The Union of Universal
Flag of The Union of Universal


Motto: "Superiority, Efficiency, Success"
Anthem: "The Ultimate Universal"
 - World White Giant  
 - Continent Hercula Major  
 - Region Jura Fantastica  
 - Capital Universal  
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Official languages Universal English
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Government Representative Democracy
 - President G-03152
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 - Formation 3045 
 - The Union of Universal joins the United Sovereign States federation 3047 
 - Disassociation of the United Sovereign States federation 3056 
 - The Union of Universal experiences a large Economic Boom 3057 
 - The Union of Universal joins The Union federation 3057 
 - The Union of Universal experiences a large Technological Boom 3058 
 - The Union of Universal launches it's first Aerospace Vehicle into Space 3059 
 - The Union of Universal launches it's first Manned Aerospace Vehicle into Space 3060 
 - Total 37,500,000  
 - Active personnel 1,000,000+  
 - Federation The Union Federation
 - Common Market USSIRP FTA
 - Empire The Union of Universal
 - Total SC$1,859,640,000,000 
 - Per capita SC$57,219.69 
Nominal Value US$200.00
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The Union of Universal was created in March of year 3045, and was the most populated state in The Universali Empire, which controlled a great portion of the Jura Fantastica Region at the time. The Union of Universal may be called "Universal", "UoU" for short,  or equally "The Union" for recognition. The Union of Universal started in a lonely area, but luckily, Universal wasn't as lonely as you would think. The Union of Universal joined The United Sovereign States in year 3047, which is usually recognized as "The USS". However, The United Sovereign States federation was changed into The Union, which The Union of Universal joined in year 3058. The Union of Universal continues to be an active member of The Union to this day. A person from The Union of Universal, or Demonym for a citizen, is "Universali". Universali are accustomed to a well-organized system, and is mostly left-sided in government. The most unique feature of Universalis is their love for the color blue, since it would state the sign of wealth, superior, power, and purity. In the present day Union, it has risen from rubble, to become one of the world's economic powerhouses, and has become a military superpower. The Union of Universal has a strong belief of superiority, and is known for its militaristic nature and for having one of the most High-Tech economies White Giant has ever seen.


The Flag of the Union of Universal

The Flag of The Union of Universal, which is shown at the top of this page, is a red, white, and blue flag, with a "U" in the center of an olive branch, with thirteen alternating red and white stripes. Below shows the meaning of each feature shown on the flag.

  • Red - Power, Strength, Integrity, Agility, and Perseverance
  • White - Purity, Peace, Sympathy, and Generosity
  • Blue - Wealth, Superiority, Unity, and Confidence
  • Thirteen Stripes - Each stripe represents a territory that was part of The Empire of Universal, which disassociated in year 3040.
  • The "U" - Short for The Union of Universal which makes it easier to tell which country the flag belongs to
  • The Olive Branch - Peace, Prosperity, and Unity


The Universali Empire (540 - 3040)

History of the Universali Empire

The Universali Empire (540 - 3040)

Although Universal is still searching for more information, this is what they know. In the year 540, 13 territories of the Jura Fantastica Region of the Hurcula Major Continent joined forces to create a coalition of nations that was called The Universali Empire. To the right shows the extend to which The Universali Empire reached, the other shaded countries were other organized territories/countries, and those that aren't shaded are unorganized territories. The Empire went into prosperity, and peace, it was a time of joy. The Universali Empire lasted for 2500 years exactly, at first, the population was 250 Million inhabitants, but reached a peak of 550 Million in 3035. The Universali Empire made huge improvements and grew a strong economy. Unfortunately, this all changed when an apocalyptic event occurred.

The Apocalyptic Event (3040 - 3045)

The Meteor just before Impact

On year 3040, a huge meteor hit north of The Universali Empire. Within a few days, vital resources became scarce, and foreign help was not offered. At first, the people of The Universali Empire cooperated well and recovery slow, but progressive. Unfortunately, riots began, and clans were formed, almost every history record was destroyed. A huge civil war broke out and alliances had been formed. At first, the territory that will become The Union of Universal, wanted peace all around, but because it had the most abundant remaining resources, the rest turned against it. Although every city throughout The Universali Empire was destroyed, The Union of Universal continued to reach several milestone in Society, Technology, Science, and in many fields. The Union of Universal used its advanced weaponry against attackers, and neutralized territories, and with in 5 years, peace was restored, and the people that were in the territory that came to be The Union of Universal decided that if they join forces, that they would continue to prosper like before.

History of the Union of Universal

The Union of Universal (3045 - 3050)

The Universali Capital Area

On year 3045, The Union of Universali came into existence, and had chosen Universal, which was the now destroyed capital of The Universali Empire, as the capital of the newly found country. The capital was created in front of Capital Lake, and surrounding governmental bodies surround the Union Pond. Although they had not finished fully recovering from the impact, they pushed forward and finished rebuilding at year 3046, which became a huge event in The Union of Universal's history. In year 3047, an alliance was created that will last for a lifetime, The Union of Universali joined The United Sovereign States federation, which helped The Union of Universal continue to prosper and grow. By the end of the decade, the population of The Union of Universal had almost doubled, and production tripled. 

The Union, Military Expansion, & Economic Boom (3050 - 3060) As the economy grew in a steady pace, important diplomatic exchanges and agreements were occurring. In year 3054, it was said that a crucial merger would occur. This merger was a result from great trust between the U.S.S. and the I.R.P, which resulted in the disassociation of the U.S.S. in year 3056. By the time everything got ready for the merger, it was year 3057, and The Union was born. Right after the creation of The Union, The Union of 

The Universali Space Elevator

Universal experiences an economic boom in 3057, which lasted for at least five years, which made The Union of Universal's GDP growth percentage go from 5.4%, to a much larger percentage of 11.3%, a result of diplomatic agreements, and the creation of more corporations. Not only was the economy growing as a result of the merger, a Technological Boom occurred one year later due to increase technology trade, and intelligence diffusement. A proportion of the money made also went to military, this went to designing basic Nano-Carbon Armor, or Graphene Armor, and basic Naval, Land, and Air Force units, which greatly started the growth of one of the largest militaries in the world. One technology that was a result of The Technological Boom was the research of Aerospace Vehicles. Thanks to the Ontarian Government, the research centers in The Union of Universal began to research Aerospace Designs, for uses such as military, economic, and research. This led to the creation of the Universali Space Elevator, which would pave the way for future space advances, and make the exploration cheaper. This made the Union of Universal the first to build a space elevator on White Giant.

The Economic Recession/Reform & Space Advancements (3060 - 3070) 

The Universali Mining Drone

After the Economic Boom in 3057, Universalis had loads of money to spend, which usually went to Government Investment Funds, and/or Non-Profit Organizations and Agencies. However, the introduction of Credit Cards had a drastic effect on the Universali Economy. Upon the vast expansion of the use of credit cards, debt piled, and inflation bursted. There was too much overconfidence in the economy to stop people from spending. Finally, on 3064, things changed, the inflation rate was at 10.6% and The Union of Universal had a Internal Debt of 678.84B $SC, the result of over-spending on goods and services. In order to counter the debt, The Union of Universal had to cut foreign aid, and close aged, and unproductive corporations. This cleared the way for new Universali technology corporations. New CEO's settled, and High Tech Corporations were built. Not to mention the creation of the Universali National Bank, which is among one of the most used government agency. Other than countering the economy, Universali looked into the horizons. In year 3066, The Union of Universal launched a new type of Aerospace Vehicle, a Mining Drone. The Mining Drone could pull asteroids to orbit White Giant, to ease their mineral extraction, and then drill, and extract minerals, and rare and trace elements from Asteroids, then the Mining Drone could then ship the cargo to the Universali Space Elevator to return back to White Giant. The Union of Universal bought 100 of these vehicles to increase their profits, while their costs were rather low.

Universali Stealth Destroyers bombarding enemy forces in The Republic of Ontario

Military Assistance, & Military/Technological Advances (3070 - 3080)

From the many resources earned, it caused another economic boom, but the money went into infrastructure, education, health system, and into financial reserves. However, a large proportion of money went into research and military. This went to updating our weapons, and improving ammunition. However, problems were stirring in The Republic of Ontario. On year 3075, the Ontarian and Ardglassian Government asked for assistance, but Universali citizens did not want to risk the lives of Universali troops. So they decided that naval bombardment was the way. Within a few weeks, the Universali Navy had mobilized 5 destroyers to bombard enemy positions and air defense to allow the Universali Air Force to provide Air Support and Supplies to Allied Forces. However, on year 3076, a year of bombardment and assistance, but an Air Transport Unit had been ambushed by the enemy air force, but they had fended them off, luckily, Aquitanien Forces had rescued the pilots and crew. In other news, the military advancements created before the Ontarian Assistance, led to the release of the first Universal Aircraft Carrier, the US Universal. This Aircraft Carrier exists today, but has been upgraded repeatedly to reduce the cost and time of building another one. Upgrades include Graphene Armor, and All-

A Universali Matter Condensation/Modification Center

Purpose weaponry. In this decade, there was upgrading Nuclear Power, all Nuclear-Fusion, systems to begin mass deployment in the Sea Force. Not only that, but we began on Bio-Technology. This was to create hard to obtain minerals and materials, the idea is that microorganisms make it for us. Universali Research Centers were successful, but their production was slow and in small amounts, so that's where more research was done. Then matter condensation and modification stations were made. These were created by compressing certain atoms with each other to create the elements required. With this, The Union of Universal became independent in natural resources, since it could make it on its own and not have to import natural resource from foreign areas. The Union of Universal currently operates 100 of these centers.

The Universali Sea Force Headquarters

Military Investments/Expansion (3080 - 3090)

As the technological advances from the last decade swept through The Union of Universal, the military had thought of extravagant ideas. On year 3082, the Universali Department of Defense approved of a naval base. With this base in place, Universal was now able to design, test, build, repair, and upgrade naval vehicles. This was created the new Universali Sea Force, an update from the Universali Navy, and it had 5 years to design naval ships and submit them to the Universali Department of Defense. The design process was not pure drawing, it also required some history homework. Universali Scientist had learned of past navies and had begun to see their weaknesses, and their strengths, as well as their uses. On year 3087, the Universali Sea Force submitted their ideas, and within a few months of modification, they had their approval, and on year 3088, the first 100 ships were constructed, and were released. The Universali Sea Force had finished designing the first Universali Destroyer, and had hired more employees. With the expanded system, they had begun working on all the present day warships. Also, on year 3089, the Universali Land Force, and Air Force were upgraded in a similar way to the Universali Sea Force, which performed the same tasks.

Military Improvements, Earthquakes, & The Union (3090 - 3100)

The Aftermath of the Earthquake in Universali City 13

In year 3091, a major breakthrough in science occurred, the discovery of Stealth Nano-Carbon Super-Strong Armor. Previously, there was another heavy metal that was used for stealth, but made units unstable. Presently, everything in the Universali Forces uses this material. This improved units durability and life time as well, and increased their resistance to attacks. However, all was not joyous. In year 3093, a 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake occurred in The Union of Universal, and the epicenter was Universali City 13. Caught completely off guard, immediately, Universali Forces were put on DEFCON 3, and The Union of Universal asked for assistance from The Union, and they had responded. Within one week of the disaster, relief supplies were coming from The Republic of Ardglass, East Heaven Kingdom, Bundesrepublik Aquitanien, and The Republic of Scotland. Within a few months, the city had recovered. Afterwords, the Universali Department of Human Services approved the UUDRA, or The Union of Universali Disaster Relief Agency, to prepare for future incidents. Then another Earthquake occurred in year 3094, a 5.7 Magnitude occurred in Universali County 06, and immediately, the UUDRA began to mobilize. Within a month, all damage was repaired, and all business resumed. Although there was tranquility in The Union of Universal, member of The Union had begun to break their ties and drift away. On year 3098, The Republic of Ardglass had left The Union. The causes of leaving were not clearly explain, but we would find out with time, but in violence. 

The Union Civil War, The Great Deception, & The Universali Sphere of Influence (3100 - 3110) It was January of 3100, the dawn of a new century, celebrations were occurring all over The Union of Universal. But in that very month, a war was about to occur. The Republic of Ardglass declared war on The Protectorate of Tuscany, a puppet state of The Kingdom of Benino, and a series of missile strikes from Ardglassian Missile Cruisers. Immediately, the world reacted, The Kingdom of Benino communicated to The Union of the need of assistance. The Kingdom of Benino, and East Heaven Kingdom was one of the first to declare war on Ardglassian Forces. Then, Bundesrepublik Aquitanien followed. But The Union of Universal had a problem, it was unable to move Universali Forces due to the lack of Military Bases in allied states. Then Air Transports continued to have 

An East Heaven Kingdom Strategic Bomber headed to Ardglassian territory to drop the Nuclear Weapon

problems traveling long distances, the Universali felt like a sitting duck, unable to do anything. As Universali had these problems, thousands of citizens of The Kingdom of Benino were being killed and injured, but East Heaven Kingdom was the one who was hardest hit. As their Defensive Wings were shot of of the sky, The Union agreed that we needed a decisive end to the war, then on October of 3100, nuclear weapons were authorized, and then East Heaven Kingdom pushed the Red Button. East Heaven Kingdom launched a Strategic Bomber, but Ardglassian Forces had destroyed it. But three months later, Ardglassian Forces surrendered. The Union accepted that it was the Nuclear Scare that provoked a swift surrender. However, back at home, The Great Deception had struck hard. The Great Deception is the time after The Union Civil War in which The Union of Universal felt that it had let it's allies down, and had to regain its self-esteem. Surprisingly, Ardglass was readmitted into The Union, and had bombarded The Union of Universal after not helping its allies in the time of need. After the following months, The Union of Universal had began to build to build Military Bases, and the operation is still under-way today. As a result, the range at which Universali Forces could respond to increased threats, and this led to the start of Project Over-kill

The Union Council Member, Job Crisis, Protests, & The Great Military Build-Up (3110 - 3120) As a new custom of The Union, it was to nominate and vote for three member for The Union Council, that would vote on legislation on laws pertaining to The Union, and the Union Council was to choose one head to represent The Union on the International Stage. In a vote, The Union of Universal had gained 8 votes, Columbia 8 votes, Zoozie Republic 6 Votes, and Ontario with 4 votes, and the new members for The Union Council were The Union of Universal, Columbia, and Zoozie Republic, and The Union of Universal was selected as head of the Union Council. After the Great Deception, the Universali Department of Foreign Affairs and Defense had decided that it was time for to initiate Project Over-kill. Project Over-kill has a previously existing plan to increase the size of the all combined Universali Forces to the total strength of 1,000,000 troops, soldiers and officers. If completed, this would be a major deterrent against any threat. However, with the build-up of a 450,000 troops, the economy began to slow, and had mainly affect CEO corporations with low pay. This slowed the progress of project Over-kill. The project is planned to be completed by 3120, but was then pushed to 3130, in hopes that the Job Crisis would end. However, the modernization side of the project was still under a go, so in 3119, the Universali Stealth Aircraft Carrier was released. At home, there were mass protests that were incited due to The Union of Universal and its Allies as being, "Pollution Giants". These protests grew to sizes of 25,000 and spread to the capital and to airports. On year 3117, the Union of Universal closed its airports due to possible safety issues, and a nearby civil war, that was getting violent.

