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Second Mexican Republic is a country in Little Upsilon. The nation is located in the Indian Mountians in 

Second Mexican Republic
Flag of Second Mexican Republic


Anthem: Himno Nacional Mexicano
 - World Little Upsilon  
 - Continent Hercula Major  
 - Region Indian Hills  
 - Capital Mexican City  
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Official languages Spanish
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Government Democracy
 - President Felipe Calderon
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 - Formation 9/15/1821 
 - Total 26,432,054  
 - Active personnel 453,437  
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Hercula Major. The country currently has over twenty six million people, with Guadalajara as the Largest city by population. 

War of Independences

Mexican war of independence.png

In 1772, Ancient people who used to rule over what is now, Second Mexican Repubic, were conquered by the Spanish. The natives were used as slaves until 1819. Mass Riots broke out all over colony, and many rebel armies had been formed. The Rebellion grew soo strong that the Rebels had defeated the last of the spanish conqueres in the colony at the Battle of Independence Hill 9/14/1821. the Battle resulted 17,854 rebels killed +30,000 wounded, and 22,550 spanish killed and 44,000 wounded. A day later, the spanish agreed to sign SMR's Declaration of Independence. The country's war of independence was the bloodest war the nation has fought. leaving 170,000 rebels dead, and an estimated 230,000 spanish killed.


Most Mexicans in the country are Atheists. experts say that at least 80% of Mexicans in the country are Atheist. 9% Catholics, 8% Buddhist, 1% Protestant and 2% other.


80% of the Mexicans in the country are Amerindian according to our census. 10% Asian, 3% Black, and 7% Mixed (mostly Amerindian/Asian)