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Organized Crime in Constantine has been prevalent since the infamous Ichiboro Clan in the 2800’s. With the winding and continuing expansion of the Imperium, many new immigrant groups have come to Constantine and many have taken advantage of the many loopholes of the law. The Organized Syndicates often control local politics, unions, port authorities and various other fronts, the old system of  Extortion and Shakedowns has declinded heavily, replaced by inflirtration. The most powerful of the various organized crime groups in Constantine is The Commission.

The Commission

The Commission is composed of all the mafia heads all over the empire, but rumored to be led by the biggest of the groups, The San Jose Five, aka The Five Families.

Luciano Crime Family – Led by Luciano Leggio

  1. Buschetta Crime Family led by Tommaso “Tom the Don” Buschetta
  2. Angelo Crime Family led by Umberto Angelo
  3. DeMeo Crime Family led by Salvatore DeMeo
  4. Santino Crime Family led by Albert Santino

The Mafia Five ran as equals during most of their history until the Mattanza Del Golfo War, which Luciano Leggio and his family went to war with the other four, and established a quasi dictatorship to which he reorganized himself the other families, appointing their respective Dons. Luciano Leggio is reported to be the most powerful civilian in Alabasta,

and one of the most powerful in the Empire.

To avoid the attention of the Dai Li, the Mafia tend to stick to white collar crimes but blue collar crimes are rare occurrence, at least murder and drug trafficking.

Most infomation of the Mafia is unknown, what is known is that they exist.

Other Groups

In Alabasta, where the mafia controls San Jose, the other smaller cities, and metropolitan areas are open ground for various smaller gangs, such as the Italacan Mob, the Jewish Mob, Il Bratava, Franco Cartel, Camorra Cartel, Jensen Group, and Marabunta Grande. These groups are often targeted by the Dai Li, and the Mafia for engaging in Drug Trafficking, Arms Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Contract Killing, Racketeering, Bank Robbery, Car Theft, Hijacking, Hacking, Arson and Burglary.  They are believed to be at war with each other at times, and seem to join up in small operations.