Royal Union Navy


Country Union of Arendale
Role Sea Service and Defense
Type Navy Branch

Monarch of Arendale Union of Arendale

Headquarters Clark Navy Base,Excel City
Part of Union Armed Forces

Union Coast Guard

Motto "Lead to fight and to defend our seas"
Colors Yellow and Blue
Chief Admiral of the Navy Major Admiral Richard Nick Kranger
Chief Admiral of the Fleet Command Admiral Peterson Gutenberg

The Royal Union Navy (R.U.N) or known locally as Union Navy is the naval warfare service branch of the Union Armed Forces and one of the three uniformed services of the Union of Arendale. It has an estimated of 36,000 active personnel and operates 26 ships in active service which has a ship prefix of "UNS",or Union Navy ship.It has headquarters in Excel City.It also primarily rarely imports as the navy buys local armaments


"To organize, train, equip, maintain, develop and deploy forces for prompt and sustained naval and maritime operations in support of the Unified Commands in the accomplishment of the Royal Union Navy  mission".

Its powers and functions are as follows:

"To organize, train, equip, maintain and operate naval forces and naval aircraft including naval reserve units, necessary to provide water-borne support and assistance required by the Union Armed Forces in the accomplishment of its mission"

"To assist the proper governmental agencies in the enforcement of laws and regulations pertaining to navigation, immigration, customs revenue, opium, quarantine, fishing and neutrality in the territorial and contiguous waters of the Arendalean Nation"

"To develop, in coordination with the other major services and area commands the doctrines, procedures, and naval equipment for joint operations, and the doctrines and procedures for amphibious operations"


The Navy is organized into the Fleet, the Coast Guard, and the Naval Schools. The Fleet consists of:

  • Fleet Chief Staff,
  • Frigate Branch ,
  • Submarine Branch 
  • MTB Branch 
  • Mine Branch 
  • Union Special Warfare Group 
  • Logistics Branch 

The Naval Schools are:

  • Royal Dalean Naval Basic Training Establishment, Excel City

    Admiral Richard Nick Kranger

  • Royal Dalean Navy Officer Candidate School, Gulfport
  • Royal Dalean Naval Academy, Monterrey
  • Royal Dalean Naval Training Establishment, Meliza Villa


The Royal Union Navy has in present 58 ships,that are  consisted of 36 corvettes, 16 frigates,5 destroyer

A taskforce of the navy offshore Quantabel.

and 2 battleship.The flagship of the navy is UNS Grand,a 7,500 ton battleship.The Royal Union Navy has 3 taskforces, the Union Fleet. As a type command, the fleet has four major units: the Naval Force, Service Force, Patrol Force, and Assault Craft Force.The Navy has also its own ground military force,Naval Commados.

Active Ships


Picture Ships Class Commsioned Notes
UNS destroyer class.jpg

Achullia(UNS 86)





Kingdom-class destroyers

August 23,3339

August 25,3339

September 15,3339

November 30,3339

The ships were transferred from the Naval Volunteer force in January 3339.


Picture Ships Class Commisoned Notes
UNS Grandd.jpg






Grand-class frigates

October 22,3342

October 22,3342

December 11,3342

January 1,3343

October 12,3345

UNS class.jpg








Constellation-class frigates

Constellation,Orion,Cancer,Leo and Taurus mwere commissioned in October 11,3338

December 23,3339

December 28,3339

September 15,3339

The Constellation ships were transferred from the Union Coast Guard by law.

The Constellation ships were commissioned in 3322 by the UCG.

UCG-45 ship Aquarius sank during typhoon Quadra in 3329.

The class is planned to be reduced to 2 by 3450

UNs ship Class.jpg




Archentorn-class frigates

February 11,3347

August 23,3347

December 24,3347

The Acrchentorn class is the replacement for the Constellation class,with 3 more in construction.


Current Role

The current role of the Royal Union Navy is to protect Arendalean interests at home and abroad, executing

the foreign and defence policies of the Union Government through the exercise of military effect, diplomatic activities and other activities in support of these objectives. The Royal Union Navy is also a key element of the Dalean contribution to Council of Centau, with a number of assets allocated to Centau peacekeeping tasks at any time.These objectives are delivered via a number of core capabilities:

  • Delivery of the Naval Commando force.
  • Maintenance of standing patrol commitments.
  • Protection of Arendale's sea claimed territory.

Current Deployments

The Royal Union Navy is currently deployed in Arendale and Chelonian seas.There are 2 stationed taskforces in Arendale and one taskforce currently doing military exercises with the Chelonian Navy.3 corvettes are also currently in charge of escorting merchant ships across the Gondu Strait.The Naval Commandos have deployments in PRM,Chelonia and USU for military reasons.

Taskforces & Ships

Union of Arendale-Gondu Strait

  • Taskforce 11
    • ​Achullia
    • Keilan
    • Austoa
    • Archentorm
    • Leo
    • Draco
    • Cancer
  • Taskforce 34-Ansak Sea
    • Arendel
    • Medos
    • Constellation
    • Taurus
    • Endeacour
    • Majestic
    • Archenvrok

Republic of Chelonia

  • Taskforce ExFo 2
    • Grand
    • Marvelous
    • Andromeda
    • Orion
    • Archenkron
    • Vanswitch

Ranks of the Navy

                      Higher Ranks

OF-09 OF-08    OF-07   OF-06
Un Navy.png
Un Navy09.png
Un Navy2.png
UN navy3.png
Admiral   Vice Admiral   Rear Admiral

Flag Commander

                     Lower Ranks

OF-05 OF-04 OF-03 OF-02 OF-01
UN NAVY6.png
UN NAVY05.png
Un navy7.png
Un navy8.png
Commander   Captain Commander  Lieutenant Commander   Captain Lieutenant Lieutenant     Ensign