Completion of Projects, Re-election, Economic Modernization, & Threats (3120 - 3130) 

Universali Air-Base Construction Units during a Military Exercise

In a secret project, Project Rough & Ready, the Union of Universal must have a Military Base in reach of all of its  fellow allies, and along with it, a Landing Force capable of reaching fast enough to sudden threats and attacks. By year 3121, the Universali Land Forces had begun to train new Special Forces and Air-Base Construction Units. On year 3125, Project Rough & Ready had been completed. However, Project Rough & Ready had not been the only project that was completed, for Project Over-kill had also been completed in year, thanks to the end of the Job Crisis. The Job Crisis had ended because of the new initiative of the Universali Department of Finance to replace Industrial Corporations with new High-Tech Corporations, which was an amazing success. Earlier in the decade, the Union of Universal had been re-elected as Member of the Union Council, with Bundesrepublik Aquitanien and the Republic of Dyna by its side. However, immediately afterwords, Bundesrepublik Aquianien had put a series of economic sanctions against the Union of Universal to due disagreements in the Union Council, but this had little to no effect due to Universal's self-sufficiency. The Economic Modernization Initiative had made the economy grow, and stabilize with the Union of Universal's growing Military Costs. On 

A picture of the Universali World Trade Center in Universal

year 3125, the Union of Universal lifted the 8 year ban on international travel, which excited many citizens after the major protests. However, the Union of Universal designated 4 Stealth Fighters and 1 Stealth Bomber to each flight for safety precautions to the existing civil war, which is now known to be caused by governmental corruption. The nation had made threats, but were ignored, but had caused some disturbances. Allied nations such as the Republic of Ardglass, and the Republic of Dyna had made offers to send Interceptors of their own, but had been denied. All costs were paid out of the Universali Military Budget, which makes the price of air travel the same as before. Also in year 3125, the Union of Universal introduced the Universali World Trade Center, which houses the Universali Stock Exchange, the Universali Department of Economy, and several small businesses, and a park. The Universali World Trade Center is a sign of the Union of Universal's strong economy, wealth, power, and prosperity.

Economic Boom & Reform, Technology, the Osean War, Attacks, & Space Advancements (3130 - 3140)

Universali Air Transports Airlifting Universali Forces

Initiated in 3130, the Friendly CEOs Act was passed to oust foreign CEOs from taking valuable slots in the Union of Universal from both Friendly CEOs and Universali Corporations, so the Union of Universal raised taxes from 5% to a steep 75% and most foreign CEOs  Corporations were either closed or relocated. The Friendly CEOs Act ended in 3134 due to the success of the project, and more slots were open for Friendly Corporations. Due to large number of unemployed, they would now be working in the Healthcare or Education Field, or in newly created Corporations. The new corporations created incited a massive Economic Boom, but was short lived, mostly due to the lack of new profit. Breaking New, November of year 3133, the Federal Republic of Osea reported that they had a Sneak Attack performed in one of their cities, which sparked speculation. But just a few months later, the Empire of Falkasia declared war on the Federal Republic of Osea, which the Union responded with military mobilization. This time, the Union of Universal would actually fight in this war. Upon hearing the news, the Universali Navy had begun to move, and massive airlifting had begun. Due to the quick reaction of the Union, the war had ended within four months. Then on year 3135, the Union of Universal introduced the Universali Space Fighter, 

which can be launched by any airbase and travel into space. Not only were there events on White Giant, but there were some in space as well. The Republic of Dyna had successfully established a colony for the Union on a far away planet, but it was populated with hostile life forms. As a response, the Union of Universal designed, built, and sent Universali

The Subway System made for the Union Colony

Fighters for the Space Force to the colony of Mount Irvin City. These Fighters were based on the colony to defend it from any enemy forces. The colony is used for the mining Vanadium, a powerful metal that could be used for power and as a building material. However, the Union of Universal continued using "Element Blue", a confidential synthetic gas, that is much more powerful. However, a problem arose with the transportation of the Vanadium. Solutions such as railway, teleportation, conveyor belts, and even horse-pulled wagons, were suggested, but the suggestion of an Underground Railway arose and was accepted. The Union of Universal volunteered to build an Underground Inter-Zone Subway to transport the Vanadium from the Mines to the Colony. However, on year 3139, there were attacks conducted by unknown supposed terrorist forces, as a result, raised DEFCON of the Universali Embassy in the Bundesrepublik Aquitanien to 2. On year 3139, the Universali Department of Defense announced today that the Union of Universal will launch project Star Base. Project Star Base is a military initiative to kick-start the Universali Space Force and will start with the building of the Universali Military Space Station. This Space Station will design, build, and house Universali and Allied Forces, and will be built with Graphene. The building is planned to start on 3142 and to be finished by 3145. Once done, this will allow Universali Forces to be deployed anywhere on White Giant within 10 Minutes. A system of Orbital Kinetic Bombardment, similar to Aquitanien's OBU, will be employed and will have the force to an assured 25 Megatons of force, and with further project, if successful, to be increased to 50 Megatons, or even 100 Megatons of force, but received negative feedback from the Gaia Delegation and the Bundesrepublik Aquitanien. A Missile Defense System will be deployed to intercept any missiles headed to Universali or Allied territory. The Union of Universali has plans to launch new Space Forces by 3140, without the aid of the Space Station.

Military/Space Advancements, Foreign Folly, The Universali-Kazan War, & New Leadership (3140 - 3150)

At the start of the decade, the Union of Universal discovered many new technological discoveries, such as how to deflect solid munitions, as well as a secret weapon, with a great force, while still remaining efficient. This technology was then applied to all Military Forces, and is a huge feat in Universali Technology. As well as the launch of the new Universali Defense Satellite, which will be used to defend Universali and Allied assets. On year 3140, the Union of Universal launched the first 100 of the Universali Defense Satellites. Also in year 3140, the

A Section of the Universal DES Array

Union of Universal noticed such behavior, that shocked the Department of Foreign Affairs. Such an unexpected withdrawal and closure of the vacant Aquitanien Embassy, as well as banning Universali Products again. As a reaction, the Universali Embassy in the Bundesrepublik Aquitanien was deactivated, evacuated any Universali citizens and diplomats, banned Aquitanien Products, and froze and seized over 5B $SC/50M  Aquitanien Assets in the Universali World Trade Center. Despite all of Universal's attempts to appease Assenpol, this is all the diplomats had worked for, and stated that in order to reopen the Universali Embassy, remove the ban on Aquitanien Products, remove the Universali Travel Ban, and release the frozen assets in the Universali World Trade Center, Aquitanien would have to reopen their Embassy, lift their Travel Ban, and recognize the intentions of Universal. However, a new event would later change the Union of Universal's plans. On November 21 of year 3141, Air Transport Escorts detected a squadron of 25 Fighter Planes and were headed straight for the Transport.  The Fighters did not respond and later shot 55 missiles headed toward Flight 802, therefore, Rules of Engagement were invoked. Immediately, the Air Transport deployed flares, and the escorted jammed the remaining missiles with electronic warfare. Flight 802 was being escorted with a sole Universali Stealth Fighter to land Rioga Tallisibeth Aerfort to treat passengers on Flight 802, take-off, refuel through air, and then escort Flight 802 back to the Union of Universal  and left the other three

The image of Flight 802 after crashing

Stealth Fighters and Stealth Bomber to fight off the 25 Enemy Fighters. While the Enemy Fighters began to flee, the Universali Stealth Bomber launched missiles back, and all were hit, either with the missiles or sub-missiles. Back at home, a Universali Flight of 10 Fighters patrolling were surprised, but successfully evaded the attack located in the regime of Kazan, who's full name is the Empire of Kazan. However, while the Stealth Fighter was refueling through air while escorting Flight 802 back home, Kazan Cruisers launch surface-to-air missiles at Flight 802, but its flares were not replenished, and had been hit. None at the sight of the crash were reported alive from air.

President A-00000 had been ordered to be escorted to a bunker under the Universali Capital District and began his speech:

The Universali Stealth Presidential Aircraft taking off after the Kazan Terrorist Attacks

"It is a profound sadness of what news I bring you this evening. Today, passengers aboard flight 802 had went up into the sky for a grand day in East Heaven Kingdom, only to be struck down by a thunder that was heard, and woke the world. The Kazan Terrorists had no justification whatsoever for this attack, and it has not gone unnoticed. Today, the Union of Universal stands on DEFCON 1, ready for action, we refuse to be attacked by those who endanger the lives and safety of our fellow citizens. Prepare for us, for we will strike with grand force, larger than you ever expected. With victory already in sight, we will hunt you down, and you will pay for your evil deeds with your blood and soul. We do start wars, we end them."

A Kazan Battalion during the Kazan Invasion Attempt

Following the next days, all forces became active and patrolled and defended the Universali border with the Empire of Kazan. Then a month later, missile strikes were aimed at Air Defense Sites and Airports to make it safe for Air-Strikes. Also, the Union of Universal rush-launched 250 KES or Kinetic-Energy Satellites into orbit to begin testing on Military Bases in the Empire of Kazan. The first invasion attempt by the Empire of Kazan occurred early in year 3142 with a mass troops, tanks, artillery, and a few anti-aircraft guns, which over-whelmed the Universali border forces, and had to retreat, but had no casualties. The Universali Air-Force then bombed all major vehicles, and only left a few soldiers, who were later captured, no enemies got through the border with the Universal-Kazan border. While interrogating them, the Department of Defense learned that there was a military installation with a bunker capable of launching Ballistic Missiles at the Union of Universal. The department of Defense thought that it was an opportunity to launch the

A 1 Megaton KES Attacking the Kazan Navy

first-ever KES Attack, and had selected an explosion size of 10 Megatons. The damage was astonishing, all that was left were the frames of steel buildings. On November 15 of year 3142, a large fleet of a Helicopter Carrier and over fifty Destroyers were detected near Universal's Sea Force Headquarters. A Stealth Drone discovered that they were loaded hundreds of missiles into their Missile Systems to prepare a surprise attack the Sea Force Headquarters on the first year anniversary of the Kazan Terrorist Attacks. The fleet was crippled after an attack of 25 Megaton KES Strike, with a few 10 Megaton and 1 Megaton Attacks afterwords to prevent the ships from making a go at the Sea Force Headquarters. The remaining disabled ships were destroyed by Universali Stealth Fighters, and remaining hostiles were rescued by Universali Stealth Battleships, however, Battleships sustained minor damage from the wreckage floating about. In June of year 3143,

A Universali Rocket preparing to Launch the final Modules of the Universali Space Station

the Bundesrepublik Aquitanien set more folly, it had claimed that allies cannot enter its supposed and unknown "Airspace Claim", and stated that no unit could enter. Even after all problems were solved, the Aquitanien Government refused and then reintroduced the same solution that the Union of Universal had set. As of 3144, the KES will be tested at geosynchronous orbit, and more testing will be set. More Space Forces are expected to be deployed following the Universali-Kazan War. By year 3144, travel bans and product bans were lifted for the Bundesrepublik Aquitanien, as well as reopening and restaffing the embassy, expecting Bundesrepublik Aquitanien would do so, based on the last ultimatum the Union of Universal stated. After hours of attempting to negotiate, Universali Diplomats finally made an agreement that was agreeable. In the Union of Universali, it is known as the Universali Ultimatum, since the Union of Universal initiated its creation. In the

The Universali Space Station

Bundesrepublik Aquitanien, it is known as the Tripartite Treaty. Then on August of 3144, the Union of Universal completed construction of the Universali Space Station. This is supported by the Universali Space Elevator and can be used for Civilian, Commercial, and Militaristic Uses. The construction started exactly a year ago, after the sudden attack by the Empire of Kazan. The Universali Space Station my be used by others, with the permission by the President, House of Representatives and the Senate. In year 3145, the president, A-00000, stepped down after serving a maximum of 10 terms for 100 years. He has led so much progress, and is thought to be the best president that the Union of Universal will ever have. The topics for the elections were mainly the Universali-Kazan War, the Universali Space System, the Universali Military New Generation Update and Expansion, the Embassy System and Expansion. The three candidates had the following descriptions; MD: G-03152 - Focus on Increasing Infrastructure, Health, Immigration, and  Military and some Foreign Affairs, CR: B-28549 - Focus on decreasing Immigration, Foreign Aid, Travel, Domestic Aid, and Corporate Taxes, and increasing Military, Aggressive Foreign Policy, and Technology, LI: K-17590 who focused on increasing Embassy Count, Foreign Relations, Pacifism, Upper Class Taxes, and Foreign Aid, while decreasing in Military, and Military Spending. Off the bat, Candidate CR: B-28549 received heavy criticism from Bundesrepublik on an Aggressive Foreign Policy, but LI: K-17590 gained praise from Ceres Autonomous Region for their peaceful ways. it was clear that LI: K-17590 would win, but after the slip of the tongue on the poor being greedy and worthless of the poor received a denouncement from refugees of the Empire of Kazan. Which made a landslide victory by MD: G-03152. Even Candidate CR: B-28549 was more popular than LI: K-17590 by the end. As a show of force for the Union of Universal against the Empire of Kazan, a KES launched an attack for 250 Megatons from a larger acceleration from geosynchronous orbit against a Kazan Armored Division patrolling the border. After the large boom heard from thousands of miles around, left an enormous crater. Earthquakes were recorded with a few after-shocks, with a registered 5.7 Magnitude. After the attack, the Universali President, G-03152, announced to its allies the upcoming Universali Ground Offensive, immediately after the Universali Military Update. It is only known that the offensive would start on 3150. However, from the time being, the fight for Sea and Air Supremacy had begun. With the violence and show of force and support, most of the population in the Empire of Kazan had emigrated elsewhere, and most went to the Union of Universal. However, KES Strikes would be used less due to the possibility high casualties. Kazan Citizens who enter and provide information to the Department of Defense are awarded 10 to 1,000 Unions depending on how valuable the information is. However, criticism from Aquitanien puts relations at strain after stating that the Union of Universal lacked credibility in reporting, talks started in October 3148 on whether to delay the Universali Ultimatum until the Aquitanien showed trust. As well as whether this was a battle worth fighting for. Even more when they transmitted the statement of "...that didn't have anything to do with the topic, point is, enemies don't emigrate to each other, that's ridiculous, its like an Aquitanian settling in Universal, never happening." Most Universali see this a waste of time for discussion on both parties. The construction of the Universali Embassy in the City of Savoy was delayed till 3160 after Aquitanien Assenpol delayed theirs after, once again, entering a Universali-Kazan War discussion without any justification whatsoever. Most see as Aquitanien Media as biased and government-controlled. The Universali Government wonders how Aquitanien would back-stab them after they had supported them in the past, but realized that this would become into a parasitic bond, and would continue to plague relations with the continuation of "corrupt" and "biased" Aquitanien Media and Government Officials. On May of year 3149, five former Metudelian MIPDC Special Forces members were trapped in the Empire of Kazan, their mission was to gather technology for Metudela, but then the capital was placed in lock down, stranding the five MIPDC men. Eventually the men discovered there was a bunker under the capital building which held a Nuclear Device. By the time they got out a message there was only five days and thirteen hours left before it was to be detonated. The Union of Universal, Bundesrepublik Aquitanien, and the Empire of Metudela devised a plan an attack on the capital building in a three pronged attack. The five MIPDC men attacked the front courtyard with air support from Universali Stealth Bombers and Fighters while Aquitanien paratroopers were firing into the rear wall of the building placing them inside. A Universali Special Infantry Squadron of 25 attacked the left wall and the roof-top of the capital building and infiltrated there. The Metudelaian MIPDC men after clearing the courtyard infiltrated the building via the right wall. Aquitanien Orbital Bombardment Units and Universali Missile Vehicles continued to rain hell on the capital building and surrounding area. The Empire of Metudela ordered EMP shields on everyone's equipment to be powered up and ordered a EMP bombardment on the building. The main building was cleared and all teams secured the entrance to the bunker before going down, once down the teams cleared the first room before all but the Universali Special Infantry and the Metudelaian MIPDC team were ordered to retreat back up stairs. The MIPDC and Tech teams fought their way to the Nuclear Device, which was Chemical, hidden in its main chamber where the Universali Squadron began hacking the system. The main staircase was sabotaged by Kazan forces and collapsed forcing the Metudelaian MIPDC troops to find another way to get them and the Universali Squadron out. With no way for ex-filtration forces to get them out a physical exit had to be found, and when one was the MIPDC team made a trail of flares from the main chamber to the new exit. Thirteen Kazan troops attack the MIPDC team who before eliminating them lost Anthony Rodriguez, their marksman, to a bullet wound to the jugular vein. While waiting for the tech team to get to them after they finished deactivating the Nuclear Device another fifty Kazan men arrived and attack. The MIPDC covered the tech team while they made their way up the stairs before following. The tech team exited and encountered RPG fire which sealed the main exit from the building behind them. During the firefight, a Universali Special Infantry was injured in the shoulder, and was carried on their back, as well as Aquitanien casualties. This forced the MIPDC team to make their way to the windows they entered from and rappel the wounded and deceased down with them. They made their way to the Universali Helicopters ex-filtrated with them and detonated the Plasma C4 they had placed throughout the Bunker and on the Nuke as they flew away vaporizing everything within a fifty mile radius. The wounded men and women were treated in the nearest Universali Hospital, where most recovered. In total, there was a Metudelaian death, another wounded, one Universali death, three Aquitanien dead, and another wounded. The Mission was counted as a success and the first joint Universal, Aquitanien, and Metudelian mission in history. It became the first Aquitanien-Metudulian-Universali Joint Operation ever. It came to be known as Operation Castle. However, conspircists still question the odd decision of Aquitanien Forces of entering on the behalf of Metudelian and Universali Forces. Especially after receiving several transmissions stating that Aquitanien OBU were targeting Universali Troops and estimating casualties, but stated the it was cancelled. All Allied Squadrons who responded were given the Medal of Honor and the Medal of Bravery and the Universali Presidential Medal. This surprise joint mission, especially on the Aquitanien side, bonded the nations together even better. On November of 3149, a Universali Drone discovered a Kazan Recon Team executing what appeared to be a group of hikers on the Universali side of the Universali-Kazan Border. The Drone instantly began to fire at the intruders, but it was far too late, all hikers had been killed before the missile could confuse the Kazan Recon Team, but would be the cause of the increase Drone Patrols.

