Union Coast Guard
Active 3296
Country Union of Arendale
Type Military
Role Coast Guard
Mother Branch Nacylogog.pngRoyal Union Navy
Police of Aendale.jpgArendale National Security Force(A.N.S.F)
Headquarters Excel City,Arendale
Admiral Henry Dodger Villamor
The Union Coast Guard (UCG) or Arendale Coast Guard is an armed and uniformed service tasked primarily with enforcing laws within Arendalean waters, conducting maritime security operations, safeguarding life and property at sea, and protecting marine environment and resources; similar to coast guards around the world.The Union Coast Guard has a force of 30,500 personnel and 5,000 reserves.The Coast Guard has 40 ships(6 frigates,12 corvettes and 22 patrol boats).The Union government has a budget of 555M Dolleuros.The Coast Guard in peacetime is controlled primarily by the ANSF,and on war the command goes to the Navy.


The Union Coast Guard's major units include the Maritime Security and Law Enforcement Command (MSLEC) ,Marine Environmental Protection Command (MEPCOM), Maritime Safety Services Command (MSSC, and the Coast Guard Education and Training Command (CGETC). Among the UCG's special units are the Coast Guard Fleet, Coast Guard Aviation Group, Coast Guard Special Operations Group, and the CG K-9 Unit. The UCG used to be under Union Army but is now fully under civilian authority within the Department of National Defense.The UCG is an armed and uniformed service primarily tasked with enforcing all applicable laws within the Arendalean waters, conducting maritime security operations, safeguarding of life and property at sea and protecting the marine environment and resources.Due to an increase in communist attacks, the UCG activated the Task Force Sea Marshals, a composite team from the UCG, Union Army and ANSF. These Sea Marshals ride on many passenger ferries traveling to and from Arendelle, and maintain a security presence aboard these ferries. 


The UCG as of 3340's has a single operation known as "Operation Blackwater",a series of suprise raids on suspected piracy bases and smuggling syndicates.A operational taskforce has at least 4 ships in command while others have 1 or 2 only.

Taskforces & Ships

  • Taskforce 1-Excel Ciy- Monterrey
    • UCGS-Nemesis
    • UCGS-Dakota
    • UCGS-Monterrey
    • UCGS-Antonios
  • Taskforce 2-Excel City- Laxtavita
    • UCGS-Magnificent
    • UCGS-Shrike
    • UCGS-Collosal
    • UCGS-Damoria
  • Taskforce 3-Arendelle-Thessalonica
    • ​UCGS-Araba Mida
    • UCGS-Mary Jane
    • UCGS-Bloastion
    • UCGS-John Roff
  • Taskforce 4-Thessalonica-Gulfport
    • ​UCGS-Renacimiento
  • Taskforce 5-Manoa-Quantadore
    • ​UCGS-Dreadnought


Ships of the Coast Guard Frigates & Corvettes

Picture Ships class Commisioned Notes      
  • UCGS Nemesis
  • UCGS -Nyx
  • UCGS -Dakota
  • UCGS- Fury
Nemesis Class

August 22,3298

August 30,3298

January 11,3299

March 15,3299

  • UCGS-Monterrey
  • UCGS-Reinaldi
Monterrey Class

September 22,3318

October 3,3318

The Monterrey calss was supposed to be the first ships to a new organized navy but was diverted to the UCG


Ships class Commisioned Notes
  • UCGS-Shrike
  • UCGS-Antonios
  • UCGS-Magnificent
  • UCGS-Collosal
  • UCGS-Araba Mida
  • UCGS-Damoria
  • UCGS-Renacimiento
  • UCGS-Bloastion
  • UCGS-Dreadnought
Shrike Class All were at February 15,3306

UCGS-Mary Jane

UCGS-John Roff


Royal Class

February 21,3301

June 12,3302

August 10,3331