At the end of her final term in office as the chairperson of the Soviet Federation on Kebir Blue, Keppy of the Democratic Republic of Damstu created a medal to commemorate leaders who express bravery, innovation, and dedication to the proliferation of socialism. In 3047 the medal was awarded for the first time. The recipient was Azurnereich. In 3083 upon his retirement as leader of the Soviet Federation, Ringo awarded the medal to Devlin of Greater Plato. The award was not given again until 3137 at the dissolution of the Confederacy when Spek was honoured. At the end of Blackwatch's fantastic 25-year leadership spree, he too handed out an award to Keppy.


Soviet Service Star


July 3047 - Azurnereich - Awarded by Chairperson Keppy

December 3083 - Democratic Republic of Plato - Awarded by Chairperson Ringo

March 3137 - United Autonomous Republics - Awarded by Chairperson Devlin

August 3205 - Volusian Confederacy - Awarded by Premier Tony