The Universali Victory, Military Update, Technological Exchange, & Economic Recession (3150 - 3160)

On February 1 of 3150, an Universali Army of ten Universali Divisions of 25 Informatics, 25 Plasma/Laser Vehicles, 50 Missile Vehicles, 50 Supply Vehicles, 100 Armored Vehicles, 250 Infantry Vehicles, and 500 Infantry Units each, began to airdrop from 250 Stealth Air Transports, escorted by 100 Fighters, into the outskirts of the militarized Kazan Capital of Raden. The Air Defense failed to locate the Stealth Air Transports until after airdropping. The enemy missiles' lock was broken rapidly, but became free-flying targets that caused minor damage on 7 Universali Air Transports and caused severe damage on 2 Universali Air Transports. After roughly landing in the sparsely inhabited suburbs they met a resistance of around 300 armed civilian fighters ambushed, who injured 28 Universali Infantry Units and killed 3 Universali Infantry Units, 252 hostiles were killed, 39 were captured, and the rest fled. The march towards key facilities and the capital then began, with the city surrounded, it may be a decisive victory for the Union of Universal, or the catastrophic failure and loss of a Universali Army. Their first target was a a command and control center in Clarin fitted with a barracks and an airstrip, that had been disabled by Universali Electronic Warfare Attacks, which was defended with a garrison of around 25 MLRS Units, 250 Tanks, 100 Infantry Transports, and 1,000 Infantry Units, with 25 Bombers and Fighters getting ready to take-off.

-The Universali Offensive Universali-Kazan War-

The battle began with Universali Plasma/Laser Vehicles firing at Kazan hangers and aircraft preparing to take-off first, then target any hostile MLRS. Afterwords, Missile Vehicles would fire at any hostile Vehicles and begin demolishing the building while Universali Armored and Infantry Vehicles began to fire at any hostile Riflemen, while Universali Infantry supported them and scouted surrounding territory. Retaliation occurred immediately after the first missile and its sub-munitions hit the hangers by launching missiles against Universali Artillery, attempting to clear the way for their aircraft to lift. Their missiles were disintegrated before touch-down, but 3 enemy Bombers were in the sky. Missile Vehicles identified, verified, and locked the three Bombers, and got them out of the sky, maintaining Air Supremacy. But with enemy Tanks and Infantry Units rapidly approaching, Armored and Infantry Vehicles, and Infantry had be cloaked and use Armor-Piercing and Explosive Plasma Munition to keep them at bay while Missile Vehicles was demolishing the building to destroy any other enemies. The Barracks were stormed and the Air-strip taken over, the out-come was a victory for the Union of Universal, Universali Casualties were 48 Infantry were injured, 9 Infantry were killed, 6 Armored Vehicles Damaged, 13 Infantry Vehicles Damaged, 2 Missile Vehicles Damaged, and 1 Plasma/Laser Vehicles Damaged. The march then continued towards the capital, the zone was considered to be evacuated after dropping phamplets, so the divisions were ordered on charge and weapons-free. At the capital, there stood the heaviest resistance in the Empire of Kazan. The Universali Army requested a missile strike from Stealth Cruisers nearby, soon three Cruisers unleashed a Large Volley of 600 Missiles with their main and sub-munitions ready to hit. Using quick speeds and sub-munitions as Anti-Missile Interceptors, most of the missiles hit their targets and decimated the Kazan Vehicles, only sparing a few Kazan Riflemen. 250 Armored Vehicles were assigned to take out any remaining Kazan Units in the area while 1000 Infantry Vehicles carrying 2500 Infantry Units were assigned to occupy other areas of the Empire of Kazan with Drones scouting the area. KES were ordered to attack any remaining visible Air strips and Barracks with 1 Megatons on each attack. After this attack, 11 Armored Vehicles were damaged, 31 Infantry Vehicles were damaged, and 52 Infantry injured, 13 Infantry killed. After the capture of the capital, only minor skirmishes occurred, and by the night of February 25, 3150, the whole country was occupied, and was considered a Universali Victory, and as a tradition, a Universali Victory Fireworks were shot, and the number of fireworks fired is equal to the number of days the war lasted. 

-The Universali Victory in the Universali-Kazan War-

The Government Officials of the former Empire of Kazan were captured with no security, and are being interrogated in an undisclosed location till the Union of Universal decides what to do. Immediately after its take-over, Bundesrepublik Aquitanien voided the Universali Ultimatum, which in respond, the Union of Universal voided as well, and led to permanent break of relations since it was obvious that this hostile, near rogue, state was desperate to cause chaos and break the image of the Union of Universal. Afterwords, the Universali Government asked the Union of what to do with the territory. In other news, the Universali Department of Technology was able to get access to the Dynan Military Space Station, Advanced Solid-State Weaponry, and Advanced Blood Serum, as well as Advanced AI from members of the ADMUTP or the Ardglassian-Dynan-Metudelian-Universali Technological Pact, which would help the Union of Universal not only been having Plasma and Laser Weaponry, but excel in Kinetic Weaponry as well and expand and boost Space Force Advancement. In Foreign Relations, East Heaven Kingdom wishes that, "The Union of Universal and Bundesrepublik Aquitanien can get along, and the Department of Foreign Affairs stated that Universali are all for peace, but even when we have broken no clause of the Ultimatum, Aquitanien voided it, the problem is not us, but the person who is on the other side of the table, Aquitanien". After, months of discussion, protection, and reparation, the Union of Universal decided to let the former Empire of Kazan gain its independence, and keep the monarch out of the newly founded democracy, which was decided to be named the Republic of Kazan. It declared independence with the signing of the Union of Universal, and the Republic of Kazan, it became independent on June 1, of 3155. The Union of Universal allowed Kazan refugees return to their repaired lands with funds provided by Universali Charities. Any Allied Governmental bodies were allowed to join. Travel bans were lifted due to the lack of insurgency and the close of the Universali-Kazan War. Following this agreement, the Union of Universal started the Military Update Act, which was designed to update the Universali Military with any Technological Advancements, whether they were created at home or traded through the ADMUTP. This included adding Kinetic Weaponry with the now, Tri-Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets instead of the Dual Plasma/Laser Turrets as well as implement new designs for Universali Units, and much more. The Department of Defense also plans to add the Metudelian AI to improve pre-existing Universali AI in the Turrets. After Metudelian Scientists detected odd tectonic movement deep within White Giant, the UUDRA began requesting for more funding to disaster preparedness. On May of 3156, the Union of Universal successfully launched the Universali Communication/Intelligence Satellite (CIS), which was celebrated as the Universali Space Force neared the completion of its basic structure. Also on year 3156, the Union of Universal established embassies in the Union State of America and with the Imperial Union of Gaia. Of which, the Union State of America became a candidate of joining the ADMUTP and gladly agreed to establishing Military Bases with each other. Following the surprising surplus in High-Tech Supplies in year 3157, the Universali Economy plunged and decreased by 30%, which was quite alarming considering that most of the Universali Economy was based on High-Tech items. The Department of Finance determined that the High-Tech market would recover in year 3158, and a full price recovery by 3160, and full recovery of the Universali Economy by 3165. 

Economic Recovery, Transparency, Federation Loss, & Military Development (3060 - 3070)

With the economy recovering, the Universali Recession had ended on the turn of the decade, with profits reaching new heights, despite the prices not fully recovering, which meant a productivity increase. Following a Senate Meeting, the former presidential candidate Liberal Independent, K-17590, attempted to pass a bill that would declassify military research and operations, but was rejected upon entering the House of Representatives. The following days were seen with hundreds of protesters and many complaints entering the Department of Domestic Affairs. Following the protests, the Universali President decided that he would reveal Military Technology on year 3075, as well as their implementations, but not the Military Operations conducted. Also in military, upgrades would be conducted to the KES and DES in the Universali Space Force to extent their range as well as power. Another plan to design a long-range Universali Gunship was would include an Extra Heavy Plasma/Laser Turret in the front with many Heavy Kinetic Turrets embedded, as usual, on the side. The Union of Universal plans to produce Gunships made for the members of the Technological Pact, but without the specialties of Universali technology. On year 3165, the Republic of Ardglass launched an offensive against a heavily known federation enemy, The United Empire of Pegersus. However, as the war went rather well, the Union of Universal lost contact with the Republic of Ardglass, and CIS intelligence found out that the Ardglassian capital had been completely destroyed by a nuclear device, and Pegersusian had begun invading with their Special Forces. With the CIS tapping into communications feed and gathering images and real-time action, Ardglassian Bases had been struck, which led to the fall of Ardglass. This loss had enraged the entire Universali Government, who vowed to gain revenge, and considered this a major federation loss. Although not a federation effort, it still had meaning to much of the Union community. Following the great mourning of Ardglass, the new Republican-controlled Senate very well enraged, caused them to review their actions against Bundesrepublic Aquitanien, and believed that they were too soft against the nation, and began discussion on promoting the tariffs and quotas enforced by the former Universali Empire nations, and possibly militarily enforce an embargo upon the Aquitanien. With the Republicans practically guiding Foreign Affairs, Democrats began launching campaigns to regain control and power such as the case with the Congress. Immediately once entering the Senate Chamber, Republicans began to create legislation to increase funding to the new aircraft design of the Gunship and to delay the release of classified information. A particular legislation that was in consideration was the Global Response Act which required ten Stealth Transports to carry a standard Division as cargo and be deployed around the world to quickly land a division(s) in response to an attack.

The Collapse (3070 - 3380)

"It was so sudden, and devastating...", said a Universali survivor, living in the ruins. On September 17th, Pegersusian Special Forces attacked Nuclear Fusion reactors in Universal, it was a suicidal attempt to destroy the entire country of Universal. As a call for a federation assistance went unheard as slowly the Universali power grid fell, for the national back-up system had been over-loaded by the fusion reactor's explosion. The communications went dark, and no response forces were sent, as all were dedicated elsewhere. The only ones to survive were those at sea, who had heard a signal of distress. Helicopters were sent to investigate what had happened as soldiers who had enlisted to fight for Universal in foreign lands were sent back home in search of their own. The Union Central Command had lost communication with Universali Military Headquarters for days, that morphed into months, and then on years to decades. No assistance was sent as Universal fell into a dark age of need and adaption. Most of the population was killed as they lived in or around Universal, and leaving very few to survive and tell the tale. The Union of Universal fell into centuries of chaos and despair, leaving only those on naval vessels to survive and reconstruct what was once "The Union of Universal"

The Re-emergence of the Union & Universal (3380 - Present)

After centuries of silence, the Union of Universal re-emerged to the international stage of telecommunications. A part of the world that had now rebuilt what was lost after so many decades in the shadows. In February 3380, the Union of Universal re-established radio, satellite, and international trade. Only after 300 years did the Union of Universal, rebuild, repopulate, and rearm well enough to stand on the international scale.Only then were building recovered and rebuilt, and military units restored. At the moment, the Union of Universal attempts to re-establish contacts with The Union yet again.

On March 21st, 3368, the Union of Universal and the Union reestablished Communications and Diplomatic Relations. A Conference Meeting was held on the last day of that same month, commemorated the creation of the original Union of Universal. The Union of Universal began to reestablish trade routes and sign trade pacts. With the growth of Universali economics, came the improvement of military capacity. By the end of the decade, the second Universali Helicopter Carrier Group was christened, and stationed off the coast of Benino.

Universali Marines distributing aid to rural parts of the Kingdom of Benino

On March of 21st 3389, on the 21st anniversary of the Universali readmission to the Union came a time of joy and a sign of progress, until a frightening message came from the Benino Embassy in Union; "March 21 3389, a Large Earth Quake has struck the Kingdom of Benino. 53,491 people died immediately and 131,566 people were wounded....". Along with a message from the Emperor, "A huge disaster has struck Benino on March 21,3389, the first disaster of its kind. Never has Benino been faced with such a large scale loss of life in a single day. The country is being mobilized to deal with the disaster as soon as possible. If supplies can arrive from outside Benino that would be a great help.". Immediately, the Universali President invoked mutual defense since the Kingdom of Benino and its populace needed assistance immediately for an unprecedented natural disaster. The Universali HCG 02 initiated Operation Titanic, and landed Universali Marines to begin the distribution of aid and the enforcement of law, preventing looting and mis-apportionment of supplies.

Government & Politics

The Union of Universal has a Three-Party Democracy, in which it is organized in three branches; The Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial. The three parties are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, and are broken up into more categories. On the left, it shows a map of the National Government Area, which has a garrison of 25 Informatics, 25 Missile Vehicles, 25 Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Vehicles, 100 Armored Vehicles, 250 Infantry Vehicles, 250 Special Infantry, and 2,500 Infantry Units, and has an airport in the bottom right corner of the map which can house more aircraft, usually the Presidential Aircraft and Escorts. In the Universali Government, most politics are paid decently, since the politics would do good for the people without needing pay, most is required to be spent wisely. However, their essentials and luxuries are paid for by donations by their party. With the exception of the Judicial Branch, every member of a Branch has a personally appointed Adviser, who must be at least 25 years of ago, 25 years as a Universali Citizens. The image on the right represents what building house what. A person in government has a name of Sub-Political Party Affiliation then Political Party Affiliation: Then name. For example, MI: Z-52781.

