Empire THE UNION STATES OF AMERICA is a country in the Taurus Grande Region region of Auriga Bella. Its territories of Ameos, Erie, Eos, Austin, Cimero, Dalance, Lycon, Durham, New Haven, Jefferson, Korea, Nortel, and Voles. The total Empire Population of 1,523,725,920 as of May 17, 4576.

Federal Flag of THE UNION STATES


3627-3632 (Conquer)

November 8, 3627 Lord Edward and his armies conquered The Grand State of Belandre after being driven out of his homeland of North Chelipheus by drought and famine. Facing starvation and death, the Lord of the land called on his master King Farren IV of Norland, for help and resources. However, the King sent him away and left his people to die of hunger. Lord Edward decided to pack his people and head for the Taurus Grande Region region of Auriga Bella. After King Farren found out that Lord Edward's forces were leaving their castle, he sent an army of 500,000 to bring them back. The Farren's army quickly ran out of food and, unlike the Cheliphians, didn't know how to ration or forge. The starved Norlandian Army came across the Cheliphians, and after a short battle, the Norlandians laid defeated. The Cheliphians took their fallen enemies' golden breastplates and melted them down into fine jewelry to trade along the way for food.

Lord Edward, lead his people to the land of Belandre., among them his wife Lady Julia and his son Markus who was 19 at that time. Belandre was fertile and very wealthy. Lord Edward knew he couldn't face Belandre's armies head-on, so he devised a plan instead. Edward, I ordered his men to lite the war fire pile making the Belandrians think they were under attack by their northern neighbors the Knelts. Edward I also sent a small trio to light the war light of the Knelts tricking both armies' into a deadly war. Millions were lost in this battle while Edward I and the Cheliphians hid in the forest. After the first battle, the two sides called a truce. Lord Edward, however, wasn't satisfied and again lit the war fires on both sides, causing another devastating war, and millions of more soldiers died. The Kingdoms lay weak as Lord Edward I descended on the Land of Belandre, quickly taking its castle and wiping out its forces next; he marched on the land of the Knelts destroying their villages and burning their cities. Lord Edward now controlled the land of Belandre and the Knelts. In his mercy, he allowed Belandre's King to live but banished him from the grounds. Lord Edward was crowned King after his successful conquering of Belandre and the Knelts. However, the Belandrians and the Knelts people were not happy, and riots broke ensued. To quarrel the extreme anger and hatred the people had for one another, the King set up three states, one for the Cheliphians, one for the Belandrians, and on fore the Knelts.

In 3628, King Edward appointed governors to these states and declared he would remove the governor every six years to lower the chance of rebellion. Hostilities still broke out between the three states after their citizens felt oppressed by the King's hand.

3629 King Edward was struck ill and quickly died, making 21-year-old Markus King. Kings Edward's death brought chaos to the States as the governors were ready to become Kings themselves. Governors1 planned an assault on the capital. After learning their plans, King Markus quickly arrested the Governors and Lords and executed them for treason.

3632 The riots grew more deadly after the governor's executions. As matters worsened, King Markus had a new idea on how to bring peace to the States. Markus would let the people elect their government by creating the Royal Congress. Each state would elect one senator for the upper chamber and a House representative for the lower chamber, depending on the state's population. Once established, the new Royal Congress could create laws and policies but would acknowledge that the King was forever the law of the Land and will always have veto power. Peace and prosperity followed, and the Royal Congress named the country THE UNION STATES OF AMERICA, and King Markus went on to be a great King and loved by most.

3680- 3828 (The Spread of the Great Myth)

King Markus died at this time.  THE UNION STATES OF AMERICA named his son Lewis King of the UNION. The Land of Belandrians was named USA STATE OF AMOES, and the Land of the Knelts was called USA STATE OF AUSTIN. King Lewis, unlike his father, worshipped the Gods of old and passed down the myth of his Great Grandfather, Lord Joel becoming a God. King Lewis ordered this to be the religion of the UNION.

3829-3889 (The Myth Goes)

The Myth of Lord Joel began in the year 2000, in ancient times. The Old Gods cursed North Chelipheus for performing a spell that gave Lord Joel immortality by taking ten years from every citizen. The land lay cursed for hundreds of years. Lord, Joel could no longer bear to see his people suffer and cursed the old Cyprus Gods for the first time. In his rage, he emerged in solid gold amour and ordered his soldiers to tear down every statue of the old Gods and throw them in Evadite, a volcano in the southwest, miles outside the city of New Haven. Angered by his actions, the old gods sent a great beast who towered 35ft to destroy North Chelipheus and its King. The King saw this beast and was bewildered by its ferocity. The beast had a serpent's face and the body of a lion; its tail blazed with the sun's fire, its eyes glowed with the light of the moon.

Lord Joel, I marched on the beast and its armies. Millions fell in this battle cities burned to the ground. The beast seemed unstoppable. The beast turned its gaze to the Capital city of Carpathia. The Gods knew once the capital fell, men would lose their will. The King also understood this. In his love for his country and her people, he allowed himself to be devoured by the beast. His Soldiers looked on in horror as their King fell. The Great Beast streaked as its neck was sliced open from the inside. The beast lay dead, and before leaving its body, the King ate a piece of its heart. With the beast's heart in his system, he should've burned from the inside, but because of his immortality, he absorbed the beast's power, and its body turned to dust. All that remained was its eyes reduced to two tiny moonstones. The King merged his golden sword and the stones into one, giving him the most potent weapon on the globe. The King vowed vengeance on the Gods.

The Gods, shocked by the fall of their Great Beast and the rise of a Man, decided to destroy North Chelipheus in a great blaze. However, they could no longer see Lord Joel, for he was no longer just a man and was shrouded by his newfound power. Before the Gods could launch their attack, The King Invaded the heavens killing the Gods one by one until just a few remained. Terrified by the King's power, the Gods fled to the far reaches of White Giant. Unable to hide from the King's Power, He cursed all the remaining Gods, turning them into various types of animals, cursing them to roam the land, sea, and sky forever. The old God's curse that remained on the land was deeply rooted within its foundation. King Joel leaped from the heavens with his mighty sword and struck the earth with all his might breaking the curse forever. Although there was a price for this, the great sword lay broken, its stones dust. The King vanished and returned to the heavens to become the God of his people.

3896-3996 (The Golden Era)

The Country lay isolated from the world still poor. King Henry asked for international Security Council for aid. The aide was approved and with it the people of THE UNION STATES flourished. The UNION became a financial hub and a corporate paradise. THE UNION STATES gained over $90 Trillion within the century, Its population swelled to 90 Million. The citizens of the UNION STATES celebrated their King every year. Stock Prices were on the rise.