Looking out over the citadel from the "Vieux Mur"

Qavran is the capital city of Vanqar Soviet Republic, as well as the United Autonomous Republics. From 2998 to 3065 it was also the seat of government for the Soviet Federation on Kebir Blue.


In 2765 the port city of Qavran was established in the lowlands of Patria Kabana. Within years it became a key commercial trading post for intercontinental journey. Qavran, which gained independence in 2775, became a powerful city state. Operating peacefully until 2910, the city was renowned for its vivid economy and excellent civil liberties.

In the spring of 2910 a rapid political shift to the right occured, with the establishment of a local fascist council. Qavran was renamed the "Federated Republic of Qavran" and moved on an aggressive expansion agenda. While initially successful, the many new ethnic groups opposed the imposition of the council's will. In 2981 a socialist revolution began in Qavran under the leadership of Spek, toppling the government in October. The establishment of a new soviet and socialist government in Qavran marked a new era. For the next several decades the army, the economy, and society were reformed with the input of not only ethnic Qavrans, but also many minority groups (French and Arab). As the newly former Vanqar Soviet Republic moved westward it acquired new territories (Mirabel, Jadir, and Kadran Surfax), which were brought together in a loose confederation, the UAR. In 2998 Qavran was selected as the capital of the Soviet Federation. In 3065 Valhalla, in Azurnereich, was selected as the next temporary capital.


On 7 October peaceful demonstrations spontaneously erupted in major cities across Azurnereich, supporting the government's position in selecting Chiava as the new chairperson. On the same day, a crowd of nearly 600 000 gathered in Qavran, the capital of the United Autonomous Republics and the Soviet Federation. Unlike the outward show of support in Azurnereich, the protesters in Qavran were actively demanding the right to popularly elect the chairperson. In the months afterward it was termed the "Red October", a remark attributed to Spek.


While the governing bodies have changed dramatically over 300 years, many records have been kept on population in Qavran and the surrounding valley. The chart below shows this.

Year Population
2765 (as colonial settlement) 3117
2775 (as city state) 5057
2800 (as city state) 11 662
2843 (as city state) 37 500
2877 (as city state) 82 632
2910 (as FRQ) 170 845
2925 (as FRQ) 253 518
2950 (as FRQ) 530 443
2975 (as FRQ) 810 340
2981 (as VSR) 1 110 435
3000 (as VSR) 1 751 340
3025 (as VSR) 2 305 093
3050 (as VSR) 2 715 500
3075 (as VSR) 3 246 711
3100 (as VSR) 3 570 718
3125 (as VSR) 3 843 535
3150 (as VSR) 4 144 230
3175 (as VSR) 4 812 773
3200 (as VSR) 5 231 588
3212 (at collapse) 5 775 427