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This is the first Soviet Federation Census, taken in 3028. It was originally scheduled for 3027, but unforseen complications made that impossible. The information was gathered and organized by The New Republic of Wisconsin, founder, leader, and currently the only member of the Soviet Federation Census Bureau.


This part of the census has the population of the entire federation, followed by the chairman, followed by the Census Officer, followed by empires, followed by individual countries. This will be the only part of the 3028 census.

Soviet Federation:334,952,682

Democratic Republic of Plato:12,962,174

The New Republic of Wisconsin:17,368,265

Jadir Soviet Republic:19,853,440

Kadran Surfax Soviet Republic:16,435,467

Vanqar Soviet Republic:25,631,259

Mirabel Soviet Republic:15,498,009

Soviet Empire of Kitaba:22,817,631

Soviet Empire of the Leaf:29,913,973

The United Kingdom of Inda kava:10,463,545

The Grand State of Chiawa:22,621,206

Exirian Imperial Democracy:11,130,717

The Kingdom of MInerva:20,643,723

The Empire of Ellenjoy grace:14,332,860

Socialist Union of Farr:15,707,328

Republic of Kaput:12,555,048

Peoples Republic of Rezalan:12,043,013

Democratic Republic of Damstu:12,361,633

The Empire of Puleno:15,752,427

The Empire of the Great Gatsby:17,219,000

Socialist republic of Eirean:9,641,964