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Current Headlines

  • April 1, 3984 (KB)
    • Flag of Yuet Kin.png - A magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck Yuet Kin, killing 7,874 people and wounding 25,532 others.
  • September 10, 3608 (WG)
    • 3030 Aquitanian Flag.png - Aquitania exits a recession triggered by the White Giant crash of 3600, the worst economic disaster in White Giant history. Although recovery is slow, the Aquitanian economy is growing again. The nation was cushioned by its strong reserves, foreign bonds and a seasoned share portfolio.
  • July 27, 3543 (GR)
    • VlagWeliopakistan.png - A magnitude 7.62 earthquake occurs 6 kms under the surface of Porto Capital. 59194 people died immediately, 102471 people were wounded.
  • 3400's-3510's(GR)
    • Download (15).jpg The Union goes into a huge crash depression after war with SanKa leaves millions dead.The Queen declares 'No Ruling' policy,and all Reinaldis are exiled to Guimaras Islands.
  • June 5, 3513 (GR)
    • VlagWeliopakistan.png - A Large Earthquake occurred in Yokistan. 68844 people died immediately and 119654 people were wounded.
  • June 5, 3497 (GR)

Archived Headlines

  • March 17,3406 (WG)
    • -Disappearance of the Constantino Peoples, the great admixture people of Constantine have disappeared as a civilization, abandoning thier great empire to the West Republics and natives of Aragonia. Although large numbers of Constantinos still are living in dispora, many have returned to the original homelands of Hamura Konstantin, WCR or have become semi nomadic peoples. Leaving behind their technology, cities and weapons to their allies.
  • February 10, 3400 (WG)
    • 3030 Aquitanian Flag.png - The Third Aquitanian Empire collapses as Kahltforenburg is overtaken by the Blight, marking the end of a 2998 year old nation and its Third Empire (Drittes Reich), which lasted 370 years. An estimated 40 million Aquitanians escaped the country in the decades of struggle and are living abroad stateless and as refugees. An estimated 100 million died during the conflict. The sole survivor of the House of Hohensteinburg, Prince Wilhelm Tridius Alexander, is reportedly applying to enter Gaia as a refugee. Foreign countries harbouring the bulk of the refugees but not recognising them as citizens are listed:
      • Imperial Union of Gaia
      • Imperial Union of Constantine
      • West Republics
      • Empire of Metudela
      • Union of Universal
  • September 10, 3709 (KB)
    • Flag of Gaia.png - A magnitude 7.9 earthquake occurs off the coast of Fumiko Prefecture, triggering a tsunami that leads to severe damage and loss of life along Gaia's central coastline.
  • February 25, 3380 (WG)
    • UU Flag.png - After over 300 years after the sudden and devastating collapse of the Union of Universal, international communication has resumed in the rebuilt capital of Universal. In year 3070, the Union of Universal was attacked by Pegersusian Special Forces who attacked Nuclear Fusion reactors in Universal, in an attempt to destroy the entire country of Universal, which it unfortunately had. Presently, the newly established government is seeking to restore broken bonds with the Union.
  • April 17, 3367 (WG)
    • 3030 Aquitanian Flag.png - Aquitania celebrated and commemorated 500 years of Aquitanian-East Heaven Relations, celebrations were marked by large several festivals, and the commemorations included a vigil for the fallen in the first Union-BME War, specifically East Heaven casualties, which amounted in the millions the year the country capitulated in 3175. Given the amount of Oirthir living in Aquitania (15% of the population), the commemoration carried special significance.
  • January 5 3366 (WG)
    • 3030 Aquitanian Flag.png - Ailean na Aodhagáin was elected in the Reichsversammlung as the new Reichskanzler (Imperial Chancellor), the first time an Oirthir or a non-Ethnic Aquitanian is elected into the highest political office in Aquitania. Aodhagáin was accepted and blessed by Kaiser Wilhelm IX a year before the Imperial Commemorations of the Treaty of Ville d'Hermantine, for many, it was an interesting coincidence, to others, it was a sign of fate and of the everlasting friendship between the Aquitanians and Oirthirs.
