Theodoros I
Basileus of Ruthenia

Emperor and Autocrat of all Ruthenia
Reign 3230 - 3269
Coronation 1 Sept. 3230
Predecessor Konstantinos I
Successor --
Spouse Isavella Hoheinstenburg
Alexandros Daskalaris
House House of Daskalaris
Father Konstantinos I
Mother Irene Kantakouzina
Born 14 Dec of 3192
Auronopolis, Ruthenia
Died 4 June 3269
Auronopolis, Ruthenia
Burial 5 June 3269
Hagia Triada, Auronopolis
Religion Orthodox
Ruthene Imperial Family
Coat of Arms of the House of Daskalaris

Basileus Alexandros

Queen Mother Isavella

  • HI&RH Archduquess Anastasia
  • HI&RH Archduquess Anna
  • HI&RH Archduke Alexios

  • HI&RH Megaduke Michael
  • HI&RH Megaduquess Valeria
    • Count Konstantinos
    • Count Alexios
  • HI&RH Megaduquess Sophia
  • Megaduke Dante
    • Count Dante
    • Countess Natalia
    • Count Ioannes
      • Archon Manuel
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Theodoros I (Θεοδώρου I, Αλέξανδρος Θεοδώρου Λασκάρεως, tr. Theodore I, Theodore Alexander Daskalaris (14 Dec 3192 – 4 Jun 3269, Aged 77) was the second  Emperor of Ruthenia (Basileus) Megadoux of Thracia, and titular King of Mauria and Slavinia. His official short title was Theodoros I, Emperor and Autocrat of Ruthenia.

Upon his accession on September of 3220, Theodoros became Basileus of the Ruthenian Empire, Megadoux of Thracia and Protector of the Sacred Mountain of Agios, its he second Basileus ruler of Ruthenian Empire since his foundation in 3216.

Theodoros was known as "The reformer" all-reforms in education and the military, creating numerous new ranges and positions to optimize the imperial administration, in addition to removing the conservative state of his father in foreign policy, since 3253 was granted with the title of Herr von Orotansberg Bestowed upon by Kaiser Wilhelm VII of Aquitania. Theodoros was known as the first Ruthene monarch who married with a foreign noble from Aquitania