A Map of the National Government Area in Universal

  1. The Universali Congress
  2. The Universali Supreme Court
  3. The Universali Executive Mansion
  4. The Universali Department Offices
  5. The Universali National Park

The Executive Branch

In the Executive Branch, one can be elected through popular vote, and runs for a 10 year term, but can run for 10 term, maximum, and as leadership, the President and the Federal Department Leaders and Advisers control the Executive Branch as one group. During elections, it goes in thirds, to give a just amount of time for the public to decide who to vote for, as well as ask more questions to clarify and specify. This process may take one to two and a half years. One must be at least 35 years of age, be a Universali Citizen for 25 years, and not have any sort of criminal record. The Executive Branch may only make 100 proposals in one term, such as those in the Legislative Branch, which are then sent to the Congress for voting. The Executive Branch may veto a proposal that has passed through the House of Representatives and the Senate, after a veto, it is sent back to the Senate, adjusted, voted on, then sent to the Executive Branch, without going to the House of Representatives. Although the Executive Branch may only has 100 proposals, it can suggest to the Legislative Branch of what it recommends to pass. The Executive Branch lies in the Universali Executive Mansion. The President gets paid 1,000 Unions in one year

The Legislative Branch

In the Legislative Branch, one is elected one of the 5 States in the Union of Universal, the Capital State, the City State, the Town State, the County State, and the Other State, and a point may be used for voting representation purposes, and seats are for legislative representation. 

The House of Representatives

The House of Representatives Seat Control

In order to represent a state in the House of Representatives, one must be at least 25 years of age, be a Universali Citizen for at least 25 years, and not have any criminal record. In the image to the right, shows the seat control in the House of Representatives, Blue means Democrat-Controlled, Red means Republican-Controlled, Purple means Independent-Controlled. In the House of Representatives, there are 250 seats, 25 from the Capital State, 100 from the City State, 75 from the Town State, 25 from the County State, and 25 from the other State. On the right shows the Seat Control in the House of Representatives, each block represents 10 Seats, Blue means Democrat-Controlled, Red means Republican-Controlled, Purple means Independent-Controlled. A Representative gets paid 250 Unions yearly, and an Adviser gets paid 100 Unions yearly. All Representatives serve one year terms and may serve a maximum of 10 terms.

The Universali Senate Seat Control

The Senate

In order to represent a state in the Senate, one must be at least 30 years of age, 25 years as a Universali Citizen, and not have any criminal record. In the image to the left, shows the seat control in the Senate, each block represents a seat, Blue means Democrat-Controlled, Red means Republican-Controlled, Purple means Independent-Controlled. In the Senate there are 5 States, 20 Seats/Points from the Capital State, 20 Seats/Points from City State, 20 Seats/Points from Town States, 20 Seats/Points from the Country State, and 20 Seats/Points from the other State, for a total of 100 Seats. All Senators serve two and a half year term, and can serve for 10 terms. Each Senator has 10 Advisers, and can be actively communicating with the President, and Departments. A Senator gets paid 250 Unions yearly, and an Adviser gets paid 100 Unions yearly.

The Judicial Branch

In the Judicial Branch, one must be elected nationally through popular vote, and 1 Administrator Justice and 25 Justices are selected every year, meaning they serve one year terms, and can serve for 10 terms. The Judicial Branch can determine the fairness, and goal of a law, and interpret them as well. They may interpret laws if they are recommended 10,000 times by Universali Citizens. The Judicial Branch is located in the Universali Supreme Court. The Universali Supreme Court may also be used to hold trials for the Union as well. A Judge for the Universali Supreme Court gets paid 250 Unions per year.

Departmental Branch

Departments are the way the Union of Universal incorporates bureaucracy in its government. All members of any department must be at least 25 years of age, 25 years as a Universali Citizen, and not have any criminal record. This helps is run more efficiently, effectively, and quickly. Although it is a separate Branch, another branch, such as the Legislative, may have more jurisdiction than other Branches in some Departments. Below are the names of the Universali Departments and descriptions of them. Anything that goes on in the Departments must be voted on in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the President, but if the President disagrees, the Senate may over-ride his veto. Department Leader gets paid 250 Unions yearly, and a Department Adviser gets paid 100 Unions yearly. 

Department of Foreign Affairs (Moderate Democrat Controlled)

This department represents the Union of Universal on an international scale, operates Universali Embassies, and enforces the Foreign Policy. in peace-time, it negotiates treaties, contracts, and agreements that are beneficial to all the parties. It informs the all other branches of what is occurring on the world stage, and recommends what to do. In war-time, it confronts enemies and threats, and deals with them with one of the three ways. The first is through appeasement, this means to negotiate some sort of peace treaty or agreement, and prevents a full-fledged war. The second, is through deterrence, this means to display as much power, and strength to the enemy to discourage any attack on the Union of Universal or its allies. The third is preventive strike, this means to shock and awe the enemy by attacking the enemy, and disabling their ability of second-strike, to prevent any harm to the Union of Universal, or its allies.

Department of Domestic Affairs (Liberal Independent Controlled)

This department represent the Union of Universal on a national scale, and enforces laws at a national scale, and enforces Domestic Policy. The department of Domestic Affairs meets with protesters, and communicates to Universali Citizens to what is happening on the world scale, and what changes are occurring, and new events and laws pasted. When meeting protesters, they listen to as why they are protesting, what they want to happen, and then they state as to what the government is doing, and them communicates to other branches. They may also issue citizenship to new individuals who have entered the nation.

Department of Defense (Liberal Republican Controlled)

This department operates military units, recruits and trains troops, gathers intelligence, and advises what Universali and Allied Forces should do. Although the President mainly controls the military, it communicates to Military Units of what their orders are, advises what the Universali Forces should do, and reports intelligence. This department is spread into four sections, the Air Force, Sea Force, Land Force, and the Space Force, which are led each with an individual leader, and ten advisers. Together, they maintain the military, purchase weapons and ammunition, and operate research for the Universali Military.

Department of Transportation (Liberal Democrat Controlled)

This department builds and maintains highways, railways, bridges, and airports. This department is responsible for regulating price, speed, and permissions for this transportation systems, as well as their improvements, and usage percentage. The Department of Transportation is also responsible for making these systems as cheap, user-friendly, and environmentally-friendly as possible.

Department of Energy (Liberal Independent Controlled)

This department builds and maintains energy facilities and the Universali Electrical Grid. Energy facilities may be Geothermal Plants, Solar Plants, Hydro-Power Plants, Hydro-Thermal, Wind Plants, Bio-mass/Bio-fuel Plants, and Nuclear-Power Plants. The Department of Energy is also responsible that every population center has energy that is cheap, green, safe, and accessible.

Department of Natural Resources (Conservative Democrat Controlled)

The Department of Natural Resources is responsible for making sure that the environment and its resources are as protected as possible and are preserved as they are. They also build and maintain national parks and perform checks on other departments to make sure that they are environmentally-friendly and are not careless in nature. These also make sure that water is safe, plant and animals species are safe, and that air quality is acceptable.

Department of Human Services (Liberal Republican Controlled)

This department builds and maintains water treatment facilities, waste management facilities, hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics, recycling facilities, public housing, and disaster relief. It makes sure that the water is drinkable, food is edible and accessible, and that waste is disposed. In the times of a disaster, it operates the Union of Universal Disaster Relief Agency, or the UUDRA, which ensures that the area affected has sufficient supplies, and recovers quickly, and with the permission of the Department of Foreign Affairs, may help other nations in need. If anything is damaged, it rapidly send the needed items to repair infrastructure systems.

Department of Finance (Conservative Republican Controlled)

This department maintains the health of the Universali Economy, keeps employment as high as possible, helps businesses, maintains the Universali National Bank, and the Universali World Trade Center, and draws and gives loans to Universali Citizens and to other nations, and determines their interest. It stabilizes inflation, keeps debt at zero, increases the value of the Union, and increase GDP. It also approves a budget for the Union of Universal, and seeks economic prosperity, and allows an increase in spending for other Departments.

Department of Health (Liberal Democrat Controlled)

This department ensures the health of the Union of Universal, maintains the universal healthcare system, issues vaccines, performs research for serious diseases, and maintains hospitals. With its responsibility, it keeps the Universali Healthcare System at its highest, and prevents the spread of disease. It makes sure that the emergency healthcare delivery system is active and efficient, and increases the life expectancy of the Union of Universal as high as possible, and also plays a role in the UUDRA.

Department of Education (Moderate Independent Controlled)

This department maintains the quality of the education system of the Union of Universal, and makes sure that every person is literate and has some sort of education, and determines Education Subsides and Loan Interests. it mainly focuses on the creation of High Tech Careers. It makes sure that everyone has access to education and provides free education to all. it also makes sure that everyone has drug and alcohol education as well. 

Department of Justice (Conservative Republican Controlled)

This department makes sure that all courts are well organized and perform their tasks fairly and correctly. This department also brings cases up to the Universali Supreme Court to see and approves them, before they are sent. This also reviews whether federal employees do not have any criminal record and do not perform any illegal activity. They also check that everyone has done their responsibility as a citizen as far as taxes, and community service.

Department of Technology (Liberal Democrat Controlled)

This department handles all research, and judges how much it is funded, along with the help of its respective department. Whether the research be from the Department of Defense or from Department of Infrastructure, it decides how much it gets funded, how long it will be funded, how high of a priority, and whether the research was progressing. Of course, the other Departments may apply their own opinions on the research. 

Political Parties

Political Parties are a way of representing what the populace of the Union of Universal wants accomplished by the Universali Government. These vary in beliefs, objectives, and goals. Below are the descriptions on the three political parties and sub-political parties.

Democratic Party

The Democratic Party believes in equality for all Universali Citizens, and that everyone should have a fair chance of success in life. They usually favor employees over their employers. They believe that no higher authority may abuse anyone under their control, and that those who didn't succeed are victims of inequality. They believe that higher taxes on those with higher income improves the situation of the Union of Universal and result in more success as a nation. They believe with appeasement, any situation can be resolved. Favors business and bureaucracy. Believes that national threats should be handled in a gentle way and should include negotiation. The symbol for the Universali Democratic Party is the Dove.

Republican Party

The Republican Party believes in moral qualities, and believes that those who don't succeed chose to be that way. They believe in responsibility and go with the employers over employees, that if you work hard, that you have more benefits. They believe in a strong military to protect the great nation of the Union of Universal. They believe in pro-religion and business and are against bureaucracy. The Republican Party believes that it should act violently against any threat to national security. The symbol for the Universali Republican Party is the Hawk.

Independent Party

The Independent Party doesn't have any base beliefs, and represents small parties who cannot be represented well on the large stage. The Independent Party is usually a decisive element in the Universali Government since they are usually neutral, but have many close ties with the Democratic Party. The symbol for the Universali Independent Party is the Owl.

Liberal Sub-Party

The Liberal Sub-Party is usually represented by 50% of the Democratic Party, 25% of the Republican Party, and 50% of the Independent Party. The Liberal Sub-Party believes in more regulation and in services that provide to all Universali Citizens, such as Universal Healthcare. They believe in fairness, helping those who cannot help themselves, and in positive role-models. Believe on a community based on ethics, inclusiveness, utopianism, multiculturalism, evolving, and high believe in more research. Favor diplomacy and pacifism to an extent. Their belief statements are "One for all and all for one" and "The world can be improved". 

Conservative Sub-Party

The Republican Sub-Party is usually represented by 25% of the Democratic Party, 50% of the Republican Party, and 25% of the Independent Party. Prefer small government, less regulation, charity, and most services being provided by the private sector. Believe in an exclusive, nationalistic, conservative country. Believe in upholding order, preservation, helping those who help themselves, strong role models. Favor aggression and militancy. Their belief statements are "Survival of the Fittest", and "The world is fine as it is".

Moderate Sub-Party

The Moderate Sub-Party is usually represented by 25% of the Democratic Party, 25% of the Republican Party, and 25% of the Independent Party. Usually a decisive element in the Universali Government since is is the most neutral base of the Universali Government and is considered the voice of intelligence. 

Universali Agencies

Almost like a separate entity, but is controlled by Universali Government officials as well as those representative to the Universali populace and those who specialize in the field. Similar to departments, but are closest to the Universali populace in completing its tasks. 

UUDRA (The Union of Universal Disaster Relief Agency)

Mainly used for domestic and foreign aid and assistance in disasters such as Earthquakes, Wildfires, Floods, Chemical Spills, Pandemics, practically prepared for every disaster possible. With its private wing of Air Transports, bought from the Universali Air Force, it is able to respond immediately to natural and artificial disasters. It mainly performs on domestic grounds, but may provide assistance to other countries if asked or if the severity is high.

UUDVA (The Union of Universal Donation and Volunteer Agency)

Mainly used for providing an organization for donations and volunteering in the Union of Universal. It may provide funds for reparations or constructions. As well as having close ties with the UUDRA for providing funds and volunteers. Assists in creating public works, infrastructure, charity management, and promoting the common welfare of White Giant.

UUIIA (The Union of Universal Invention and Innovation Agency)

Mainly used as a "Think Tank" for the Union of Universal. It is composed of many corporations looking for products and services to give, but also by the Department of Technology for developing new technologies, since the Union of Universal is a Technology-Based nation. Has very close ties with the Department of Technology and Defense as well as the ADMUTP. This agency makes sure that itl continues to further progress Universali technology.

UUPOA (The Union of Universal Public Opinion Agency)

Mainly used to receive not only the comments, questions, and suggestion of the Universali populace, but to determine to whether they approve, disprove, or are indifferent with a person, organization, nation, or other entity. With its unbiased form of collecting information and its close proximitary with the Universali Government, it helps the Universali Government decide what the opinion of the Universali populace is.

UUISOA (The Union of Universal Intelligence and Special Operations Agency)

Mainly used for collecting intelligence on the behalf of the Union of Universal and performing special operations such as sabotage, espionage, reconnaissance, counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, and electronic warfare, and other operative. Very closely tied to the Universali Special Infantry Unit. It may or may not have the choice of disclosing information to foreign sources, and thus has one of the world's best security systems in all fields. 


With a population over 35,000,000, it has led to the Universali Government to recommend the populace to live in urban areas to provide the best quality of life to its residents. The citizens of the Union of Universal live most among in urban areas, mainly due to the access to many services provided and maintained by the Universali Government and access to many careers available. Thanks to the early investments into Healthcare and Health-related technologies, it has made the Union of Universal have the highest rated Healthcare System in the Union, for the average life expectancy to be over 125 years.

Population Information

The Universali Total population at 35,000,000 and a Life Expectancy of around 125 years, population increases approximately at the rate of 250,000 more people each year. This life expectancy continously increases as more advancements in health and society occcur. With about 600,000 births each year, with 400,000 deaths each year. However, the population grows faster due to the massive immigration of foreign citizens. Most, if not all, of the Universali populace live in or near urban areas, less than 5% of the Universali Populace live in rural areas. This asists the Department of Infrastructure in creating projects, maintenance, and more improvements and updates.


