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People's Union of Zanzibar
Emirate's Union of the Sultanate of Zanzibar
Motto: Preservation of state over all else.
Anthem: Uninstall
 - World Little Upsilon  
 - Continent Draca Mixor  
 - Region Cantonnia Bella  
 - Capital Zanzibar City  
Official language Zanzibaran; English; Japanese
Government Military Junta
 - Head of the Zanzibar Military Sr. Gen. Amirah Anwar
 - Sultan of Zanzibar Khamal the Great
 - Minister of Interior Gen. Shinji Ishii
 - Minister of Defense Lt. Omar Mydar
 - Formation November 2714 
 - Formation of Junta December 1, 2714 
 - Decree stripping Sultan of power December 25th, 2714 
 - Referendum Renaming Country July 24th, 2717 
 - Nation Renamed Zanzibar August 1st, 2717 
 - Total 9,435,5681  
 - Total 184,9801  
 - Percentage 201%  
 - Total SC$??? 
 - Production per capita SC$??? 
 - Federation Independent Defense Coalition
 - Common Market United Military Market
 - Empire Military Sultanate of Draca Mixor
Nominal Value US$14.50
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The People's Union of Zanzibar is a nation on Little Upsilon. It is located in the Cantonnia Bella region on the continent of Draca Mixor.


In November of 2714, the leaders of 5 small tribally ruled regions of Draca Mixor agreed upon the unification of the groups together under the name of the People's Republic of the Sultanate of Syam. The capital was established at Zanzibar City. Originally established as a Sultanate, the people chose Khamal IV as the leader of their country and installed him in the capital.

In order to better control his people, Khamal established a council of military officials to oversee security and police forces throughout the country.

The Sultan, though popular with the people, was deemed inadequate to rule the people by the Symese military. On December 24th, the Sultan's elite guard placed him under house arrest. After a series of small street battles between forces loyal to the military and those of the sultan, the country was subdued, and General Mydar made the announcement that the Sultan was stripped of power. Following this, he announced that the military council would be taking control of the country as a junta.

The next few years proved to be relatively quiet and the country continued to enjoy its newfound peace and stability.

In August of 2715,