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Every Simcountry player has a game score that shows how good he or she is doing. The score is a number in the range of 3000 to 8000 or so. The system provides some support to users with scores under 3500.

The users with the highest scores are showing on the 300 best presidents list and the 100 best CEOs list in each world. The best users in each world on the last day of the month, receives an award. Many awards are also given to player who reach higher game levels. In the game there are many indexes. How high your indexes are determine your score which determines your ranking among the other players, but there are many other factors such as war rank and weather or not you have nuclear weapons. If you are within the top 300 presidents then you can win gold coins which can be used to boost corporations and trade for population or countries or corporations. They can be obtained through trading game items for them but you also get some for becoming a full member.


In the game you can win prizes in the form of gold coins. Gold coins can be bought with real money or won as a prize from being one of the top 300 presidents. They can be used to buy countries and enterprises as well as very popular corporations. Gold coins can also be exchanged for real money if you meet a criteria set by the makers of simcountry.

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