Anyone born in the Union of Universal, regardless of the nationality of their parents or their legal status, are considered citizens of the Union of Universal. Any person becomes a Universali citizen after ten years of residence, completing their education qualifications, 250 Hours of Community Service, and a year of military service. Even after this long process, all immigrants receive a Mid-Sized House, and get five years of free college, as long as they stay in the Union of Universal. Anyone is a citizen when he or she is born in the Union of Universal or has proved to be in the country for 25 years. Temporary citizenship is automatically given to those in warring countries or those who have internal conflicts by showing the Identification Card from their home-country. Those with temporary citizenship may be qualified for permanent citizenship if they stay long enough and proof themselves worthy and deserving. 

Social Classes

With the large majority of the Universali populace educated, the market becomes highly competitive, both for the buyer and the seller, employee and employers. This causes the creation of Social Classes in the Union of Universal in which every Universali is part of. This usually ends up in the lack of inflation, but may occasionally cause deflation, but may rebound. In the Universali Social Class System, one may change their Class rather easily depending on Employment Collar and Education, but Social Class mainly depends on income. Below are the Social Classes in the Union of Universal and their description and details.

Upper Class: This Social Class includes those who make more than 2,500 Unions annually, which usually include Large Business Owners, Major Investors, Inventors, Innovators, and Doctorate Graduates. Around 2.5% of all Universali Citizens fall into this category. These usually live in Large Houses or in Major Hotels and Apartments. They may also employ many people or work for major companies. They also compose the Union of Universal's largest Think Tanks. This category is mainly made up of very intelligent and/or very creative people who risk their assets to make profit.

Middle Class: This Social Class includes those who make from 250 Unions to 2,500 Unions annually, which usually include Small Business Owners, Minor Investors, Masters Graduates, Bachelors's Graduates, and Associate's Graduates. Around 92.5% of all Universali Citizens fall into this category. This Class usually lives in Medium Houses or in typically Large Hotels and Apartments. They are the Union of Universal's work-force and what keep the Universali Economy growing and stable.

Lower Class

This Social Class includes those who make less than 250 Unions annually, which mainly include the Non-Working, Unemployed, Criminals, Non-College/University Graduates, and people who lack Financial Management and/or Security. Around 5.0% of all Universali Citizens fall into this category. This Class usually lives in Small Houses or Economy Apartments. They are composed of the unfortunate and wrongdoers.

Employment Collars

Not only are there Social Classes in the Union of Universal, but there are also Employment Collars. This mainly says in what job do you work in. It depends on Income, Age, and Placement, but mainly Placement. A person may very easily change their Employment Collar by simply changing at where they work. Below shows the Employment Collars in the Union of Universal and their descriptions and details.

Blue Collar

Green Collar

Grey Collar

Pink Collar

White Collar

Gold Collar

Sapphire Collar





In every country that exists, there is some form of culture, whether its a mixture or a uniform idea. Also Universali Traditions change often due to Liberal Ideology, and large Immigration Rates, but Customs still exist from the great Universali Empire that were made centuries ago.

Popular Culture



Although the Union of Universal is filled with intellectual beings, there has long been a chain of aesthetics existing for generations. Whether they are natural or artificial, such beauty can only be seen in the Union of Universal, and is responsible for a majority of all tourism on the Jura Fantastica Region.


Recreational Activities

The Universali Populace is very fond of academic recreation and leisure activities, but had some few physical activities that are well known and practiced. Universali excel in Chess and other Board Games, that they are known world-wide for their acheivement. Despite Universalis mainly inhabiting Urban Areas, many activities are loved that are practiced outside. Activities such as Camping, Cycling, Hunting, Backpacking, Spelunking, Fishing, and Hand-Gliding, which are usually done near the Great Universali Mountain Range and Valley in National Parks. As well as water activities that can be performed out of the Sea Force Headquarters such as Sailing, Snorkeling, and Swimming.

National Holidays

National Holidays days that are celebrated annually in the Union of Universal and practiced by the Universali Populace. Below shows the date and cause and reason for celebration.

January 1, New Year's Day: Created to celebrate the start of a new fresh year and to plan ahead for opportunities, goals, and challenges.

March 10, Universal Day: Created to celebrate the declaration stating the Unon of Universal and the newly founded capital of Universal. It remains the most celebrated and honored holiday in the Union of Universal.

April 22, Environment Day: Created to spread green beliefs and eco-friendly tactics in the Union of Universal and to restore the environment to how it was, clear and fresh as how it was found.

May 14, Kindness Day: Created to persuade Universali Citizens to volunteer for their community, give to charities, and do acts of kindness and respect to others.

June 14, Flag Day: Created to celebrate the flag of the Union of Universal, and is a day for patriotism and nationalism. Used to honor the history, the challenges, the achievements and contributions, and heritage of the Universali Flag. The National Flag must be flown high at day and illuminated and flown at night.

August 2, Military Day: Created to celebrate the grand military the Union of Universal has built to defend itself and its allies against any threat or attack. A morning land military parade with 2,500 Infantry Units, 250 Special Infantry, 1,000 Infantry Vehicles, 250 Armored Vehicles, 50 Missile Vehicles, 50 Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Vehicles, and 25 Informatic Vehicles. This followed by a aerial performance at noon of 250 Fighters, 100 Bombers, 1,000 Drones, 250 Helicopters, and 25 Patrol & Command demonstrating their incredible movements, stunts, offensive and defensive capabilities, stealth, and speed. Both of these are held at the capital of Universal. Then a naval demonstration of an Aircraft Carrier, 25 Destroyers, 10 Battleships, 10 Cruisers, 25 Submarines, 100 Supports, and 250 Patrols firing thousands of dummy missiles and firing of their armaments at the Sea Force Headquarters in the evening.

September 30, Labor Day: Created to celebrate those who are in the Universali Workforce, and can be paid ten times their normal wage depending on their education level. 

November 15, Memorial Day: Created to celebrate and honor those who have served, serve, and will serve the Universali Armed Forces. It honors those who have been injured or killed in military conflicts for their sacrifices, challenges, achievements on and off the battlefield. Made on the day the Union of Universal conquered the Empire of Kazan.


The infrastructure in the Union of Universal remains one of the best rated on White Giant, and continues to be one of the largest expenditures in the Universali Budget. All infrastructure is designed to be adaptive to new technology that is found for the Union of Universal. All major transportation systems are made of Inter-Transportation Systems, systems of transportation that connect one zone with another, and Intra-Zone Transportation Systems, which connect one part of a zone with another part of the same zone. Not only is one of the best, it is also one of the most eco-friendly as well. This makes it almost incomparable against any other nation on White Giant. Below are some of the details to the sectors of Universali Infrastructure. The Union of Universal remains to have the best infrastructure system in the Union.


A Universali Inter-Zone Highway

The Union of Universal uses a simple highway that connects major population centers, which include the capital, cities, towns, and counties, with corporations, airports, and points of interest. It also plays a major role in national defense, since the Universali Highway System is connected to headquarters, barracks, airports, storage facilities, and communications. Most Inter-Zone Highways are elevated to protect the environment below. If it is not elevated, then a Land-Bridge is built which provides the environment with a way to move animals across busy highways. All Major Highways are also capable of transporting water and energy to supply the populace, and can charge vehicles when they are moving on the highway. All Inter-Zone Highways have a Speed Limit of 250 Miles per Hour, and have an extra lane for military and emergency vehicles. The high speed limit is set at 250 Miles per Hour because of the safety of automated car transportation, which solves all congestion and wrecks that could occur. 

A Universali Intra-Zone Railway


The Union of Universal has a quick, and green railway system that connects population centers with corporations and airports. This is mainly used for product transportation for corporations, and for providing citizens with a way of getting to their workplace quickly. It mainly consists of magnetic-levitation systems which propel the trains at speeds up to 250 Miles per Hour. Universali Trains are classified into three categories; Civilian Trains, Corporate Trains, and Military Trains. Civilian Trains transport individuals, water, food, and energy to other locations and passengers may have a maximum of 250 pounds of luggage, Corporate Trains transport products to other areas, and Military Trains transport military personnel, military equipment, military supplies, and ammunition to different locations. The cost of the ride for a Civilian Tran depends on the speed and weight of luggage, slower trains cost more since they consume more energy. All trains travel quietly and have a low power usage thanks to its great efficiency. Not only are these trains used for transportation, they are also used for tourism, as it travels through think forests, and the train may slow down to provide scenery if enough passengers want to. Entertainment such as television and radio are provided, and temperature is adjustable, and news stations are always on. A passenger may sleep and may receive food and drinks while riding. 

The Universali International Airport

Air Travel

The Union of Universal maintains some of the world's largest airports, which are among one of the most busiest. These airports use airplanes that are almost military-grade with great speed and amazing luxury. The Universali International Airport in Universal, the Capital, can provide services to 100 airplanes at a time, and can serve thousands of passengers an hour. These airports can serve for Civilian and Corporate Requests, but the Military may use them in an emergency. 

The interior of a Universali Civilian Airplane

Each airplane can carry up to 1,000 passengers, with great luxury. On the plane, the passenger may sleep, or watch television or listen to radio, news stations are always playing. Food and drinks are also availible for the passenger throughout the flight. Flights are all very cheap thanks to the low cost of a energy recharge, and flight costs depend on altitude, weight of luggage,and speed of the flight. All luggage is scanned for arms of any kind and a passport is needed. The permission for flight depends on War Status and Embassy Status, this is to ensure the safety of every passenger on the flight. 


A Large Universali Hospital

The Department of Health requires that everyone have insurance, and recommends to have higher deductibles, since that results in a lower over-all cost of the insurance plan. Most of the funding for the Universali Healthcare System is through donations, and a small portion by the local Universali Government. Hospitals are spread in different areas of the population center to increase efficientcy, effectivity, and survival rates. All hospitals are categorized into two groups; Large Hospitals, and Small Hospitals. Large Hospitals have 10,000 Individual Units, 250 Special Units, 2,500 Bathrooms/Showers, 10 Laboratories/Research Facilities, 10 Helicopters/Helipads, 25 Ambulances, 10 Cafeterias, 10 Waiting Rooms, and a parking lot for 1,000 vehicles. These hospitals are common in the capital and major cities, and some exist in other areas. 

A Small Universali Hospital

Small Hospitals have 1,000 Individual Units, 25 Special Units, 250 Bathrooms/Showers, 1 Laboratories Research Facilities, 1 Helicopter/Helipad, 10 Ambulances, one Cafeteria, one Waiting Room, and a parking lot for 100 vehicles. These type of hospitals are commonly found in Suburbs, Towns, Counties, and in Rural Areas. In every area that there are people, it is required that they have Telephone Service, Internet, or Wireless Service, in order to make sure that anyone can contact the Universali Healthcare System when and where they need it.

A typical Individual Unit

Every hospital must be ready for Accidents, Casualties, Emergencies, Critical Care, Disability, Surgery, Birth Deliver and Care, Disease, and for any Safety Issues that may occur. It must keep a stock of Anesthetics, Hypo-tonic/Iso-tonic/Hyper-tonic Solutions, All Nutrients, All Vitamins, All Minerals, Cancer Care, Pain-Killers, All Government-Approved Medicine, All Universal Vaccines, All Antidotes, All Blood Serum, Artificial Organs, All types of Prosthetics, Bandages, Stitches, Carcinocides, Pathocides, Paracides, and other equipment. It must also have Cancer Screening, X-Ray Screening, Electrograms, Blood Tests, Blood Pressure Tests, Diagnostic Imaging, Ultrasound, CAT Scanning, MRI Scanning, Sense Checking, Disease/Infection Detection, Thermal Mapping, and Vascular Mapping. 

A typical Universali School


In the Union of Universal, everyone, even foreign born citizens, must at least have a High School Diploma, be Literate, and speak English. All citizens can receive free education from Pre-Kindergarten up until High School. Then Colleges and Universities are paid by the alumna, but may receive Education Subsidies and Loans by the Department of Education and Technology. Instead of making several schools that are teaching different grades, the Union of Universal has one school building that teaches all kinds of students. Each school must have a capacity for 2,500 Students, 100 Teachers, 25 Education Transport Vehicles, 10 Laboratories, 10 Vending Machines, a Detention Room, a Gymnasium, a Recreational Area, 25 Computer Labs, 25 Career Field Sites, 10 Cafeterias, and a parking area/complex for 250 Vehicles. Instead of stairs, the school has ramps. The location of the schools depends on the population density of the area. In order to prevent road congestion and increase energy efficientcy, it is required that all students be transported to their homes by School Buses, or if their parents really want to transport them by themselves, they must pay a fee. All teachers must have a Master's Degree or higher, and no homework is assigned, all work must be performed within the 10 Hours of School. A Universali School is active five out of seven days of the week, unless it is on a holiday. If a student is not properly acting, they are sent to the detention room and may be assigned homework. All students must be taught Science, Social Studies, Language Arts,

A Universali University

Mathematics, Foreign Language, and a Career Field each year, and receive a grade of 75% or higher to pass, in order to proceed to the next grade, the student must pass four out of the six classes, but not must make less than 50% in a class. Students who receive a total average of 90% or higher receive higher grants by the Department of Education for College/Universities. The Department of Education provides 250 Hours of Out-of-School Tutoring for those who look at getting better grades. 

Over 75% of the Universali Populace has some sort of Degree, and just as equally, 80% of High School Graduates go to College or University. With the donations made by Science Foundations and subsidies by the Department of Education and Technology, High Education is lower than most of White Giant. Colleges and Universities must at least have the capacity for 25,000 Students, 250 Teachers, 25 Research Facilities, 25 Laboratories, 100 Vending Machines, 10 Gymnasiums, a Detention Center, a Recreational Area, 100 Computer Labs, 25 Cafeterias, and a parking area/complex for 10,000 Vehicles, and become self-sufficient in energy, and have green energy. Most of these colleges and universities are very carefully placed by their businesses, since their costs are massive, and do not want a risk. Although the cost of the Universali Education System is large, Department Leaders know that in the long-run, it all pays off.

A section of a Universali Water Treatment Facility

Water System

Every building in the Union of Universal must have access to clean, sterile, and drinkable water. Especially in Urban areas. Rural areas must live near a Local, Regional, or National Roadway or Railway, that way they have access to water. All Roadways and Railways, as stated before, must and do provide water. In the case of a suspected contamination or break or failure of the system, they are advised to either use their availible water reserves or boil water. All water is generated in specialized Matter Condensation/Modification Stations at enormous rates and/or reused in Water Treatment Facilities. These must be able to treat one billion gallons of water daily, which means that water conservation is a must in order to prevent the cost to rise. All citizens must use low water usage items, and are not allowed to water plants from 6 a.m. through 6 p.m., which doesn't evaporate water quickly. All citizens are then supposed to have rain collection abilities on their roof, and back-up treatment as well. All water is treated with gamma rays to eliminate any microorganisms in the water, then treated again with chlorine, and clumping material to eliminate any other objects in the water. After this process, it may either be returned to a stream, river, or lake, or be returned to the Water System.

The Interior of a Universali Plant Facility

Food System

Every individual in the Union of Universal must live in an area that either has a food supply or lives near one. Such examples are Grocery Stores, and Markets. The Union of Universal has a very compact, safe, secure, productive, and efficient Food System. Before any food is shipped to buyers, they are radiated to eliminate any possible pathogens within food. Genetically Modified Organisms are embraced to provide more nutritious, resistant, productive, faster growth, and longer lasting food. This allows the Union of Universal to create massive amounts of food on small spaces. It uses a combination of Aeroponics and Hydroponics to use less resources. In the Union of Universal, it also houses Organism Genetic Banks, which store every single DNA sequence of every organism on White Giant.The Union of Universal also has meat that is grow from animals that are raised that are Genetically Modified in a similar way as Plants, which makes it possible without hormones. In summary, all Plants are grown in Plant Facilities, and Animals are raised in Animal Facilities.

