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Protests Paralyze the Union
By: Mandarran Times
Mundari City - Nationalist and Separatists took to the streets today, in the hundreds, in many major cities. They are protesting the Soviet Federation and are calling for immediate withdrawal from it, they are also protesting the Unity Party, the recent crackdowns, and are calling for the Viceroy's abdication. Unity Party members have responded via blockading the protesters with their own protest. Unity Party members have come out in the hundreds of thousands to show their support for the Soviet Federation, Viceroy, and Socialist Unity Party.

Protests later turned violent in the Mundari capital when an unidentified Nationalist started shooting into the Unity Party crowd. In return, and in an effort to protect Unity Party members and innocent civilians, Mandarran police open fired on the Nationalist protesters, instantly killing hundreds. Thousands more have been detained. Viceroy Hector has been quoted saying he will not grant amnesty to any Nationalist protesters, and that they will all receive hefty sentences in the newly created Rehabilitation Through Labor Program. The Ministry of Justice reports that over 25,000 are being sent through the new program.

The Supreme Peoples Assembly has also vote unanimously to ban all forms of public protest and the carrying of firearms in public. Assembly members Richard Durgen, was quoted saying "these reforms will protect innocent civilians from the kind of tragedy we witnessed today".

Viceroy celebrates 10th year in office
By: Mandarran Times
Revolution Center(1/12/3585) - Celebrations erupted across the Union today as the 10 year anniversary of the election of Viceroy Hector Vazquez is upon us. Many local Unity Party chapter HQs were the site of local celebrations, communal feasts, and dancing. Portraits of Viceroy Hector and newly appointed Governor of the Provinces and Prime Minister Vanessa, decorated the capital and Party buildings. The Viceroy gave this short speech, "Comrades, countrymen, and party members, these past 10 years have been about securing our defense and interests as a mutli-national Union and superpower. All the while the party, and myself, have remained committed to increasing the welfare of the common citizen. We have seen trillions devoted to social services in all 7 provinces. We have also been giving out small aide packages in the form of loans, so far over 7T has been loaned out. We have also become for economically independent with the formation of the Mandarran-Highlandic Market. As long as I'm your Viceroy, the economy, defense, and the plight of the common people will always be of top priority. So Comrades, the next 10 years will be focused on improving the quality of all our armed forces and further infrastructure development. Only when a nation is completely secured in its defense can it truly prosper as a nation. Long Live the Army, Long Live the Party, Long Live Mandarr!"
Mandarran Highlandic Market Formed!
By: Mandarran Times
Revolution Center - The Viceroy and delegates from the Highlandic Federation met in Revolution Center today, to sign documents officially creating the new Mandarran Highlandic Market. The decision came from the Viceroy after the Senate passed Economic Independence Resolution 01. The Viceroy was quoted saying 'This is the beginning of a long and fruitful economic partnership with the Highlands that will lead to greater economic prosperity, independence, and security for all '
Terrorist Leaders Captured, Senate debates leaving Common Market!
By: Mandarran Times-5/4/3581
Revolution Center - The Ministry of Justice has located the HQ of the Separatist terrorist cell operating within the Mandarran Union. Many plans including details for planned attacks on other Soviet nations, such as the RSFSR, Greenwood and other close Mandarr allies have been discoverd. The Ministry of Justice believes it has captured the top leaders of the organization. Including 75-year old former Viceroy Steven Montgomery. Montgomery was elected as the first Viceroy of the Republic in 3540, after the fall of the old Workers Party. He was later removed from power with a special election called via national referendum and replaced by Linda Vazquez in 3547. The Ministry of Justice believes it has captured most of the membership, with over 40,000 behind bars. Now, with the top leaders behind bars, the Mandarr Police and army have seriously weakened, if not destroyed the separatist's ability to operate. The Viceroy has awarded those involved in the raid the Socialist Shield of the People, one of the most prestigious awards in Mandarr.

In other news, the Mandarran Senate has been debating a proposal to leave the UniSov common market and form an independent collective. Senator, and Unity Party member, Martin Shiller, was quoted saying 'Such a move would be a great protest move to the Visionary movement within the international federation, and it will give a chance for Mandarr to become more united and economically independent as a nation, one of the Unity Party's main goal' Though the Senate has yet to reach a conclusion, intense debate is still ongoing. The Viceroy and Prime Minister both have promised to respect whatever the Senate decides and not use their power of Veto for this issue. Stay tuned more updates will follow.

Viceroy Hector Marries, Aquintian Embassy attacked
By: Mandarran Times- Sep, 18th 3580
Revolution Center - Viceroy Hector's Press Secretary confirmed reports of the Viceroy's marriage to newly appointed Prime Minister, Vanessa Riley, now known as Vanessa Vazquez. Vanessa has been a loyal Party member for over 10 years, and has always been active in the Peoples Struggle. She, like the Viceroy, has an unyielding love for Socialism, and knows how to adequately balance it with social liberties. She has been welcomed into the Vazquez family with open arms.

Earlier today, an explosion rocked the Aquitanian embassy in Revolution Center, killing 3 Aquitanian Officials and wounding many others. Nationalist/Separatist groups have claimed credit for the attack, claiming to have been offended by Aquitanian comments regarding the previous December attacks. In other news, the Ministry of Justice has announced that 1,178 of the 15,000 originally arrested in December have been sentenced to death via firing squad for direct involvement in the terrorist attacks. The military and Ministry of Justice have stepped up house raids, and street pat downs in an effort to flush out the Nationalists. As a result 10,354 more have been arrested bringing the total number to 25,354 with 1,178 already sentenced to death. The Viceroy has made a plea to the Mandarran people over live television begging the Nationalists to stop the violence and return to diplomacy.

