United Revolutionaries Flag, waving outside the Soviet Parliament.

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The United Revolutionaries is a political party at the federation level in the Soviet Federation. It was formed just prior to the 3050 election and was the smallest party in the Soviet Parliament. Ms. Emily of the Socialist Union of Farr was the leader of the party, her ideology largely based on radical foreign policies such as the cutting of ties with long-time allies, NATO on White Giant. Generally, members viewed the party as a fringe organisation, though in the 3054 election the party received 20 per cent of the popular vote and 50 seats in the legislature.

Following talks with the Front Solidaire and the Communists of the Federation the United Revolutionaries merged with the two parties. Ms. Emily became the General Secretary of the Front Solidaire in 3160 when the new party was formally founded.

In 3182 the ties that bound the amalgamated FS together were cast away. The UR had the opportunity to once again became a separate political party, but instead Ms Emily formed a new political party, the New Democratic Party seeking to form coalition governments in the Soviet Parliament.