The Union of Peoples Republics
Flag of Mandarr


Motto: O' Mandarr the wise, O' Mandarr the beautiful!
Anthem: The Internationale
Mandarr's localization.
 - World Kebir Blue  
 - Continent Virginia Bella  
 - Region Crane York  
 - Capital Revolution Center  
 - Largest city Revolution Center  
Official languages English
Ethnic groups 50%   Caucasian
  30%   Tribal
  20%   Oceanic
Demonym {{{demonym}}}
Government Socialist Monarchy
 - Viceroy Nikko Vazquez
 - Prime Minister Alisa Vazquez
 - Foreign Minister Mark Wright(Unity Party)
 - Governor of the Provinces Alisa Vazquez
 - President of the General Assembly of the Council of Ceantau Frank Mugel
Legislature The Supreme Peoples Assembly
 - Upper house The Peoples Congress, 200 senate seats 
 - Lower house The Secretariat of the Unity Party , 200 senate seats 
 - Formation 3460 
 - Civic Protection Act(CPA) 3461 
 - Reform Act 3496 
 - War of 3509 3509 
 - Reformation Act 3510 
 - War of 3515 3515 
 - Fall of Comunism 3539 
 - Total 256,728,411  
 - Active personnel 2,000,000+  
 - Federation Soviet Federation
 - Common Market SovEcon
 - Empire 8 Provinces
 - Total SC$220B+ 
 - Per capita SC${{{PPC}}} 
Nominal Value US$149.08USD
Currency Manrian
Internet TLD .mar
Drives on the left
URL [.mandarrungov Mandarr] in Simcountry.

The Republic of Mandarr, is a Republic that was initally founded as a communist state in 3460, through a violent uprising in 3539, the people overthrew the Workers Party  and have been at work creating a truly free society. The people of Mandarr and the other 6 states in the Union are mostly white, but there is a large Tribal and oceanic population. Since the year 3540, the Senate, and Viceroy have been the ruling power in Mandarr and the other provinces. The current leading party in the Supreme Peoples Assembly  is the Socialist Unity Party with 400 seats



Before the Revolution

First King of Mandarr, Janioplikos (2985)

The First King

Before the Great Socialist Revolution of 3460, the people of Mandarr were ruled by an absolute monarchy. This monarchy was in place from 2995-3460. The first King of Mandarr was Janioplikos Demcaus the 1st. He was born in 2957, son of the King of an influential city-state. Janioplikos led a simple life, working for the tribe and later grew to be a great leader. When his father died in 2977 he became the King of the Mandarriens and led the city-state in many vicous wars and eventually united the region that would become known as Mandarr. He was the first King in the Demcausian dynasty and enacted many agriculture, educational, and military reforms that united Mandarr as a Nation State. 

1st Demcausian Era(2995-3115)

After the death of Janioplikos in 2995 his son, Kedonplois took over the throne. His rule was marked by violent suppression of other different city-state's  trying to unite the country in their name. He enslaved the Mundarians, Maradans, and Nabattoens, and exiled them to remote areas that would later become provinces of the Union of Socialist Worker Republics. Due to the free-labor of slavery the noblility and ruling family in Mandarr became extremely rich and the quality of life drastically improved for Mandarrans, but at the moral cost of slavery. This policy of forced labor continued well after Kedonplois death in 3034, until the Civil War of 3115. 

Civil war of 3115

During the rule of King Janioplikos the 3rd(Kedonplois's grandson) the Mandarr people had an extravagant

Civil War of 3115

life. Corruption was everywhere and the suppression and enslavement of miniority groups was common practice. The Kings brother, Hercalium was deeply disturbed by the treatment of the slaves and the corruption and decadence within the royal family. So when the slaves revolted in 3115, Hercalium seized his chance and killed the King, his brother during his sleep and claimed the throne. He united the slaves with the promise of freedom, but not everyone recongized the legitamcy of the new King so a violent but short civil war broke out and Hercalium was victorious and ruled for another 40 years. After his death in 3155, the 2nd Demcausian Era begun. 