Terrorists Strike Major Union Cities
By: Mandarran Times
Revolution Center - Tragedy has struck as polling locations opened across the Union. At 12 pm today December 5th, 3579 over 100 bombs went off in over 20 major cities across the Union in what is considered to be the largest coordinated terrorist strike in Mandarr history. Many of the bombs were detonated by suicide bombers who walked into the voting locations and blew themselves up. Casualties have still not been officially calculated but hundreds are feared dead in Revolution Center alone. Casualty numbers in the rest of the Union are feared to be in the thousands. Separatists and Ultra-nationalists groups have claimed responsibility for the attack.

As a result Viceroy Hector has banned all senate elections until further notice. The Supreme Court has ruled that the 32 undecided Senate seats, held by the former Republican Party, will go to the Socialist Unity Party candidates. The Ministry of Justice has announced they've started a major crackdown on nationalist/separatist groups. Over 10,000 houses have been raided across the Union and over 15,000 suspected separatist terrorists have been arrested. Millions of dollars and tons worth of explosives have been confiscated. They will be held till a mass, televised trial can be held in January. The Viceroy was quoted saying "Direct threats upon Mandarr Democracy, in any manner or form cannot be tolerated. The actions from these fascist separatist goes against everything we stand for and they will mercilessly be hunted down with the People's Wrath till every last one hangs by the rope of the People and Party."

Ministry of Justice Receives Terror Threats
By: Mandarran Times
Opana - A welcoming ceremony was held for the Viceroy in the small port town of Opana to welcome him back to the Mandarran Union after a trip to the Soviet RSFSR. The Viceroy explains that 'I and my family feel very honored by the RSFSR people and government. "We have never paid a state visit to a country as welcoming as the RSFSR."

In other news, at the welcoming ceremony the Viceroy announced further infrastructure development. Thousands of miles of roads, train tracks, and many new water treatment facilities have been built. Today, the Ministry of Justice received threats from banned nationalist/separatist groups. They stated that if the Viceroy runs in the 3580 elections, that bombs and armed attacks will occur in undisclosed highly populated polling centers across the Union. The Viceroy issued an executive order today, sending thousands of troops to Mandarr cities to prepare for the elections in 7 months time. Viceroy Hector also issued a statement in regards to elections 'Due to safety concerns for myself and others, via executive order i hereby suspend the elections for Viceroy until further notice. And all Senators and Senator-candidates will receive armed military guards at all campaign rallies and events. The Party, Myself. and Ministry of Justice will work non-stop till these ultra-nationalists are behind Bars. Threats upon this Socialist Republic can not be tolerated '

Republican Party disbands!
By: Mandarran Times
Revolution Center - In Revolution Center today leaders of the Peoples Republican Party signed legal documents officially disbanding their party for the 3580 elections. Leaders were quoted saying they don't have the financial resources to keep running in elections and over 70% of their membership base has already joined the Socialist Unity Party. In other news, the Senate has approved a new economic plan proposed by Viceroy Hector Vazquez. In light of heavy foreign investment business collectives can expect to see lower taxes across the Union, and an increase in infrastructure development. The new Viceroy, Hector Vazquez, has also announced his intention to go on a one week trip to the Soviet RSFSR, to visit the town named after the Vazquez family.
Viceroy Granted Powers
By: Mandarran Times
Revolution Center - A special meeting of both Houses of the Senate occurred today in Revolution Center. The Senate majority led by the Socialist Unity Party passed many resolutions granting the Viceroy further executive powers. Such as the power of veto(originally only held by the Prime Minister), power to call and suspend national elections, and the power to set income tax rates. A Unity Party orator was quoted saying at a large party rally, 'These resolutions are a victory against large government bureaucracy, and corruption that would threaten to clog and undermine our system. Only with the wisdom and glory of our Viceroy, and Party that this new republic has flourished so much. The Nationalists and the Republicans, and every other party seek to hold us back with indecision. No more, my fellow Mandarrans! Our Viceroy, our Party, and you have seized the moment, and now our enemies tremble at their eventual destruction. Long live the Party, Long live the Viceroy!
Hector Vazquez Elected Viceroy
By: Mandarran Times
Revolution Center - This election season of 3575 is now over. In the Senate the Socialist Unity Party gained 100 seats formerly held by the Peoples Republican Party. This brings the total Unity party seats in the senate to 368 of the 400. Senator and General Secretary of the Unity Party, Hector Vazquez has been elected Viceroy with 100% of the vote. He ran on a platform of military expansion in the provinces, increased private-sector regulations, and expansion of social services and welfare. Even though this is a sweeping Unity Party victory the attitude in the capital is solemn. Former Viceroy Linda Vazquez has passed away last night and the capital is getting ready for the funeral ceremony. Beautiful portraits of the Viceroy, and old party posters decorate the capital. The Funeral is taking place tomorrow at the Peoples Palace. Many Soviet Leaders have already started arriving. Including Queen Catherine of Greenwood, Empress Isabelle of Gaia, The Central Committee of RSFSR, and many other prominent figures. Stay tuned for live funeral updates.
Viceroy Vazquez Turns 60
Revolution Center - Celebratory Unity Party marches were held in the capital today celebrating Viceroy Linda Vazquez's 60th birthday. She has served the people's cause for 24 years and has personally led the Union out of a depression. Under her leadership, alongside the party's, Mandarr has become the top rated country on KB. In an effort to lighten the work load on the aging Viceroy, the Central Committee of the Socialist Unity Party has approved the Viceroy's request to step down as General Secretary of the Party. The Central Committee has unanimously voted to appoint the Viceroy's son, Senator and member of the Party's Central Committee Hector Vazquez as the new General Secretary
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