Southern Skyline of Metudelaishi

The city of Metudelaishi (Nosugiagian: Tishias)  is the Capital, largest, and most populated city of Metudela. With around twenty million (28,300,020) people or thirty-nine percent (48%) of Metudela's population living both in the metropolitan area and the rural outskirts. The City is a marvel of modern and ancient arcitecture combined beautifully to give the city it's own culture. 

The city has been the empire's seat of power for thousands of years both before and after the nation was conquered by the Original Hanada forces from the Nosugiagi people in 1829 and became their capital. During the War of Seccession over twenty thousand (20,000) people lost their lives during the multiple siege's by the different factions. The Culture is a mix of Nosugiagian, Vibressian, Managuanian, and Metudelian which is a combination of the all three. Being the largest city isn't only in the amount of land or buildings Metudelaishi has but how massive the buldings are. 

The city hosts bullet trains under ground and sky trams in the air above the streets to prevent the streets from becoming clogged with traffic there are dozens of road routes to get to the same place so citizens never have to take the same way to get to their destinations. This makes the city a hard place to navigate for those that don't live in the city and sometimes people that do, still have difficulty navigating the maze of streets. A intelligent A.I (Artificial Intelligence) is spread throughout the city to assist in the navigation of the city streets.

City History

The city of Metudelaishi has a very colourful, dark, and special history dating back thousands of years.