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Anthem: {{{anthem}}}
 - World [[{{{world}}}]]  
 - Continent [[{{{continent}}} ({{{world}}})|{{{continent}}}]]  
 - Region [[{{{region}}} ({{{world}}})|{{{region}}}]]  
 - Capital {{{capital}}}  
 - Largest city {{{Largest_city}}}  
Official languages {{{official_language}}}
Ethnic groups {{{ethnic_group1_percentage}}}%   {{{ethnic_group1}}}
Demonym {{{demonym}}}
Government {{{government_type}}}
Legislature {{{legislature}}}
 - Formation  
 - Total {{{population_total}}}  
 - Active personnel {{{army_total}}}  
 - Federation [[{{{fed}}}]]
 - Common Market [[{{{cm}}}]]
 - Empire [[{{{empire}}}]]
 - Total SC${{{production_total}}} 
 - Per capita SC${{{PPC}}} 
Currency {{{currency}}}
Internet TLD {{{Internet_TLD}}}
Drives on the {{{drives_on_the}}}
URL [{{{url}}} {{{country_name}}}] in Simcountry.
{{Infobox Country


This template is based on the format used on Wikipedia.

Additional Parameters

Additional parameters from previous versions

  • Largest city
  • Ethnic groups
  • Demonym
  • Legislature (Upper House/Lower House)
  • Currency
  • Drives on the:(right or left)
  • Internet TLD(.com .ca .eu)


Optional parameters are marked with an asterisk *.

Parameter Explanation
country_name Insert country's name. For example, China.
conventional_long_form Insert conventional, official name of the country. For example, People's Republic of China.
native_name Insert native name (in your national language) of the country.
flagonly* only use this parameter if you only have a flag and not a symbol for your country. Leave the "flag" parameter empty if you use the "flagonly" parameter.
flag* Upload and write the file name of your flag. For example, myflag.png
symbol* Upload and insert the file name of your symbol (coat of arms, seal, etc) eg. Seal of Country.png
symbol_type* symbol, coat of arms, shield, national seal, great seal, imperial seal, etc
motto* State your country's motto.
anthem State your country's national anthem.
localization_map* Upload and write the file name of an image showing the position of your country relative to its region, continent and world.
world State the name of the world your country is part of.
continent State the name of the continent your belongs to.
region State the name of the region your country is in.
capital Insert your capital's name.
largest_city Insert your the name of your country's largest city.
official_language State your country's official language.
ethnic_group State the name of an ethnic group.
ethnic_group_percentage State the ethnic groups percentage of the total population.
religion* The official state religion of your country.
demonym The name for the citizens of your country.
government_type Insert the type of government your country runs. It doesn't have to necessarily be the exact same in the game.
leader_title(1-5)* State the title of one of your rulers. For example, Emperor.
leader_name(1-5)* State the name of person that uses the title. For example, Napoleon Bonaparte.
legislature The name of your country's decision making body(Example: Parliament, Congress).
upper_house* The name of your legislatures upper house.
lower_house* The name of your legislatures lower house.
formation Insert the date your presidency started in game time.
event(1-10)* Name of event.
event_date(1-10)* Date of the event.
population_total Total population living within your boarders. you can view this information in country homepage.
army_total The total size of your army. You can view this information on your Defense Index or at the bottom of your Employment Index page.
army_percentage The percentage of your population in the army. This is calculated as: Total Army * 100 / Total Population
fed Insert your Federation's name.
cm Insert your Common Market's name.
empire Insert your empire's name.
value* Insert the nominal value the game shows for your country in USD.
currency Insert the name of your country's currency.
Internet_TLD Insert the name of your country's internet domain(Example: .com .ca .eu).
drives_on_the Insert the side that the vehicles in your country drive on.
url Insert your country's url.
map* Upload and write the file name of the image with your country's map.
footnotes If there's notes on the infobox, insert them here.