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Soviet Socialist Chiawa
Flag of Chiawa


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 - World Kebir Blue  
 - Continent [[{{{continent}}} (Kebir Blue)|{{{continent}}}]]  
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 - Capital Unknown  
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Official languages english
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Government Military Autocracy
 - President John
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 - Formation 3023 
 - Collapse 3138 
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 - Federation Soviet Federation
 - Common Market SovEcon
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Soviet Socialist Chiawa was a member state of the Soviet Federation from 3023 to 3138 (115 years). The state was run by John as a centralised military autocracy. For most of its existence, Chiawa was in the top 50 players of the Kebir Blue world. Soviet Socialist Chiawa was an economically sided country, but had large defense reserves and many fortifications that surround the bulk of the population. The people lived in harmony under an iron fist. In 3138 the country was permanently expelled from the Soviet Federation and the government dissolved, leading to widespread chaos. Chiawa chaired the federation on several occasions and also acted as Burinform and Finance Executive.