Pedrag Stojakovic
Born October 17, 3178, Menelogion, Parsia
Died June 26, 3254 (aged 76), Auronopolis
Occupation Historian
Interests History, Philosophy, Geography
Nationality Ruthene

Pedrag Stojakovic (Πεδραγ Στοξακοβικ; October 17, 3178 – June 26/27, 3254) was a Ruthene historian and member of the Ruthene Academy of Science and Arts (RANU). After he completed high school in Menelogion he graduated on military academy in Tortossa in 3212. Because of political reasons he was unable to continue with military career so he graduated Imperial University of Auronopolis in Faculty of Philosophy in 3220.

He dedicated his life to Sarbian history and the union with the ruthene people, he was convinced about the "Slavian motherland" somewhere in the north and claims for some research about it, he worked in the Academy and some research about Slavian and Selloi heraldry, claiming the double-headed eagle was "the union between the Kormenian and Slavian people", based in the Slavian and Selloi heraldry was similar in various aspects and the claiming of the eagle as the national animal

He worked in the university of Auronopolis until his death.