  • January 3, 3622 (KB)
    • Flag of Gaia.png - Crown Princess Hitomi ascends to the throne following a formal ceremony at the Celestial Imperial Palace. She is the third Empress of Gaia to serve following the Imperial Union Act.
  • January 14 3672 (KB)
    • Highlandic Empire.png - 50,000 people attend rallies opposing the Highlandic membership within the Soviet Federation. 70 people are injured and several have been arrested following violent clashes with the police outside the Soviet embassy in Prevonica.
  • April 15 3298 (WG)
    • Sigil.png
      - An old space center has been ordered to undergo reconstruction for use in the coming years as The West Republics looks to revive its Space Program. The new station is expected to be used primarily for inter-galactic trading purposes and is part of Hibernias overall startegy to engage more fully with the International community. This construction comes off the back of an official request made by The West Republics to join The Council of Centau.
  • January 1st 3610 (KB)
    • Highlandic Empire.png - The Home Reform Acts finally come into effect. With planned changes in the flag, coat of arms and Provincial Regions expected soon.
  • August 18, 2014
    • Erusea.png - Wiki user T.Wo cancels Erusea due to low interests.
  • May 3, 3599 (KB)
    • Flag of Gaia.png - A magnitude 7.5 earthquake strikes off the coast of Eastern Province in Gaia. The death toll is feared to be in the hundreds and the number of injured in the hundreds of thousands, as recovery efforts begin.
  • August 9,2014
    • UnionOfArendaleFlag.jpg-The User Gbendicion will retire from the Wikia after next week due to lowering interests due to low user activity.
  • October 19th, 3590(KB)
    • Mandarr flag opt.jpg - The Supreme People's Assembly has voted to ban the right to public assembly and has banned the right to carry a fire arm, after violent protests in Mundari.
  • October 1st, 3277 (WG)
    • Erusea.png - Roy Beringer is elected president of Erusea with Luuk Solberg elected as vice president.
  • September 18th, 3586
    • Mandarr flag opt.jpg - Viceroy Hector Vazquez was voted full executive and legislative powers. Senate has been disbanded, Viceroy forms the Supreme Peoples Assembly in it's place.
  • August 13th, 3272 (WG)
    • 3030 Aquitanian Flag.png - War Ends - A ceasefire was negotiated between both powers, Aquitania and Constantine after the fall of Neues Bayem (Nuevo Bayamo), back into the hands of Constantinian Forces. The outcome and final signing of peace is pending, as Aquitania continues to occupy Lothringen and negotiations will determine its future status, exchange of prisoners and troop withdrawal.
  • 5 June 3351 (GR)
    • UnionOfArendaleFlag.jpg-Arendalean government declares war on the Republic of Para Sanka on issues of the annexation of the Southern Borders.56,000 soldiers, and 100 planes are deployed to the scene of action.The declaration has been a complete surprise to nations all over CentauDos after Aquitania and Arendale reached high tensions.
    • Ruthene flag.png - Alexandros Daskalaris is crowned the new Basileus of Ruthenian Empire in Agia Triada Cathedral in Auronopolis, assuming his divine charge at age 21 and being known as Alexandros I of Ruthenia
  • 4 Jun 3269 (WG)
    • Ruthene flag.png - The Basileus of Ruthenia, Theodoros I pass away at the age 77.
    • 3030 Aquitanian Flag.png - Advisory - Travellers intending to embark on a voyage to Constantine are reminded that a state of war exists between Aquitania and Constantine; that the war zone encompasses the waters adjacent to both Constantinian mainlands and the airspace and orbital space above it; that any vessel flying the Constantinian Ensign are subject to destruction in those war zones; that based on Aquitanian proclamation, foreign passengers travelling in Constantinian ships or the above-mentioned zones do so at their own risk. AQUITANIAN AUSSENPOL - IMPERIAL EMBASSIES IN GAIA, RUTHENIA, MANDARR, METUDELA, YORK & ERUSEA