King of Suriya
พระมหากษัตริย์ แห่ง ราชอาณาจักรสุริยา
Suriya Emblem.png
Since 5013
Title King of Suriya
Style His Majesty
Heir apparent none
First monarch Boromathit the Great
Formation 4118
Residence Maha Bhanuwong Palace

The monarchy of Suriya refers to the constitutional monarchy and monarch of the Kingdom of Suriya. The King of Suriya is the head of state and head of the ruling Dynasty. The King's power is limited to that of a symbolic figurehead to whom people are to give love and respect. The monarch also represents peace, stability, and prosperity to the Suriyan people.

The definition of "Suriyathibodi" comes from two words: Suriyan (People of Suriya) and Tharathibodi (Sovereign). When combined, it becomes "Overlord of the Suriyan".

The Suriyans often called their current ruling monarch with the name "Somdet Phra Suriyathibodi" rather than calling their original name directly.

Formerly, the successor to the throne must be the oldest son of the king only, unless the king had no heirs. However, in the year 4671, the mass protest that resulted in the dethronement of King Rojrangsi. King Chaiakin along with the government had established the Royal Council of the Suriyan Throne in order to select suitable heirs of the monarch to become head of state.

However, after the death of Chotithep that marked the end of Bhanuwong Dynasty's rule. The new royal family, Suriyavudha Dynasty led by Ravivajra ascend to the throne and reform many royal traditions. Such as the title name which was changed to "Somdet Phra Suriyathiraj", combined of Suriyan (People of Suriya) and Athiraj (King of kings) together meaning "Great King of Suriya".


The king performs important functions of the state as required by the constitution. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Appointing the Prime Minister of Suriya and the Cabinet of Suriya.
  • Convening over the opening of the two legislative bodies, the House of Representatives and the Senate.
  • Serving as the Supreme Commander of the Royal Suriyan Armed Forces.
  • Meeting with the Prime Minister on a monthly basis in which the King is briefed on matters of state.
  • Receiving credentials from ambassadors.
  • Possessing the power of commutation and pardon.
  • Appointing a fixed number of members to serve on state institutions such as the Senate and the Constitutional Council.
  • Awarding of honors.
  • Performance of ceremonial functions.

