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Soviet RSFSR
The Peoples Republic of the Soviet RSFSR
Soviet RSFSR
Soviet Theocracy


Motto: In The Glorious Leader We Trust!
Anthem: O Soviet Land, to the music of the Former DDR
 - World Kebir Blue  
 - Continent Virgina Bella  
 - Region Realmo Labano  
 - Capital Kerdiz  
 - Largest city Kerdiz  
Official languages English, other languages are spoken.
Ethnic groups Predominantly European Caucasian. 98%   others
Demonym {{{demonym}}}
Government Authoritarian Republic
 - Comrade Chairman (CC) Richard II
Legislature Supreme Soviet
 - Upper house Council of the Republic 
 - Lower house Council of Regions 
 - Formation 13th March 3508 
 - New Years Day 1 January 
 - Revolution Week 1 - 7 March 
 - Summer Public Holiday 14 - 21 July 
 - All Souls Day 1 November 
 - Winter Solstice 21 December 
 - New Years Eve 31 December 
 - Total 42,115,000

Census 3591  

 - Active personnel State Secret  
 - Federation Soviet Federation
 - Common Market Mandarran Highlandic Market
 - Empire [[{{{empire}}}]]
 - Total SC$State Secret 
 - Per capita SC$State Secret 
Nominal Value US$State Secret
Currency Red Rand RR
Internet TLD .con
Drives on the Right
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The Soviet RSFSR is a country in the Realmo Labano Region of Virgina Bella in Kebir Blue.  It was founded as a Soviet Republic on 7th March 3508 following a revolution overthrowing a previously damaging democratic government. Members of the former government, its administrators and senior supporters were captured, summarily tried on treason charges and executed.  To ensure the erradication of those destructive genes from the Republic, their families were expelled from the country. There are no marked graves for the former government officials, their ashes were fired into space.

The Soviet RSFSR invaded its neighbouring state in August 3508, now the Soviet GSSR on invitation of the opposition.  In a war lasting a few days, the country was overrun and the democratically elected dictatorship was replaced with a government modelled on that of the Soviet RSFSR.  It is subordinate to the Government of the Soviet RSFSR, but enjoys high levels of autonomy. There are Joint Central Committees and Governing institutions covering Defence, International Affairs and Internal Security.

Soviet History is controlled and authored by the State News Agency SovInform. More will appear here on approval of the Central Committee.


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