2nd Demcausian Era(3155-3289)

After the death of Hercalium his son, Landokipolis, took over the throne. This marked the beginning of the 2nd Demcausian Era. This era in Mandarr history had a strong line of mostly benevolent Kings, slavery was outlawed. and  culture and philosopy flourished. This era was characterized by many and vast technological advancements, including electricity, automobiles, and planes among other things. Though there were many technological advancements in this era the country's economy didnt become industrial till the Socialist Revolution of 3460. During this 2nd Demcausian Era the monarchy became more imperialistic in nature. It slowly extended its control over every aspect of peasena. In 3289 the last truly benevolent king of Mandarr passed away, and the 3rd, and last, Demcausian Era started. Some call this last era the Reign of Terror. 

3rd Demcausian Era; Reign of Terror(3289-3460)

After the death of Keldonplois the 3rd in 3289, his son, an intolerant religous fanatic took over the throne.

Last King of Mandarr, Janiopolkis the 4th

During his first year on the throne, King Julianons ordered the persecution and execution of anyone not following his religous code. Thousands across Mandarr were persecuted and their belongings confiscated. These belongings once again made the royal family obscenely rich. Later the King ordered the violent invasion of even more land to extend Mandarr's borders. 

These invasions brought even more people under the persecution of the Imperial government, and it was during these early moments that the Workers Party was founded based upon Marxism-Lennism, underground, by a few revolutionary radicals.The party was very small at first but as life got worse in Mandarr, its ranks swelled. By the year 3320, underground networks of revolutionaries, calling themselves Worker Councils, were present in every city and village of Mandarr. And by 3325, a gruilla war broke out that would last almost 100 years, which would lead to the fall of the Mandarran Empire, in the Socialist Revolution of 3460. 

Revolution of 3460

In the Kingdom of Mandarr, under the Demcausian dynasty, people were brutally oppressed by the noblility. Forced to work for next to nothing, with no hopes for decent jobs, education, or healthcare. By the year 3450 the workers have had enough. They formed worker councils all across the country, and rose up against the noblility, plantation owners, factory owners, and proprety owners. The King and other noblilty were arrested and mass trials soon begun across the country.  In the year 3460 the last King, Janiopolkis the 4th was executed and the old order was completely gone,  All the workers councils from across Mandarr met at what is now known as Revolution Center. They formed the 1st Congress of Workers and Peasants and formed the Mandarran Workers Party. With the new government in place the Kingdom of Mandarr ceased to exist and the Socialist Union of Mandarr took its place with Andrew as Party Leader and Prime Minister. The people of Mandarr have been in a state of constant revolution since.

Spread of the Revolution

Word of the successful revolution quickly spread to neighboring country the Kingdom of Nabatto. Conditions

Mass protests in Nabatto(3461)

for the people there were very rough and people were full of despair. When the revoultion in Mandarr took place they soon became inspired to try to change there lot in life. Soon mass protests  erupted in all the major cities and civil unrest was spilling into the country side. Soon the Nabatto army was called to break up the protests and riots broke out across the country. The Mandarran people became outraged when they heard of the crisis unfolding. At the urging of the people the Party sent in the newly formed Red Army to aid in the revolutionary struggle. Soon a full-scale war broke out. The Nabatto army was quickly defeated and the Red Army aided the local people in setting up the first workers councils. The MWP set up a branch in Nabatto and has become the largest political party, leading the new government ever since.  The old Nabatto nobility were tried and executed for crimes against humanity. Since October of 3461 the Party has led both countries into a new age of unity and economic prosperity, 

Bombing of 3461

In the year of 3461 shortly after taking power there was a bombing in Revolution Center, the Mandarr capital. A bomb had explode in the congress building killing 40 congressmen, almost half of congress. The investigation uncovered a plot from the capitialist Mandarran Liberty Party. In response to the attempted coup and counter-revolution the MWP , under the guidence of the Prime Minister, passed the Civic Protection Act of 3461. This stripped any Liberty Party offical of their congress seat, banned any party execpt the MWP from running in congress seat elections, also banned all non-mwp members from voting, banned all political parties execpt MWP to prevent counter-revolution and collapse of the Workers' State. 

