New England


Template:Infobox Country 2.5 New England is a large country located in the Great Salman region on the Lacerta continent on Kebir Blue. The country has a strong economy and one of the highest living indexes. New England was named for England of old in The United Kingdom (and not for the region of the US).

Capital: Salisbury

Climate: Temperate (Oceanic), Marine west coast



Beverage: Milk Bird: Cardinal

Cat: Shorthair Colors: Red and White

Dog: Border Collie Fish: Salmon

Flower: Gem:

Historical Rock: Old Sarum Rock

Insect: Honeybee

Tree: Oak


New England follows a mixed model type of government. The legislature is bi-cameral. The judiciary is independent.


Grand Archon - head of state. The Grand Archon and Lord Protector is the leader of the country.

Chancellor - is head of the government. Elected to a five (5) year term.

The Executive is called the Council of State and consists of two parts, the cabinet known as the Grand Privy Council and the rest of the executive known as the Council of Ministers. Apart from the cabinet, Government offices are called Departments and are headed by a minister. Like the Chancellor all of the executive are elected (or appointed) to five (5) year terms.

Grand Privy Council

Chancellor's Office


Armed Forces

Security and Defense Agency

Foreign Affairs

Commerce and Trade Agency

Lord Constable's Office

Office of the High Chamberlain

Council of Ministers

Department of Population

Department of Finance

Education Department

Department of Employment

Department of Health

Department of Social Security

Department of Transportation

Department of Business


The bi-cameral legislature is called the New England Parliament. It consists of the Great Council (the upper house) and the House of Commons (the lower house).

Great Council -The Great Council acts as the Senate. May approve legislation or send back to the House of Commons.

House of Commons -The democratically elected lower house originates and deliberates bills of law.


High Court of New England - consists of nine (9) judges. All judges are appointed and sit for life. It is the final body of law in the land.

The Capital

Salisbury, pronounced as either Salzberi or Salzbree is the capital of the country New England and is the headquarters of the Kebir Blue League federation and the seat of the Gold Sea Trade common market. The city is located on the Gold Sea on the eastern coast of New England. The capital city Salisbury is currently the largest city on the continent of Lacerta. The city has a rich history. There are many sites to see. Some landmarks in the city are City Hall, Ebble Gardens, Grand Botanical Gardens, Great Library of Salisbury, Gold Sea Trade Exchange, Gold Sea Tower, Grey Castle, Humboldt Gardens, Imperial Palace, Kebir Blue League Federation Headquarters, Kingsbridge, Old Market, Old Sarum Rock, Parliament Buildings, Port of Salisbury, Royal Palace, Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury University, The Point Resort, Vauxhall Art Gallery, Wiltshire Hotel,

Country New England  
 - Type Salisbury City Council
 - Formation July 19, 2370 
 - City 5,450,000  
 - Rank 1
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