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The Union CM its the Common Market located in White Giant for members of The Union, the common market accepts members of other places and other federations as well.

Actually the Common Market accepts more members and his state is active, but its dependant of the leadership of their principal federation.

List of Members


  • The Republic of Dyna
  • East Dyna
  • Southern Empire of Brutilia
  • The Empire of Brutilia
  • GSB West
  • South Basilka
  • The Grand State of Basilka
  • Grand Principate of Thracia
  • Basileia ton Routhinion
  • The Union State Of America
  • The Republic of Angus
  • The Republic of Scotland
  • Bundesrepublik Aquitanien
  • Koenigreich Ludonnien
  • Democratic Republic of Stritch
  • Tutonic Knights
  • The Kingdom of Mabeka
  • The Federal Republic of Erusea
  • La Skane (Invited)
  • Die Republik York
  • Kingdom of Constantine
  • The United Kingdom of Drakonia
  • The Union of Universal
  • Provincia de Alabasta
  • Friesland
  • The Lower Lands


  • Soto Industries
  • Dyna Unlimited
  • ONT Incr
  • Scottish Enterprises
  • Royal Heavy Industry
  • Soviet monopoliztion
  • Eire International

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