Blog post categories

Blog posts are divided into three categories:

  • Informative
  • Administrative
  • Statements and opinion


Informative blog posts are written by users as the presidents or the emperors of their countries. They represent news from their countries, federations, developments and proposals. However, it is required to keep wordcount over (70?) in the main paragraph. If you plan to write a shorter post, you can use the news section on the main page. Please consider relevancy and importance of your text before you post it.


Administrative blog posts are written by administrators, chatmods or rollbacks. They represent personal statement or statement of all of the administrator regarding a decision, state of the site and generally other site-related things. Examples include feature announcements, site reorganisation, administrator elections...

Statements and opinion

Basically, all the rest. Posted by anyone, as a reaction to anything, or a statement. General rule