Basic Rules

  • Newsfeed contains maximum of ten messages, no more, no less.
  • New messages go at top, not bottom.
  • Delete the bottom message when adding a new one.
  • Every message shall contain a flag/logo wide 25 pixels, bold name of the nation/person where the message originated and the message.
  • If the entity has no flag, noflag.png or another appropriate image should be used.
  • Newsfeed information must be "relevant" to the community.


  • Most important site announcements, done only by administrators or staff.
  • Other uses must be permitted by an administrator or a newsfeed mod.
  • Diplomatic, war, events or any important news of your country


  • 15 Mar 2013
    • Noflag.png : Informs other countries/empires about something.  
    • Un logo.jpg: The Federation has taken several decisions regarding something