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The northernmost part of Patria Kabana was Mirabel Soviet Republic, a member state of the United Autonomous Republics. Founded in 2990, the province was run by Spek of the International Soviet Committe, the party which held the majority of the seats in the legislature. Mirabel wa a member of the Soviet Federation and the common market Border Countries/SovECON. Despite a long period of turbulence, Mirabel became a significant economic power on the continent for several hundred years. Additionally, the republic's army was the most signficant of the UAR, famously helping to create the circumstances for the annexation of Kadran Soviet Republic in 3021.


In 2430 the colonial city of Stockholm was founded on the east coast of Paova Major. Within a decade the city evolved into a small territory know as East Volusia, declaring independence from Gloria in 2442. Following 548 years as a stable kingdom the country was annexed by Vanqar Soviet Republic to form the United Republics of Vanqar and Mirabel.

Political Issues

Following incorporation in the UAR, Mirabel became one of the most powerful states on Kebir Blue. A leading member of both the Soviet Federation and border countries, Mirabel had close relations with several local powers, such as the Socialist Union of Farr. Despite its commitment to peaceful solutions, Mirabel's military was quite substantive. Both of the UAR's aircraft carriers belonged to Mirabel. Additionally, the elite taskforce "SSF" was based out of Carapello in the southwest.

Democracy was a key part of the republic's identity and functioning. Under Spek, elections were held frequently. Almost every government was formed by the International Soviet Committee, but the two opposition parties played a significant role in running the country throughout Mirabel's history.

The language question in Mirabel hds ben a controversial issue since 3017. With most English speaking members of the UAR located in Mirabel, there was a signficant movement to promote the language. Since the UAR did not have a policy or even jurisdiction regarding languages, the provincial governments were allowed to determine them if they so desired. Most Mirabel citizens were interested in official multilingualism, but a radical minority was insistant on making English the main language of the country. The supreme court deferred judgment, claiming that there is no reason to even have this discussion.

Remilitarisation 3050 Project

In 3030 Spek announced his interest in a new project dedicated to expanding the military budget in Mirabel. As the only successful military province in the UAR, the government felt that it should respond to mounting pressure to create a more useful defense system. In 3032 a new military base was built in central Mirabel in conjunction with the Democratic Republic of Plato. Additionally, an arrangement was struck for Mirabel to purchase much needed armaments for the UAR I fleet of submarines and aircraft carriers. The expansion is expected to continue until 3050, but the exact size and makeup of the army was kept secret.