Despot of Hispales
Born: 168
Died: 229
Allegiance: Hispales
Rank: Megastrategos
Religion: Paganism

Timocrates was a arguably the most prominent and influential Selloi statesman, orator and general of Hispales during the Early Age of Ruthenia, He was descended, through his mother, from the powerful and historically influential Selloi Families.

During the Hispalis-Sabarian Wars he was named Megaestrategos of Selloi people and led to all his troops at the Battle of White Lake which meant the victory of the Selloi and the slow decline of the Mauryan influence in the peninsula.

Dimocrates promoted the arts and literature; it is principally through his efforts that Hispales holds the reputation of being the educational and cultural center of the ancient Selloi world. He started an ambitious project that generated most of the surviving structures and relics. This project beautified and protected the city, exhibited its glory, and gave work to the people. Dimocrates also fostered Hispalis democracy to such an extent that critics call him a populist.

Its considered a national hero in Selloi Folklore and one of the most important generals of the Early Ages