List of Suriyan Monarchs

Bhanuwong Dynasty

Portrait Title Name Reign Birth year Real Name Notes
Suriyathibodi I.png Suriyathibodi I 4118-4158 4089 Boromathit the Great
  • First King of Suriya
  • Founder of Bhanuwong Dynasty
  • Founder of Nawarat
Suriyathibodi II.png Suriyathibodi II 4158-4173 4111 Varoonarit
  • Son of Boromathit and Queen Rangsima
Suriyathibodi III.png Suriyathibodi III 4173-4209 4137 Raphibhumin
  • Son of Varoonarit and Queen Yuwadi
Suriyathibodi IV.png Suriyathibodi IV 4209-4224 4163 Raphibhuvadol
  • Son of Raphibhumin and Queen Rumbhai
Suriyathibodi V.png Suriyathibodi V 4224-4232 4184 Usanachoti
  • Son of Raphibhuvadol and Queen Atchara
Suriyathibodi VI.png Suriyathibodi VI 4232-4275 4207 Theprangsi the Great
  • Son of Usanachoti and Queen Jongkolni
  • The initiator of the Suriyan Cultural Reform
Suriyathibodi VII.png Suriyathibodi VII 4275-4297 4228 Chairangsi
  • Son of Theprangsi and Queen Sasima
  • No heirs
  • Involved in the Siege of Arendelle
Suriyathibodi VIII.png Suriyathibodi VIII 4297-4305 4246 Arunbhanu
  • The younger brother of Chairangsi
Suriyathibodi IX.png Suriyathibodi IX 4305-4352 4277 Rangsimakorn
  • Son of Arunbhanu and Queen Budsaba
  • End of Absolute Monarchy
  • First king under Constitutional Monarchy
Suriyathibodi X.png Suriyathibodi X 4352-4370 4302 Ravinaruebet
  • Son of Rangsimakorn and Queen Somsuma
Suriyathibodi XI.png Suriyathibodi XI 4370-4395 4324 Viravaroon
  • Son of Ravinaruebet and Queen Amphabhorn
Suriyathibodi XII, King of Suriya. Suriyathibodi XII 4395-4444 4354 Vichaibhanu
  • Son of Viravaroon and Queen Martmala
Suriyathibodi XIII, King of Suriya. Suriyathibodi XIII 4444-4499 4425 Athityakorn The Great
  • Grandson of Vichaibhanu and son of deceased Crown Prince Raphipol
  • Longest-reigning Suriyan monarch
  • Founder of the Office of the Special Committee on Royal Projects
Suriyathibodi XIV, King of Suriya. Suriyathibodi XIV 4499-4526 4437 Chotiravindara
  • Son of Athityakorn and Queen Nisamanee
  • No male heirs
Suriyathibodi XV, King of Suriya. Suriyathibodi XV 4526-4569 4497 Saengchai
Suriyathibodi XVI, King of Suriya. Suriyathibodi XVI 4569-4601 4532 Arunothai
  • Son of Saengchai and Queen Siranee
Suriyathibodi XVII, King of Suriya. Suriyathibodi XVII 4601-4608 4561 Chaiarun
  • Son of Arunothai and Queen Angsumalin
  • Died in a helicopter crash
Suriyathibodi XVIII, King of Suriya. Suriyathibodi XVIII 4608-4662 4590 Bhanuchoti
  • Son of Chaiarun and Queen Passara
  • Founder of Royal Rescue Corps
  • First Suriyan monarch to attend and addresses to the KBSC General Assembly
Suriyathibodi XIX 4662-4671 4618 Rojrangsi
  • Son of Bhanuchoti and Queen Ketsurang
  • Remove from power by Chaiakin and the government
Suriyathibodi XX 4671-4695 4620 Chaiakin
  • Son of Bhanuchoti and Queen Ketsurang
  • The younger brother of Rojrangsi
  • Founder of the Royal council of the Suriyan Throne
Suriyathibodi XXI 4695-4721 4653 Chomathit
  • Son of Chaiakin and Queen Sasita
  • First king to abdicated
Suriyathibodi XXII 4721-4757 4685 Arunaresh
  • Son of Chomathit and Queen Busbamalin
  • No heirs
Suriyathibodi XXIII 4757-4761 4689 Akkabhong
  • Son of Chomathit and Queen Busbamalin
  • the younger brother of Arunaresh
Suriyathibodi XXIV 4761-4804 4723 Rujraphi
  • Son of Akkabhong and Queen Nirachara
Suriyathibodi XXV 4804-4827 4751 Athityakorn II
  • Son of Rujraphi and Queen Sriraya
Suriyathibodi XXVI 4827-4864 4788 Varunaresh
  • Son of Athityakorn II and Queen Bejara
  • Varunaresh successfully stop coup attempt by his cousins.
Suriyathibodi XXVII 4864-4895 4819 Raviruj
  • Son of Varunaresh and Queen Nimawadi
  • No male heirs.
Suriyathibodi XXVIII 4895-4921 4853 Varunthep
  • Son of Prince Bhakorn (Raviruj's younger brother) and Sirichaya
  • Involved in Constituional Crisis 4898.
Suriyathibodi XXIX 4921-4957 4885 Saengsilachai
  • Son of Varunthep and Revadi
Suriyathibodi XXX 4957-4979 4911 Arunanurak
  • Son of Saengsilachai and Sudavini
Suriyathibodi XXXI 4895-4986 4952 Chotithep
  • Son of Arunanurak and Malaithida
  • Assassinated
  • End of Suriyawong Dynasty's rule for 868 years

Suriyavudha Dynasty

Portrait Title Name Reign Birth year Real Name Notes
Suriyathiraj I 4987-5013 4932 Ravivajra
  • Also known as Mom Chao Ravivajra Suriyavudha before ascend to the throne
  • Descendant of Theprangsi the Great
  • First king of Suriya from Suriyavudha Dynasty
Suriyathiraj II 5013-present 4964 Sahassarangsi

Royal regalia

The present set of the royal regalia of Suriya and the royal utensils was created mostly during the Suriyathibodi I and Suriyathibodi VI after the previous set was lost during the Fall of the Ayuchathani kingdom. The regalia is used mainly during the coronation ceremony of the king at the beginning of every reign.

The Great Crown of Suriyamahakasatmongkut. The mask part was taken out in the late era of Suriyathibodi VI.

  • Great Nine-Tiered Umbrella - the most important regalia.
  • Great Crown of the Suriyamahakasatmongkut - official headgear.
  • Gown of the Maha Suvarnaraja - official gown.
  • Sword of Mahaburuth- created under the command of Suriyathibodi I, represents military power.
  • Royal Staff - the symbol of justice.
  • Royal Slippers - official footwear made of gold.
  • Rings of Nawarat - The only regalias of Suriya that survived from the Fall of the Ayuchathani kingdom.
  • Weapons of sovereignty - including Long spear, the Trident, the Elephant goad, the Bow, and Musket.

Suriyadevarajabanlang Throne is used for coronation ceremonies.

Symbols of Kingship

  • Emblem of the Kingdom of Suriya
  • The Royal Flags
  • The Suriyan Royal Anthem