Universali Fruit

However, advances in GMO technology have created a plant that creates a highly nutritious, sweet, energy-packed fruit that can be consumed in small quantities to be like a vitamin/mineral/energy pill, but is edible. It is called the "Universali Fruit". It grows on a very short tree less than a foot high, and a single tree can bear on a few of this valuable fruit. It was declared extinct in the beginning of 3125, but after a decade, was found a lone tree, and was taken back to a national food facility, but no News Teams paid attention to the discovery of the amazing plant. At the moment, it is the National Plant of the Union of Universal. It was never released to the natural environment again. It is a very expensive, since only a few facilities grow this fruit. 

All the raw resources are availible for Private Industries to use and produce their products, with the exception of the use of Universali Fruit. However, they must still follow laws, regulations, and restrictions set by the Department of Health and Human Services. But due to the productivity and efficientcy of the Universali Food System, it grows food in the Union of Universal extremely cheap compared to other areas on White Giant. 

Energy System

Like most of the Union Members, the Union of Universal is dedicated to clean and safe energy source. The Union of Universal maintains an secure, efficient, and effective energy grid. Energy Sources such as Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Water, and Thermal. Although these energy sources are clean and reliable, the Department of Energy still sets standards on energy saving and how to make homes self-sufficient in energy. All of the energy necessary in the Union of Universal is produced through Nuclear Power, specifically Nuclear Fusion. In fact, all Nuclear Fission is banned from the Union of Universal due to their terrible efficientcy relative to Nuclear Fusion. All other energy sources all contracted to the Union Members and to surrounding countries.

Contrary to popular belief, renewable energy sources are efficient, if harvested correctly. Solar Cells have an average efficientcy of 25%, compared to the typical 5%, Wind Turbines, almost 50% compared to 10%, Hydro-Power almost 100% compared to 75%. To take advantage of all the resources availible, the Department of Energy had made compact energy systems and facilities to not take up much room. Not only that, but diversify the location of these facilities and systems, such as Wind Energy, of which are located on land and at sea near the Universali Sea Force Headquarters.

Emergency System

As the case in every nation, a disaster is bound to happen at any moment, and it is the responsibility that is shared by the populace and the government to protect themselves and the nation. It has been proven to be embedded in Universali tradition to prepare for anything and everything, for an event such as the one that sparked the Universali Civil War wouldn't have happened if everyone was prepared. 

National Emergency System

As with anything does in a wide scale, communication is important. As a precaution, the Union of Universal has ten, two in every state, Communication Stations. These Communication Stations have to be powered by Solar, Wind, or Hydrolically powered, that way they can operate when the energy supply is cut off. These stations operate the Emergency Broadcast System, or EBS, which can communicate through and from Radio, Television, Satellite, and Internet communications feeds. The EBS allows a Government Head, such as the President, Majority/Minority Leader of the House of Representatives/Senate, to communicate with the Universali Populace. All Energy Facilities are required to be prepared for disasters such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, explosives, and others, in order to continue running. If in the case that they do not run afterwards, they are required to be safe and have an energy storage facility to provide energy after an emergency and to have the staff and vehicles to repair any damage done to infrastrucutre. 

The Union of Universal also has material reserves that can be used to deposit and withdraw resources such as food, water, clothing, fuel, vehicles, equipment, housing, healthcare material, building material, and among other material. Out from energy storage and aside from energy facility storage, the Union of Universal maintains a national energy storage facility to last the Union of Universal for at least a year. In exercises, the Union of Universal practices exercises such as an annual Grid Failure Exercise, Military Mobility Exercise, Reparation, Restoration, and Control Exercise, Biological Exercise, Terrorism Exercise, Invasion exercise, and among many others.

For foreign threats, Universali Infrastructure connects to all National Emergency Facilities, Military Bases and Facilities, Spaceports, Terminals, Air bases, and a Major Population Centers, through Highways and Railways. All of these increase Military Mobility and make sure that the Universali Military makes it as hard for any hostile force to gain control over any area. In the event of inability of airports, Highways are design to be improvised airports that allow aircraft to land in the event of an emergency.

State Emergency System


Individual Emergency



A picture of Universali City 11

The economy of the Union of Universal used to be centered around a very Industrial core. However, after new technology came to place, more and more Universali believe wee should make use of it. Starting in the century of 3100, the Union of Universal began to close Industrial Corporations, and began the foundations of an expanded High-Tech Based Economy. In order to prevent economic downfalls such as in the 3060 - 3070 era, the Union of Universal has banned all credit cards, but promotes the use of Union Cards, which are accepted everywhere, and does not create inflation. Out of many cities, Universali City 11 was the city with one of the largest growth in revenue. Although its revenue could not match that of the capital, it was still a good sign that the plan was working. In year 3125, the economy was near completion, here is information over the distribution of Production Value of State Private Corporations by sectors:

Value of Production by State Private Corporations in Year 3125 (SC$)

Agricultural Sector: 2.60B Mining Sector: 13.93B
Service Sector: 9.78B Industrial Sector: 35.31B
Construction Sector: 3.46B Government Sector: 0.00B
Utility Sector: 3.17B High Tech Sector: 82.74B
Defense Sector: 0.00B Recreational Sector: 0.00B

This information says that High Tech Sector had now out-did the Industrial Sector, with such a great efficiency, and productivity. This does not include Corporations that are held completely to the Universali Government. A policy of the Union of Universal is to never be in debt, this includes to never to take out loans/bonds, or be in debt as far as Treasury. The Union of Universal has among one of the White Giant's most productive nation, with its great infrastructure to travel, ship, buy, sell, and trade goods/services. With that, the Union of Universal has a Production per Capita of 54492.63 $SC.


The six Union Coin Types.

The Union of Universal uses "The Union" as currency and it can be used easily by the blind, is lightweight, and made of a rare element, with its secret name, but is known as "Element Blue", for its color before minting, and a Union is represented as ★.All currency in in thin coins, but are very durable, and can be minted in larger values. The current valuations are displayed as 1 Unions  5 Unions, 10 Unions, 25 Unions, 50 Unions, 100 Unions, 250 Unions, 1,000 Unions, and a few 10,000 Unions, and 100,000 Unions, and for smaller denotations, one would say 1.50 Unions. The size of the star, and how much of each star is used to find its value. Through the years, it has been accepted that one Union is roughly equal to 100 Simcountry Coins. Which makes it a very powerful currency, in which only other Union Members can reach.

A picture of the Universali World Trade Center in Universal

The Universali World Trade Center

In year 3125, the Union of Universal built the Universali World Trade Center , this is the heart of the Universali Economy, and Wealth. It houses the Universali Stock Exchange, the Universali Department of Finance, and several small businesses. The Universali Stock Exchange may be used by Universali Citizens, or any friendly foreign country. If a rogue state does invest, its assets will be seized by the Universali Government. It currently has over 10T $SC worth of stocks, making it one of the White Giant's most valued building.

The Universali Tax Rate


The Universali National Bank

The Universali National Bank is a reliable place where a Universali Citizen can store, exchange, and increase the wealth safely. The Universali National Bank is found within the Universali World Trade Center, where is highly guarded, both physically and electronically. In the event that one does lose money through theft, the Universali Department of Finance will compensate the user for the lost money. More information may be found in the Universali World Trade Center article. The Universali National Bank also contains many valuable metals such as Platinum, Diamond, Gold, and Silver, that were created in Matter Condensation/Modification Stations, which are the purest bars of gold on White Giant.


The military of The Union of Universal is first split into three; Defensive Forces, Defensive Forces, then Strategic Forces. Then, these two groups are split into four components; Air Forces, Sea Forces, Land Forces, and Space Forces. The Union of Universal not only defend itself, but according to The Union's Standards, must also protect nearby Union Members. The Universali Military has a strong Quantity & Quality Doctrine, and it follows a Shock & awe, as well as Attack then Defend, and then Air Superiority Tactics. But their details and steps are classified. It also follows a 10 Step DEFCON System, as shown below, as well as the DEFCON of the Union of Universal and Military Units and reasons. The DEFCON system is supposed to say how ready militants should be at a designated area.

The Universali DEFCON System

DEFCON Level DEFCON Description DEFCON Status
DEFCON 10 State of Peace, No Threats INACTIVE

State of Stability, No Threat

DEFCON 8 State of Stability, Possible Threat ACTIVE
DEFCON 7 State of Stability, Growing/Shrinking Threat ACTIVE
DEFCON 6 State of Alert, Low Mild Threat ALERT
DEFCON 5 State of Alert, Medium Mild Threat ALERT
DEFCON 4 State of Alert, High Mild Threat ALERT
DEFCON 3 State of Warning, Low Moderate Threat WARNING
DEFCON 2 State of Warning, High Moderate Threat WARNING
DEFCON 1 State of Warning, High Threat WARNING
DEFCON 0 State of Combat, Imminent Threat/Attack COMBAT

DEFCON of the Union of Universal: DEFCON 6

Reason: The growing conflict between the Union of Universal and Bundesrepublik Aquitanien.

DEFCON of the Universali Air Force: DEFCON 6

Reason: Patrolling airspace,ready to intercept enemy forces, support Universali and allied forces, and ready to respond to hostile fire.

DEFCON of the Universali Sea Force: DEFCON 7

Reason: Growing threat, ready to redirect trade routes to and from Bundesrepublik Aquitanien. Ready to respond to any attack from hostile forces. Awaiting Presidential Orders.

DEFCON of the Universali Ground Force: DEFCON 6

Reason: Patrolling the Universali Borders for possible incursions. Small threat of insurgency.

DEFCON of the Universali Space Force: DEFCON 4

Reason: Ready to attack hostile forces in space, and support forces on White Giant.

The Universali Air Forces, Sea Forces, Land Forces, Space Forces are designed to be as stealth as possible to improve the effectivity of an attack, and to be as quick as possible to respond to an attack at a moment's notice, and increase its range of power to respond to any enemy. The Universali Air Forces has made most, if not all, aircraft to be both manned and unmanned to be effective and reduce the number of lives that can be lost. All Universali Air Force Units are powered through a large battery, that can vary in energy capacity, varies through unit.

The Rules of Engagement

The Union of Universal sets the Rules of Engagement for Universali Forces and is a directive issued by the Department of Defense specifying the circumstances and limitations under which Universali Forces will engage in combat with another Force. Below are the Rules of Engagement set for engaging in combat.

Circumstances for Engaging another Force:

  • When a unit bears the symbol of an enemy nation
  • When the unit has made an attack within the borders of the Union of Universal
  • When the unit has made an attack within the borders of a Union Member
  • When the unit has made an attack on a Universali Force
  • When the unit has made an attack on a Union Force
  • When the unit has threatened/planned an attack on a Universali Force
  • When the unit has threatened/planned an attack on a Union Force

Limitations for Engaging another Force:

  • ​When Universali Forces are attacked by unarmed hostiles, Universali Forces must use minimal force, proportional to the attack, to settle the threat
  • Universali Forces may not seize property or beings to complete their mission
  • Punishment of Civilians is authorized for security reasons and/or for self-defense

Things to Remember:

  • When attacked by unarmed hostiles, remember that the Union of Universal is not at war with the entity
  • Treat all beings with dignity and respect
  • Use minimal force to complete your mission
  • Always be prepared to defend yourself and others

Universali Military Bases

In order to house and maintain the Universali Military, the Union of Universal has developed Military Bases as; as an area to have other facilities within it, such as barracks, airfields, piers, hospitals, bunkers, and other facilities, that are protected with a large robust defense and offense that can respond and react rapidly with feasibility; a storage facility for vehicles, weapons, material, and ammunition; a housing and training facility for Military Personnel; as an area for Diplomacy between the Union of Universal and other nations; and for other uses as well. The naming of the military bases depend whether they are in the Union of Universal or in a Foreign Nation. 

Military Bases in Foreign Nations

Since the Union of Universal is in the Union, early in the start, the Union of Universal requested permission to construct a Military Base in nations that were considered to be strategic locations. Since then, the Union of Universal has deployed thousands of service members into Foreign Nations to protect not only the Union of Universal, but the Union itself.

Universali Military Base 00

Location: Bundesrepublik Aquitanien

Vehicles and Units in Universali Military Bases

Every Universali Military Base must have a defense and offense in order to have the ability to respond quickly and easily to any threats and attacks near the region. All vehicles and units hold a military exercise once every month for a whole day, other nations may participate with permission of the Universali Senate and the President. Below shows the typical vehicles, weapons, and units deployed in a Universali Military Base. Asteriks indicate the unit may or may not be present if there is not a specific structure, such as a pier, to support the unit.

  • 1,000 Infantry Units
  • 25 Special Infantry Units
  • 100 Infantry Vehicles
  • 25 Armored Vehicles
  • 10 Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Vehicles
  • 10 Missile Vehicles
  • 5 Informatic Vehicles
  • 25 Supply Vehicles
  • 25 Stealth Fighters
  • 10 Stealth Bombers
  • 25 Stealth Drones
  • 25 Helicopters
  • 5 Stealth Air Transports
  • 1 Stealth Patrol & Command
  • 10 Stealth Battleships
  • 10 Stealth Cruisers
  • 25 Stealth Destroyers
  • 10 Stealth Submarines
  • 5 Stealth Supply/Transports
  • 50 Stealth Supports
  • 50 Stealth Patrols

The Structure of a Universali Military Base

A Universali Military Base was constructed to be impenetrable and versatile against all types of threats and attacks. Security would consist of ID Checks, DNA Verification, Vascular Identification, Weapons Check, Inventory Check, and only then could anyone pass through. A Universali Military Base usually has a Barracks, EM Port, EMALS Airfield, Strengthened Hanger, Hospital, Equipment Repair Facility, Storage Facilities, Energy Facility, Vehicle Repair Facility, Command and Communications Facility, more. The walls of the military base surround all the facilities and is twenty-five feet thick of advanced reactive composite material with Missile Systems and Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets embedded throughout the wall, and an electric fence just a hundred feet away. The watch towers rise from the thick wall and is molded with the same materials as it and uses infrared and advanced radar to track anything approaching the military base. The wall itself was a long hallway on top of another with small slit-like openings that made it able to fire upon attackers, with a side station to operate weapons. If the attackers happened to be using it to scale and intrude the base, the wall would increase to an undisclosed temperature. Inside, everyone is required to carry a weapon of some sort at all times, as well as go to practice and training once every week.


Universali Engagements

The Union of Universal has not always been a peaceful nation, especially in a world that is not always friendly to the Universal. The Union of Universal has been in wars fought by the Union alongside other members, but at times in a unilateral action that had to be done in the face of an enemy that caused provokation and had arrogance. Below is a list of conflicts and wars fought by the Union of Universal, in order of occurrence.

  • The Universali Civil War (3040 - 3045)

The Universali Civil War was a war that liberated the war-torn Union of Universal from the rest of the Universali Empire. The war that was fought by many, and the birth of a nation that rose from rubble into a superpower. With the texts and technology of the past, the newly born Union of Universal had a jump-start to success on White Giant.

  • The Ontarian Conflict (3075)

The Universali Military was position to react when a radical government began a coup that overthrew the original Ontarian Government, and was responded by the Union. The Union of Universal did particular roles such as supplying allied units, missile strikes, air strikes, and air superiority.

