Socialist Union of Farr
Flag of Farr


Motto: Vanguard for Peace and Unity
Anthem: None
 - World Kebir Blue  
 - Continent Paova Major  
 - Region Patria Kabana  
 - Capital Ville du Nord  
 - Largest city {{{Largest_city}}}  
Official languages French
Ethnic groups {{{ethnic_group1_percentage}}}%   {{{ethnic_group1}}}
Demonym {{{demonym}}}
Government Federated Socialist Committees
 - Committee Chair Ms. Emily
Legislature {{{legislature}}}
 - Formation 3011 
 - Ascension to the Soviet Federation 3012 
 - Total 10 540 374 (3017)

16 422 642 (3032)  

 - Active personnel 278 000  
 - Federation Soviet Federation
 - Common Market Border Countries
 - Empire None
 - Total SC$N/A 
 - Per capita SC$N/A 
Nominal Value US$18.70
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URL [{{{url}}} Farr] in Simcountry.


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In 3003 Ms. Emily, a former Communist Party organiser from West Paova was forced into exile. With the formation of the Jadir Soviet Republic that year, Emily was able to take refuge in the capital, Kharel. With the collapse of the democratic government in Farr in 3010, civil unrest erupted. Following moths of struggle, Ms. Emily was able to come to prominence, leading an organisation called the Vanguard.

In 3011, following massive demonstrations, the committee took power and Ms. Emily became the leader of the country. Within months, Farr ascended to the Soviet Federation. Following the end of the Soviet Empire of the Leaf's presidency, the Socialist Union of Farr and Ms. Emily were elected new leaders. She led the organisation for seven years from 3018 to 3025. During this term there were many significant changes, notably a merger with another federation and the adoption of a new slogan. These changes helped to make the organisation the strongest federation onKebir Blue. Farr was succeeded by the Democratic Republic of Plato in a special referendum.

In the fall of 3018 a massive earthquake hit, killing more than 15, 700 citizens. The disaster has been determined the "great trial" for the new government. Ms Emily has managed to maintain stability while attempting to fix infrastucture. As the government has been busy with leading the Soviet Federation, many government and non-government agencies have had to step up. Recovery was very slow, taking more than a year to repair the damage and allow citizens to return.

In the late 3020s the Socialist Union of Farr was relatively inactive on the international stage as domestic issues took the stage. Ms Emily was nonetheless appointed to the position of Diplomatic Liaison for the Executive Committee of the Soviet Federation in 3030. Since that time she has worked closely with the chairperson, Ms Keppy of Democratic Republic of Damstu.