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The politics of Gaia are conducted in a framework of a parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy, in which the monarch is the head of state and the Prime Minister is the head of government.







Elections are held in Gaia on the national, prefectural, and local levels for their respective legislative bodies. All Gaian citizens and permanent residents are required to participate in national elections if they between the ages of 18 and 65 on the day of the elections. Gaian citizens abroad are also required to participate in national elections, provided they are abroad for no more than 5 years at a time. Election days are holidays in the case of national elections and certain prefectural elections.

National elections use an instant-runoff voting system for the 400 single member electoral districts of the lower house Imperial Assembly, as do all ten prefectures and Eastern Gaia. Area 3 and Area 4 are currently directly governed by the national government in Chukyo, and are set to adopt the same instant-runoff voting system once the territories receive their special region status some time in the future.

Elections Gaia is the independent government agency responsible for administering and overseeing all national and prefectural elections. Their responsibilities include establishing polling places for election day, the counting of paper ballots, and the timely announcement of results.

Seat Composition of the Imperial Assembly
Imperial Assembly of Gaia 4610
Political Party Leader Ideology Seats
Nationalist Party Tatsuya Fujisaki National conservatism, Gaian nationalism 208
Akatsuki Takasugi Osawa Conservative, Gaian nationalism 6
Governing coalition 214
Gaia Unity Party Kenji Okamura Centrism, Social liberalism 81
Social Democratic Party Masayuki Saito Social democracy, Progressivism 76
Liberal Gaia Asuka Iwamoto Social liberalism, Gaian liberalism 12
Democratic coalition 169
Green Party Yoko Abe Green politics 12
Independents N/A Varies 5
Total 400

Political Parties

There are currently 27 officially registered national political parties in Gaia, with 6 being represented in lower house of Parliament, the Imperial Assembly. Since it's inception in 3265, the Parliament of Gaia has been largely dominated by two political camps, the conservatives led by the Nationalist Party and the progressives led by the Social Democratic Party. The 4440 General Elections saw the splintering of the long ruling Nationalist Party between traditional and moderate elements, with the latter breaking away and forming the Gaia Unity Party, and the subsequent fracturing of the political landscape into three major political blocs led by the Social Democratic Party, Gaia Unity Party, and the Nationalist Party respectively.

Nationalist Party

The Nationalist Party has been the dominant political party in Gaia, with near continuous electoral success since its official founding in 3269. From the formation of Gaia's parliamentary democracy in 3265, the Nationalist Party has held majorities in parliament nearly two-thirds of the time.

The Nationalist Party was founded on August 15, 3269 by imperialist and conservative political blocs in the early years of the Parliament. The party was founded on the principles of civic nationalism, national conservatism, and meritocracy, with strong influences in policy making by Confucian values and the party's early white papers on national well-being and existence.

The party vehemently supports status quo which has formed over the years by successive Nationalist governments which has led to a strong centralized government, comprehensive social welfare and health systems, a mixed economy that benefits the people, and a strong defence force. The party itself consists of numerous factions that have had varying degrees of influence over the party's policies and direction since its founding. The largest faction is currently the Moderates, who have sway over three-fifths of elected Nationalist Party members in Parliament.

Gaia Unity Party

Social Democratic Party

Liberal Gaia

Green Party

Akatsuki Gaia

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