  • The Union Civil War (3100)

When the Ardglassian Navy had rogue Missile Cruisers and began to attacked the Protectorate of Tuscany, the Union responded in a whole. But the Union of Universal was in a peace-time and was caught unprepared for such a conflict and turn, did hardly any action, except for resupplying and supporting Union forces. The Union of Universal learned a valuable lessopn and no longer stands unprotected ever.

  • The Universali - Kazan War (3141 - 3150)

After an airline was struck down from Kazan naval vessels, the Union of Universal retaliated in a limited military intervention. Although the Universali Government was expecting the Empire of Kazan to surrender. But then decided that the Union of Universal will not bend to hostiles and launched an offensive that was highly successful, and established a well-set democracy/republic instead of an easily corrupt monarchy.

The Universali Air Force

The Universali Air Force Goals

The Universali Air Forces are dedicated to the following goals:

  • Protect The Union's Members
  • Protect Universali Forces
  • Maintain Air Superiority
  • Provide Air Support
  • Transport Forces to Foreign Areas               

The Universali Stealth Multi-Role Fighter

The image to the left displays the Universali Stealth Multi-Role Fighter during a flight exercise. These fighters are capable of taking the role as Air Support, Interceptors, Fighters, SEAD, and can be Aircraft-Carrier-Based as well, not to mention their Vertical Take-Off and Landing System, and has super-maneuverability. The Universali Stealth Multi-Role Fighter can carry up to 25 Missiles/Bombs during a mission, and has 10 All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, and has Light Super-Strong Graphene Armor. Not only can these be flown with personnel, but may be programmed to be unmanned in dangerous or long missions. These fighters can also reach speeds exceeding 2,500 Miles per Hour, and can travel over 10,000 Miles on a full charge.

The Universali Stealth Bomber in Flight

The next image shows the Universali Stealth Bomber after take-off from The Universali Air-Base. The Universali Bomber can be quite deadly due its stealth, but also due to the size of its Cargo-Bay, which can carry up to 250 Missiles/Bombs, and has 25 Small All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, and has Light Super-Strong Graphene Armor. Like The Universali Multi-Role Stealth Fighter, it may also be programmed to fly unmanned, and can be Aircraft-Carrier-Based as well. The Universali Stealth Bomber can reach speeds of 2,500 Miles per Hour, and can travel over 25,000 Miles on a full charge. 

A Universali Stealth Drone

The following image shows the Universali Stealth Drone during a patrol. Like any other drone on White Giant, The Universali Stealth Drone cannot be manned, and must be flown unmanned. The Cargo-Bay of the Universali Stealth Drone can carry up to 10 Missiles/Bombs for an attack, has 1 Small All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, has Light Super-Strong Graphene Armor, and can be Aircraft-Carrier-Based as well. The Universali Stealth Drone can reach speeds of 250 Miles per Hour, and can travel 2,500 Miles on a full charge. Although the Universali Stealth Drone can reach far, it can be transported by Land Forces or by Sea Forces to combat enemies nearby and from afar.

A Universali Stealth Helicopter

The following image displays the Universali Stealth Multi-Role Helicopter during a flight exercise. Like the Universali Stealth Fighter and Stealth Bomber, the Universali Stealth Helicopter can either be flown manned or unmanned, and can perform to play as Defense, or as an Attack Helicopter, or as a Transport Helicopter. The Universali Stealth Helicopter can carry up to 25 Missiles/Bombs for an attack, and has 10 Small All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, and has Light Super-Strong Graphene Armor. The Universali Stealth helicopter can also can 10-25 Soldiers as Air Transport. The Universali Stealth Helicopter can reach speeds of 250 Miles per Hour, and can travel 2500 Miles on a full charge.

The Universali Stealth Air Transport

The next image shows the Universali Stealth Air Transport, which is an essential piece of the Universali Air Force. The Universali Air Transport can transport Weapons, Ammunition, Power, and Materials to destinations of 10,000 Miles away on a full charge, has a separate battery to charge aircraft during flight across large destinations, It can also travel at speeds of 2,500 Miles per Hour, and has Medium Super-Strong Graphene Armor. As an armament, it has 25 All-Purpose Missile Systems, and 10 Small All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets. The Universali Stealth Air Transport can transport up to 25,000 tons of extra weight. A Non-Stealth version of the Universali Air Transport may be used for Civilian Use, and has the same speed and distance capabilities as the Military Version of the Universali Stealth Air Transport.

The Universali Patrol & Command

The final image on the right shows the Universali Stealth Patrol & Command in a solo Military Exercise. This stealth aircraft can be used to go into enemy territory to monitor enemy movements and report on enemy attacks, and is a sister of the Universali Stealth Air Transport. As a small armament, it has 25 All-Purpose Missile Systems, and 10 Small All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets. With such a large structure, this aircraft can travel 10,000 Miles on a full charge, and in speeds of 2,500 Miles per Hour. The Universali Stealth Patrol & Command may carry up 2,500 tons of extra weight.

The Universali Sea Force

The Universali Sea Force Goals

The Universali Sea Force is dedicated to the following goals:

  • Protect The Union's Members
  • Protect Universali Forces
  • Maintain Sea Superiority
  • Provide Sea Support
  • Transport Forces to Foreign Areas

The Universali Stealth Aircraft Carrier

The image on the right shows the Universali Aircraft - Carrier, which is called the U.S. Universal, The Union of Universal's Nuclear-Powered, Aircraft-Super-Carrier, in which U.S. which stands for Universali-Ship. The U.S. Universal is the one of the ten naval vessels in the Universali Sea Force that actually has a name. The U.S. Universal has 5 Electro-Magnetic Launch Systems, or E.M.A.L.S., which are used to launch Aircraft, and one E.M.A.L.S. can launch an Aircraft every 30 seconds. The U.S. Universal can house up to 250 Aircraft. With the 5 E.M.A.L.S., the U.S. Universal can launch all over its Aircraft in roughly in half an hour. The U.S. Universal also possesses 100 All-Purpose Light Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, which can be used against missiles, aircraft, and other ships. The U.S. Universal is capable of launching Stealth Fighters, Stealth Bombers, Stealth Drones, and Stealth Helicopters, making it very versatile. The hull of the U.S. Universal is made of Heavy Super-Strong Graphene Armor, making it very difficult to sink, or even make a dent upon its hull during a battle. The U.S. Universal also possesses 25 All-Purpose Missile Launch Systems which can be used to attack aircraft, ships, and submarines. The U.S. Universal can reach speeds of 25 nautical miles per hour with its nuclear power. It has a capability to carry 10,000 tons of extra weight. This makes them excellent assets when performing a sea invasion.

The Universali Stealth Battleship cruising the Sea

The following image is the Universali Stealth Battleship. The Universali Stealth Battleship has 5 All-Purpose Large Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, 10 Medium All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Systems, Small 25 All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, and 100 All-Purpose Missile Launch Systems. The Universali Stealth Battleship also has its hull composed of Heavy Super-Strong Graphene Armor. The Universali Stealth Battleship can reach speeds of 25 nautical miles per hour with its nuclear power. It has a capability to carry up to 2,500 tons of extra weight.

The Universali Stealth Cruiser

The next image is of the Universali Stealth Cruiser, but may be called the Universali Stealth Missile Cruiser. The reason for the naming is because of its armament of 1,000 All-Purpose Missile System, 1 Large All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turret, 5 Medium Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, and 10 Small All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, and can carry 10 Aircraft. As armor it has Medium Super-Strong Graphene Armor, and can reach speeds of 25 Nautical Miles per Hour with its nuclear power. This oceanic vessel can project its power anywhere in the world, can devastate any naval ship from a distance, and can carry 2,500 tons of extra weight.

The Universali Stealth Destroyer

This image is the Universali Stealth Destroyer. This Destroyer has as a weapon 5 Medium All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, with an additional 25 Small All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, and 25 All-Purpose Missile Launch Systems, and can carry 10 Aircraft, which can make is become a miniature Aircraft-Carrier. Their armor consists of Light Super-Strong Graphene Armor. These Destroyers can reach speeds of 100 nautical miles per hour with its nuclear power. It has a capability to carry a capacity to carry up to 1,000 tons of extra weight, and to evade fire, and pursue enemies. The Universali Stealth Destroyer is mainly used to escort larger ships such as Aircraft-Carriers, Battleships, and Cruisers, and is the backbone of the Universali Sea Force.

The Universali Stealth Submarine

This image is the Universali Stealth Submarine. It is Nuclear-Powered, and may be used as an Attack Submarine, Missile Submarine, and is planned to have a capability to become a Nuclear Missile Submarine. It has 25 Torpedo Bays, 100 All-Purpose Missile Launch Systems, but with an expansion in order to make Nuclear Weapons be able to be loaded. Its armor compromises of Light Super-Strong Graphene Armor. The Universali Stealth Submarine can reach swift speeds of about 100 nautical miles per hour. It has the capability to carry 1,000 tons of extra weight.

The Universali Stealth Patrol/Light Support/Supply Ship

The next picture on the Universali Stealth Support Ship. It is Nuclear-Powered, and can function to support another Universali Forces or Allied Forces in a battle, or to patrol enemy territory, or survey the area around a Universali Naval Base, or Allied Base, and be a light Supply Ship. This ship has 1 Medium All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turret, 25 Light All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, and 10 All-Purpose Missile Systems, and can house 5 Stealth Helicopters or 5 Stealth Fighters, making it capable of performing many tasks. As armor, it has Light Super-Strong Graphene Armor. This ship can reach speeds of 100 nautical miles per hour, and is capable of carrying 2,500 tons of extra weight.

The Universali Stealth Supply/Transport

This image is of the Universal Heavy Supply/Transport, and is has a Solar-Powered Base of energy. It has a basic defense of 100 Light All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets. This giant ship can carry 100,000 tons of weapons, ammunition, supplies, fuel, and troops. This can also be used as a mobile hospital for treating troops, and for performing ship repairs. As armor, it has Light Super-Strong Graphene Armor. This makes the Universali Sea Forces even more capable of performing operations which are great distances away underwater. Although every ship in the Universali Sea Force can function as a transport ship, they cannot match the massive transport capacity of the Universali Supply/Transport.

A Universali Stealth Patrol

Finally, the next image is of a Universali Stealth Patrol checking the waters around the Universali Sea Base. It has 25 Light All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, and 10 All-Purpose Missile Systems, and can house one aircraft. This can serve as a light transport, or as a patrol, supply, or as a naval hospital, or even as an anti-submarine ship, and can carry 100 tons of extra weight. As armor, it has Light Super-Strong Graphene Armor. With its solar-power, it can travel extremely quick at speeds of 250 Miles per Hour, a record for the Universali Sea Force. It can also become submersible as well. This makes it perfect for covert missions, and as a quick attack ship. With such a speed, it is almost impossible to hit.

The Universali Land Force

The Universali Land Force Goals

The Universali Land Force is dedicated to the following goals:

  • Protect The Union's Members
  • Protect Universali Forces
  • Maintain Land Superiority
  • Provide Land Support
  • Transport Forces to Foreign Areas

A Universali Infantry Unit

The picture on the right shows a Universali Infantry Unit during a Military Exercise. Universali Infantry Units are among the main battle units used in a conflict, and a very versatile against enemies of all kings, a jack of all trades. It is armed with Light Super-Strong Graphene Fabric, which is capable of taking several hits with solid projectiles, blocks radiation, is an excellent insulant, very adjustable, and provides basic first-aid on its own, as well as a Cardiac Defibrillator, as well as a recently added exo-skeleton. A standard Universali Infantry Unit is armed with a Universali Assault Gun, which has a Multi-Purpose Weapon that can fire a Plasma or Laser Rays or Bursts, and is charged with the personnel's natural energy, and has a back-up High-Energy Kinetic Bullets. This gun may be operated manually, in the case of a fire-fight, or as an anti-armor, or automatically, as an AA Gun. It can fire 25 seconds of pure Plasma/Laser fire, or 1000 Laser/Plasma Bursts, thanks to its efficiency, and can fire 100 Kinetic Bullets on a single magazine, which have a range of 1 Mile, tops. The Universali Infantry Unit carries 10 back-up magazines, including the one in the gun. The battery for charging the Plasma/Laser Mode can fire 10 times of the two types of uses shown above, and charge fully after 10 minutes, and a typical arm is equivalent to a Small Plasma/Laser Turret barrel, while their side-arm, a pistol, is equivalent to a Super-Small Plasma/Laser Turret barrel. It has a HUD , and every unit is trained to be a medic, and few are taught more advanced medic skills as well as engineers. Every Unit is also armed with a pocket knife, tazer, and in rare special missions, arsenic pills. The armor can also blend in with its background, and the exo-skeleton makes tasks easily and less tough on the soldier. 

A Universali Special Infantry Unit

On the right we see a Universali Special Infantry Unit, also known as a Special Force Unit. Similar to the Universali Infantry Unit, but has a larger spectrum for attack and more powerful weaponry. The person has Heavy Super-Strong Graphene Fabric, which has the same characteristics such as an Infantry Unit, and has an exo-skeleton to support more weight. A Special Infantry  is armed with a Universali Heavy Assault Gun with amazing accuracy like its brother, the Universali Assault Gun. Its surface can charge with solar power, and thermo-chemical reactions from within, and charge with the individual's internal energy. It is practically the twin of an Infantry Unit, except with better armor and a more powerful weapon with greater range, and even better skilled in close quarters combat than the typical Infantry Unit. Experts in sabotage, espionage, reconnaissance, counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, medical skills, and electronic warfare.

A Universali Light Infantry Vehicle

This image is of a Universali Light Infantry Vehicle patrolling the roads of Kazan during the Universali-Kazan War. These vehicles can be armed with a Grenade Launcher or a Heavy Machine Gun or Chain-gun. These vehicles are intended for low-intensity combat where insurgency may be a concern. This vehicle can transport, and safely transport 25 Infantry Units. As well as being mobile, this vehicle is amphibious and can be the spearhead of a Universali Invasion. On a full charge, the Light Infantry Vehicle can travel for 10,00 Miles on a charge, and may not have a long effective range, but excels in Close-Quarters Combat and Durability.

A Universali Heavy Infantry Vehicle

This image is of a Universali Heavy Infantry Vehicle as a sentry outside of a Universali Military Base in Bundesrepublik Aquitanien. The Universali Infantry Vehicle has a 1 Small All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turret, and 1 All-Purpose Missile System. This vehicle can transport up to 10 Infantry Units, and has Light Super-Strong Graphene Armor. It can travel at a top speed of 100 Miles per Hour, and travel for 2,500 Miles on a full charge, and its turret can fire at a range of 10 Miles away. It can also become a mobile hospital to treat up to 10 soldiers. The missile system can be used for Anti-Armor Attacks, or as Air Defense, but can be done by the main turret.

A Universali Light Tank

This next image is of the Universali Light Tank. This vehicle is intended to be a weapon that can deploy anywhere in the world in an efficient and quick manner. It is not only small, but light, making it airborne and stealthy, unlike its heavier counter parts. Developers claim that it is also amphibious, but this is a claim yet to be verified. As shown, the vehicle can be fitted with Explosive Reactive Armor to protect it against other heavier tanks and ATGMs. As weapons, it has 1 Medium All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turret, and 1 All-Purpose Missile System. As armor, it has Medium Strength Graphene Armor. With its four caterpillar tracks, it can practically move in any terrain. It can travel at the most of 100 Miles per Hour, and travel for 1,000 Miles on a full charge, and its turret can fire at a maximum range of 25 Miles away. Though it may have thin skin, it is not an enemy to be ignored.

