numerous disruptions in travel all across the southern regions of Eastern Province, as well as eastern and coastal regions of Central Province. Gaia Railways have confirmed that the Yangcheng-Fumiko Line will not be running in the immediate future, due to damaged along the entire length of the line.

The region around Richmond-Yangcheng has been known for its active tectonic plates and is on top of numerous fault lines. This earthquake has been the most devastating to hit the region since the 3519 Earthquake, which was recorded at a magnitude of 7.1.

3560 to 3570

Infrastructure Investment on the Rise
Celestial City - Today, Prime Minister Sakuya Yanagi announced that a new round of infrastructure improvements will begin this year. Under the new infrastructure development plan, the Gaian government, along with numerous prefectural governments, will begin expanding existing roadway and railway networks. Billions of Imperial Credits will be also invested by the state-owned Gaia Railways over the next decade, as it plans to upgrade the already highly efficient rail network. Financial analysts speculate that this latest government sponsored development program, is a ploy to jump start the relatively flat economy. The first infrastructure projects are expected to begin in the coming weeks, with the upgrading of the N-2 Superhighway in Chikyu Prefecture.

Latest International Headlines



April 17, 3581

Gaians leave Aquitania, Military Arrives
Celestial City - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially issued a mandatory evacuation order for all Gaian nationals in Aquitania. A spokesperson from the ministry has said that the risks posed by the ongoing conflict in the southern sections of Aquitania could escalate and put the lives of thousands of Gaians vacationing and doing business in the country at risk. The main embassy in Savoy and the consulates have begun directing Gaian nationals to evacuation zones, where the Gaian Naval Defence Force have arranged for naval transports to transport them home. The Helggen-Brandenburg International Spaceport has since been a scene of controlled chaos, as thousands of Gaians attempt to leave the country though interplanetary flights, which have since been booked full for weeks. Meanwhile, the scene at the arrivals area of the spaceport is noticeably different. 5000 Gaian military personnel assigned to the Orbital Security and Cooperation Treaty, arrive for defence assignments at local orbital monitoring stations and initial evacuation operations conducted by the embassy and the consulates. Prime Minister Hayashi has said that this deployment and further deployments under treaty obligations, will only be for defensive purposes. Gaian diplomats with the Council of Centau, have called for the signing of a ceasefire and an agreement for humanitarian aid to relieve the citizens of the besieged city of Straßburg. Some political analysts have said that this conflict will prove whether the Council of Centau will stand up to its original objectives and purpose.

3560 to 3570

Gaia Promises Peacekeepers
G1A3 Jaguar.jpg
Sora - The Gaian government has unanimously approved a proposal to contribute Gaian military personnel to the Council of Centau's peacekeeping forces. The proposal passed in both chambers of the Gaian parliament, but was stalled in the Imperial Senate for weeks, as it was under review. The final proposal calls for the deployment of approximately 10,000 Gaian Defence Forces personnel for peacekeeping duties under the Council of Centau. This will be one of the country's largest peacekeeping contributions in decades. Within the next couple of years, the government has promised addition peacekeepers if it proves to be necessary. The country's military leaders applaud the move, saying that it will provide the country's armed forces with additional experience, since the cessation of liberation operations by the order of Her Imperial Majesty. The first military personnel will be deployed in the coming days to the CC bases on Golden Rainbow.

Latest Polticial Headlines



February 2, 3611

Nationalist Party Retains Majority
Celestial City - The Nationalist Party has retained its majority in the Imperial Assembly, following the 3611 National Elections. Former prime minister, Sakura Asano, stepped down from office last month, as a result of reaching her term limit, and called a national election. The Nationalist Party gained three seats in the northern prefectures, to the dismay of the Liberal Party and Ascendance.

Maho Kawashima was sworn in as prime minister during a minor ceremonial at the Imperial Parliamentary Complex. Prime Minister Kawashima served as the deputy prime minister prior to the election, under Prime Minister Asano's government. Dignitaries from all parties as well as the Imperial Family attended the swearing in of the new prime minister. The Crown Princess headed the ceremonies, fuelling the speculation of the impending retirement of her mother, Her Imperial Majesty.

Prime Minister Kawashima has stated that her government will remain committed to the economic plan set out by her predecessor, but will also greatly expand the nations overseas investments.

November 20, 3577

Nationalist Party Remains in Power
Celestial City - Proving to be the country's dominate political party once again, the National Party wins the National Elections of 3577. The party's campaign was in full swing months prior to the elections, with Nationalist advertisements being seen in holographic displays, train stations, and screens throughout the country. Having held on to all of their electoral districts, the Nationalist Party maintains its majority in the Imperial Assembly, which is necessary as they attempt to push through their agenda of economic expansion and the further development of the country's infrastructure.

Having replaced Sakuya Yanagi, who has reached her maximum terms in office, Ichiro Hayashi has a tough road ahead of him. With the Gaian economy showing signs of weakness, the new Prime Minister will have to diversify the country's state-owned corporations and seek further integration into the markets. Newly elected Prime Minister Ichiro Hayashi, has stated the country will have to drastically change its foreign policy to avoid countries that are "infringing the works of others and are politically unstable, as it is economically unsound to deal with such nations". The new Prime Minister has also stated that this does not mean he will be pursuing an isolationist policy in any way, shape or form. The Prime Minister will be addressing the Imperial Assembly and the country in the coming weeks, regarding the goals for his term in office and the state of the country.

Latest Business Headlines



August 4, 3605

Economic Diversification Continues
Celestial City - Today the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Trade, Sakiko Suzuki, has announced a new round of diversification measures for state-owned corporations and the Gaian economy in general. Recent turmoil in the world markets, such as the services industry, has prompted further implementation of economic safeguards.

Minister Suzuki said that further diversification within the Gaian economy is necessary for stable growth and prosperity.

"With the increasing turmoil in the world markets and the mass dumping of goods into sectors of the world economy, such as the service industry, by economic agitators, we must diversify our economy to safeguard us against further harm."

Announced diversification measures include:

  • Restructuring some state-owned service corporations to produce other goods.
  • Expanding trade relations
  • Attract more foreign investment

Excerpt from Sora News article

Latest Health Headlines

August 3, 3926

News Notification - 90 millionth citizen born
- Gaia's 90 millionth citizen has been born in Miyako, Eastern Gaia.

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October 10, 3610

Healthcare Spending to Increase
Sora - The Ministry of Healthcare announced a new round of spending increases will begin in the new year. This announcement followed the Finance Ministry's positive report on the Gaian economy and the government's finances. A health ministry spokesperson has said that the increase in spending will not affect current health insurance rates and coverage.

The spending will be focused on the building of new hospital and clinics in Gaia's rural regions. Much of this spending will be seen in the country's northern prefectures, where substantial growth and development has placed enormous strain on local medical facilities.