The Union Space and Missile Defense Command (USMDC) is an agency of the Union of Arendale that is given the prestige to handle and manage the space fleet of the country, establish missiles defense capabilities,develop better and effective missiles,deploy rockets to space and research on about space and how it could help the Union.

Basically,the Union Space Command(USC) and Missile Defense Command (MDC)are two different agencies connected by one major goal.Namely the two are:Union Space Command and Union Missiles Defense Capability Command.The Union has merged this two for greater cooperation and and a safe use of funds.As of now the Union Space Fleet numbers 3 ships prefixed "UISC" which means "Union Interplanetary Space (Battle)Cruiser".While the Missiles Command has publicly declared 100 NX Nuclear missiles and 300 MX Particle Beam Missiles,while most are still known to be in use.

USMDC-Union Missile Defense Command Mission statement

"The USMDC-MDC mission is to develop, test and prepare for deployment of a missile defense system. Using complementary interceptors, land-, sea-, air- and space-based sensors, and battle management command and control systems, the planned missile defense system will be able to engage all classes and ranges of ballistic missile threats. Our programmatic strategy is to develop, rigorously test, and continuously evaluate production, deployment and operational alternatives for the ballistic missile defense system. Missile defense systems being developed and tested by USMDC-MDC are primarily based on hit-to-kill technology. It has been described as hitting a bullet with a bullet - a capability that has been successfully demonstrated in test after test."


Planetary Missiles


  • Hylux 11-01
  • Hylux 11-02
  • Eagle Strike 11-12
  • Viking 1-5X


  • Squatch 56
  • Norad 22
  • V-Gen 22-09
  • NX-01
  • NX-03


  • Bolt 21
  • Bolt 22
  • Gershom VX 23
  • SV-92'

Interplanetary Missiles

  • ICMSL-X1

USMDC-Union Space Command Mission statement

According to USMDC-USC, its mission is "to provide resilient and cost-effective Space and Cyberspace capabilities for the Nation." USMDC-USC claims its activities make space reliable to Union of Arendale warfighters (i.e. forces personnel) by assuring their access to space.

USC's primary mission areas:

  • Space forces support involves launching satellites and other high-value payloads into space using a variety of expendable launch vehicles and operating those satellites once in the medium of space.
  • Space control ensures friendly use of space through the conduct of counterspace operations encompassing surveillance, negation, protection and space intelligence analysis.
  • Force enhancement provides weather, communications, intelligence, missile warning, and navigation. Force enhancement is support to the warfighter.


Space Fleet

As of the present the Union has at least 30 Space vehicles,


  • 4 Supercruisers
    • UISC 5 Courageous
    • UISC 6 Endeavour
    • UISC Fury
    • UISC Strike
  • 6 Battlecruisers
    • IUBC 1 Hegemony
    • IUBC 2 Triad
    • IUBC 3 Casstun
    • IUBC 4 Lancer
    • IUBC 5 Shadow
    • IUBC 6 Lorge
  • 9 Heavy Cruisers
    • IUHC 1 Sharpe
    • IUHC 2 Freedom
    • IUHC 3 Stonedge
    • IUHC 4 Galxia
    • IUHC 5 Vortex
    • IUHC 6 Harding
    • IUHC 7 Dredger
    • IUHC 8 Centurion
    • IUHC 9 Praetorian
  • 14 Transporters