A Universali Heavy Tank

The next image is of the Universali Heavy Tank. This is among one of the most prized weapons in the Universali Military, due to its brutal power, and great armor, and performance on land. With its characteristics, it is mainly used to break the defense of the enemy and cause a severe psychological warfare attack. As weapons, it has 1 Medium All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turret, and 1 All-Purpose Missile System. As armor, it has Heavy Super-Strong Graphene Armor, and can be fitted with Explosive Reactive Armor. With its four caterpillar tracks, it can practically move in any terrain. It can travel at the most of 100 Miles per Hour, and travel for 1,000 Miles on a full charge, and its turret can fire at a maximum range of 25 Miles away.

A Universali Artillery Vehicle

This image is of the Universali Artillery Vehicle stationed at a Military Base in the Union of Universal. This is a crucial part of the Universali Military, which is used in a majority of operations, and can batter any enemy, whether it be on land, sea or in the skies, no enemy can escapes its reach, and power. It can serve as an auxiliary, as air defense, or as an assault vehicle. As weapons it has 1 Large All-Purpose Plasma/Kinetic Turret, and 1 Small All-Purpose Plasma/Kinetic Turret. As armor, it has Medium Super-Strong Graphene Armor. It can travel up to 25 Miles per Hour and for a distance of 250 Miles. Its turret can fire at enemies 2,500 Miles away.

A Universali Missile Vehicle

The next image is of a Universali Missile Vehicle stationed in a Universali Military Base in the Union of Universal. With its glory, it has 25 All-Purpose Missile Systems, with its unique two missiles per slot system, that allows two all-purpose missiles to be put in one slot, and to be loaded in one cartridge. Which can fire a missile every 10 seconds, and takes 10 minutes to fully reload. It also has 10 Small All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, and can travel at 25 Miles per Hour, and can travel 1,000 Miles away. As armor, it has Medium Super-Strong Graphene Armor.

A Universali Supply Vehicle

This image is of the Universali Supply Vehicle. It is capable of carrying 10 tons of military supplies, weapons, charging stations, ammunition, and occasionally fuel. It not only can carry weapons, it can transport them as well, when the sides are dropped, it can travel at 100 Miles per hour, can travel 2,500 Miles on a single charge, and has a crane in the front, and has 10 Small All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turret, and has Medium Super-Strong Graphene Armor. Although most Military Units are resupplied through Air Transport Units, they can serve as emergency supplies.

A Universali Informatic Vehicle

This image is the Universali Informatic Unit. This unit is mainly used as a command and information collection unit. At least one is in every Land Force. As an armament, it only has 10 Small All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, however, if necessary, it can use its radar utility as a Medium All-Purpose Plasma/Laser Turret to attack any enemy that approaches. It can travel at 100 Miles per Hour, and can travel 2,500 Miles on a single charge. As armor, it has Heavy Super-Strong Graphene Armor. It uses a highly confidential radar system that can detect stealth vehicles, land-mines, ballistic missiles, and hidden enemies, as well as launch electronic attacks. This unit mainly assists vehicles, specifically Artillery Units, identify, distinguish, lock, and fire at enemies, making sure that it hits the enemy, and not a decoy, as well as control unmanned vehicles. As defense, at least 25 of these units are active in an undisclosed locations for the protection of the units. Another special feature is that if disabled, it will detonate its self to protect the technology from enemy forces.

The Universali Space Force

The Universali Space Force Goals

The Universali Space Force is dedicated to the following goals:

  • Protect The Union's Members
  • Protect Universali Forces
  • Maintain Space Superiority
  • Provide Space Support
  • Transport Forces to Foreign Areas

The Universali Land Force Units

Below, shows how many of which unit the Universali Space Force obtains at the present moment:

  • Stealth DES - 100 Units
  • Stealth KES - 250 Units
  • Stealth CIS - 25
  • Stealth Fighters - 2,500 Units

A Universali Directed-Energy Satellite

The picture on the right shows a Universali Directed-Energy Satellite Unit, or DES Unit, in orbit out of cloak around White Giant. This satellite is the little brother of the Kinetic-Energy Satellite, and is armed to the tip and have one Ultra-Heavy All-Purpose Plasma/Laser Turret that can fire as pulses or one straight beam, capable of projecting the power of 10 Megatons of force within minutes, and has 100 All-Purpose Missile Systems, as well as Electronic Warfare capabilities. One thing that is different from most other units from other branches is that is has a Matter Condensation/Modification Unit in it to "create" matter to then modify it to make its ammunition and power. It is capable of firing its turret 1 Parsec away. It can be used to strike at Inter-Planetary Targets and to penetrate through shields of enemy ships and bases. Its missiles are faster than typical Universali Missiles since they travel faster and have a Electro-Magnetic Shield like every other missile. If for some reason, it is about to be taken over or destroyed, it will automatically self-destruct with a force of 100 Megatons.Its cloak absorbs any Electro-Magnetic Waves that it is giving off or reflecting, and mimics its surrounds, making it completely invisible, and out of danger while in cloak. Such a strong cloak can only be unveiled by Universali Special Radar. Making a surprise attack on any force that threatens Universali and Allied Assets. Effective at Land-Sea-Air-Space Targets, and makes it versatile weapon.

A Universali Kinetic-Energy Satellite

This picture shows a Kinetic-Energy Satellite, or KES, orbiting White Giant out of cloak. This satellite is armed with one Heavy All-Purpose Plasma/Laser Turret, 100 All-Purpose Missile Systems, and its main armament, 25 feet-long, one foot width solid-state "Element-Blue", or Kinetic-Bars. When attacking, it can use its turret for regular support, but can unleash an assault of 10 Kinetic-Bars which can cause explosions from 1 Megaton up to an untested 250 Megatons by using an Electro-Magnetic Launch Mechanism. The extraordinary speeds achieved can be faster than light, for massive amounts of force. Such large yields are not used since they may cause Earthquakes in parts of White Giant. In order to prepare these Kinetic-Bars, this satellites uses its Matter Condensation/Modification Units to make solid-state "Element Blue". If for some reason it is about to be taken-over or destroyed, it will begin self-destruct with a force of 100 Megatons. Its cloak absorbs any Electro-Magnetic Waves that it is giving off or reflecting, and mimics its surrounds, making it completely invisible, and out of danger while in cloak. Such a strong cloak can only be unveiled by Universali Special Radar. Extremely effective against Land-Sea-Space Targets, effective against air targets.

A Universali Communication-Intelligence Satellite

This image is of the Universali Communications-Intelligence Satellite, or CIS, orbiting White Giant out of cloak. This satellite is armed with a small armament of 25 Small All-Purpose Plasma/Laser Turrets, in which it can use to destroy incoming debris and other attacks, as well as an Electro-Magnetic Cloak like all other Universali Space Force Satellites. it is used by the Union of Universal for Civilian, Corporate, or Militaristic uses for communicating through lasers. By using this, it makes it impossible to tap into the Universali Cyber-space. It can also take extremely high quality videos and images of White Giant and the depths of the Universe and detect all wavelengths of the Electro-Magentic Spectrum.

The Universali Stealth Fighter

The next picture shows the Universali Fighter, specialized for the Universali Space Force. This can carry up to 25 Missiles/Bombs, and has 10 Small Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets. This uses solar power to reach speeds of 10,000 Miles per Hour in, or above an atmosphere, and can reach speeds of 1 Parsec per Year while in space. This has Light Super-Strong Graphene Armor, and puts its occupants in an inoculation unit until something unexpected happens, or if they arrive on their destination. They can travel practically infinitely, but on a full charge, they can travel for 100 Parsecs in Space.

Additional Military Information

Weapons that were used may have been All-Purpose Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turrets, and All-Purpose Missile Systems. All-Purpose Plasma and Kinetic munition fire in an arch, or in a high-energy beam, and can fire in burst. All-Purpose Laser Turrets are used for more precise uses, for example, missiles, aircraft, ships, land units, etc. These systems can be combined for deadly fighting machines. Below are the names of the sizes of the Universali Military.

Universali Military Sizes
Sea Force Air Force
Set 1 - 10 Ships Flight 1 - 10 Aircraft
Squadron 10 - 25 Ships Section 10 - 25 Aircraft
Battle Group 25 - 50 Ships Squadron 25 - 50 Aircraft
Task Force 50 - 100 Ships Group 50 - 100 Aircraft
Fleet 100+ Ships Wing 100+ Aircraft
Ground Force Missile/Bomb
Platoon 10 - 25 Vehicles/Units Tiny Volley 1 - 25 Missiles/Bombs
Battalion 25 - 100 Vehicles/Units Small Volley 25 - 100 Missiles/Bombs
Brigade 100 - 250 Vehicles/Units Medium Volley 100 - 250 Missiles/Bombs
Division 250 - 1000 Vehicles/Units Large Volley 250 - 1000 Missiles/Bombs
Army 1000+ Vehicles/Units Huge Volley 1000+ Missiles/Bombs

A Universali Missile

Plasma/Laser turrets may use a wattage as low as 1 Kilowatt of energy for the minimum power usage for a Small All-Purpose Plasma/Laser Turrets to as much as 1 Megawatt, or 1,000 Kilowatts of energy for the maximum energy a Large All-Purpose Plasma/Laser Turrets. Their range can be from 10 miles away, to as much as 10,000 miles away. They may fire as separate shots, one after the other, or as a deadly beam. They can also range from their explosion radius, from as small as 10 feet across to 1,000 feet across. Now the next weapon, All-Purpose Missile Systems. These systems can launch missiles such as Conventional Missiles, Cruise Missiles, Guided Missiles, Anti-Satellite Missiles, Missile Interceptor Missiles, Tactical Missiles, Anti-Aircraft Missiles, Anti-Tank Missiles, Anti-Submarine Missiles and they may fire Ballistic Missile Interceptors, and Nuclear Missiles. This makes this Missile System extremely versatile. All missiles fired are required to have speeds of at least 2,500 miles per hour, and ranges of at least 2,500 miles and locks on to multiple targets with Tri Infrared-Radio-Optical Lock. The actual offensive design has 9 decoys, which is meant to counter any missile interceptor system, and the defensive design uses it to intercept a missile that had not been hit by the main missile, this also means 1 missile interceptor can intercept up to 10 missiles, and can act as 10 missile warheads wrapped into one, not to mention its electronic warfare defense capabilities. All, if not most, Universali Military Units have some form of Super-Strong Graphene Tiles/Armor, also known as Graphene Tiles/Armor, mainly because of their properties are so amazing, that they must be added. Exact details are classified, and only known by a handful of people. They are manufactured only by one Matter Condensation/Modification Station located in a secret location in Universal. They can support stealth technology, and have camouflage, which makes it especially deadly, and hide heat and radar signatures, and can block the path or a solid projectile, and be an insulant, and reflect radiation, such as from fallout, which can protect valuable equipment.

As a custom of the Universali Armed Forces, it is almost always required for a Military Unit to be as stealthy as possible, as well as be electronic-warfare proof, as well as have a Electro-Magnetic-Pulse to deflect munitions. This reduces the risk of death, and discovery of the units, as well as desalinization or malfunctioning from occurring. Another custom is that the military unit not depend on fossil fuels, for their instability on the world market, and the inefficiency of creation in the Universali Matter Condensation and Modification stations, so every units must either rely on Solar Power, or Nuclear Power as an energy source. A custom specially for the Air Force is to have at least 25 Infrared Flares, several chaffs,  1 Plasma/Laser/Kinetic Turret, and a Jamming Device. All-Turrets may either be manned, or by AI which automatically responds to threats, assesses weaknesses and strengths, and identifies tactics and strategies. These are used to misguide, and disable missiles, or destroy them, and to disable Radar Stations. A requirement of the Universali Land Forces is that they can all be airdropped and be transported through sea, as well as travel through short-distances of water. A requirement of the Universali Navy is that every ship use laser-radar/sonar to detect incoming units, enemy or allied. This includes aircraft, submarines, and ships. Another piece of equipment that every unit should have is a HUD that can be enabled for Heat-Seeking Vision, Night-Vision, Futuristic Vision, and share images of enemy positions with other allied forces, which makes the enemy seal its fate. 

Foreign Affairs

The Universali Department of Foreign Affairs in Universal

The Union of Universal used to not have any embassies in any country, nor did it house any embassies, however, in year 3125, the Union of Universal build the Department of Foreign Affairs. The Department of Foreign Affairs, which houses all foreign embassies, and is used to communicate to other Universali Embassies in foreign areas. This building is the center where Embassies go to talk to the Universali Government. Foreign Embassy buildings are not housed here, but are its base to go to for communication. The Union of Universal does not require all allied states to acquire an embassy here, but it is recommended. The following countries have an Embassy in the Union of Universal: Bundesrepublik Aquitanien, East Heaven Kingdom, The Republic of Dyna, 

The Universali Luxury Foreign Affairs Hotels

the Grand State of Basilka, and the United Republic of 25 States. Protection of these Embassies are up to their respective nation, and cannot be abridged by any nation other than themselves. In the case of a international meeting, or summit, the Union of Universal will use the Universali Luxury Foreign Affairs Hotels, in Universal, to house any diplomats and/or guards. These Luxury Hotels carries with an amazing garden, pond, game room, personal home control, a large parking space, helipad, airstrip, hanger, a grand meeting room, and just in case, a large spacious bunker. This hotel is guarded with 250 Infantry Units, 25 Light Infantry Vehicles, 10 Light Tanks, and 10 Informatic Vehicles. However, the diplomats may bring their own security to suit their needs of safety. 

Contracts, Treaties, and Agreements with other Nations

The Union of Universal maintains a few agreements with other nations, usually with members of the Union, to benefit all nations of the treaty. Below shows the list of Contracts, Treaties, and Agreements of which, the Union of Universal participates in.

The Union Federation -Mutual Defense between all its members, and to provide embassies to communicate to each other, and exchange information, news, and to create agreements.

The USSIRP-FTA - A Common Market where nations can buy, sell items, create contracts, and request aid.

The Ardglassian-Dynan-Metudelian-Universali Technological Pact - An agreement with the Republic of Ardglass, and Republic of Dyna to share technologies with each other and specialize in different fields and proliferate technologies between each member with their permission, and achieve higher levels of technology. Ardglass: Environment, Agriculture, Livestock, and Nature; Dyna: Medical, Nanotechnology, Industry, Manufacturing, Arts, Literature, & Electronics; Metudela: Military/Defense, Arts, Literature, Culture, and Artificial Technology; Universal: Military/Defense, Energy, Medical, Nanotechnology, All Science, High-Tech, and Electronics. America: Pending

Foreign Embassies in the Union of Universal

The Union of Universal also has an Embassy in the nations listed above. Below states the status, and air travel status of Universali Embassies. All Embassies are protected with 250 Infantry Units, and 10 Informatic Units. Before anyone enter, one must have a special entrance Identification, and be scanned for any potential threats to the security of the diplomats inside. Any embassies that have been abandoned by the Union of Universal have been ridded of documents, information, military units, furniture, technology, and other items, leaving solely the building. Travel Advisories are put on a scale from in better to worse on the state of security and peace; Allowed, Caution, Alert, Warning, and Inactive.

-Status of Universali Embassies-
Location of Embassy Status Travel Status DEFCON Status Year Established

Diamyos Grove, The Empire of Metudela





Veluca, East Heaven Kingdom





Cale FD, The Republic of Dyna





Coronel, The Grand State of Basilka





Unification, The United Republic of 25 States





Paris, The Union State of America





Celestial City, Imperial Union of Gaia