Golden Era. 3462-3497

After the war, the Party's main focus was recovery and economic development. It was during this time that the Party spent trillions developing

education, health, and transportation to the high levels we see today. It was during the early years right after the war that  the economy started to expand rapidly. Over the next 30 years the Party transformed the Union into an industrial power with many high value corporations. It was during the time of rapid economic expansion that delegets from the Soviet Federation arrived at the capital. Short negotiations took place and soon after the Union became an offical member of the Federation. Since joining, Party leader Andrew has become heavily involed with Soviet politics, and won the election of 3490. As Premier Andrew pushed consitutional reforms known asProject 3500.

Economic Development

After the revoution the MWP nationalized all business, and worked to create large state-controlled public corporations. It started widespread industrialization building over 15 corporations, and turning them high value. It was during this time that the average low level worker saw their salary jump from 14,500 to over 20,000 a year. Production levels during the golden era rose from 110% to 130%. Life expectancy rose from 59 years to 65 years. This was known as the Great Leap Forward. 

Era of Reform 3497-3525

During the year 3496 the Ministry of Economic Planning noticed a small slight downwards trend in the economy, especially in the budget surplus. Due to inefficiencies in the education, welfare, and transportation sectors, cost skyrocketed. The budget surplus decreased by over 60% in a months time, and cash reserves

started to slowly shrink. The inefficiencies in the education system was the main driving force in the economic downturn. This was due to the large amount of universties that the Party had commissioned. To correct this ineffiences the Prime Minister created the Reform Act of 3496. This act went into affect in 3497. During this era the Socialist Movement of the Soviet Federation split into The Communist Party of the Soviet Federation, headed by PM Andrew and FedSoc headed by Dave. In the year 3500 PM Andrew steped down as premier to run in the new council.  He won a a seat on the first Soviet Council and during his tenure Andrew created economic legislation known as The Economic Advice Act , and has been pushing to get it passed. Andrew also supportedThe Emergency Relief Standards Act.

In the year 3509 a horrific terrorist attack which led to the death of the Prime Minister rocked the capital.  This attack led to the 2nd full scale war in Mandarr history. It was also one of the shortest but one of the most deadly with over 1 million dead and many Marada cities in complete ruin. Shortly after the war of 3509 the international markets and industrial sectors collapsed, leading to the widespread shutting down of corporations and high unemployment. Since the start of the crisis the Party has been passing economic reforms and protections to help the people. During the rising economic tensions Mandarr invaded the country to the south, Mundari and it became the 4th state in the Union of Socialist Worker Republics in 3515.

In the year 3518 the Union of Socialist Worker Republics suffered a major military defeat. Losing over 4 units worth of equipment and soldiers and massive civilian casulites. The failed war effort led to the protests of 3518. At the start the protest were protesting the war effort and when the party finally pulled the Red Army out the protest slogans changed. After the war ended the protesters begun protesting the Civic Protection act, and the dominating nature of the Workers Party. The protests were so large and wide spread that the economy was paralyzed for months until the Workers Party made concessions. The party overturned the civic protection act and Mandarr ceased to be a one-party dictatorship but a multi-party socialist republic

Reform Act of 3496

Party mandate designed to creat a more profitable, and efficient economy. Required the monthly closing of Universities and monthly building of elementary schools till a desired equilibrium is reached. Mandates the construction of roads, train tracks, and water treatment facility. This continued till the transportation system reached an equilibrium with the education system. This act also mandates the deactivation of defensive  forces.

Celebrations of 3500

The year 3500 was a highly anticipated year. Its the 40th anniversary of the Revolution and Party, a new century starts, and a new government is being put inplace in the Soviet Federation. The Prime Minister's very successful term as Premier also comes to an end in 3500. During this year leaders from theImperial Union of Gaia, The Republic of Romanam, and Estovakia , arrived to take part in the festivities. The Febuary Mass Games celebrating the Revolution were the largest yet, with over 100,000 performers. There were many local and national festivals during this year and the entire army got the year off to spend with family. 

International Relief Fund Act of 3504

In response to The Emergency Relief Standards Act being discussed within the Soviet Federation the Workers Party passed the IRFA or the Internation Relief Fund Act. This act mandated the stockpiling of vital relief resources and the creation of a large cargo airplane fleet of over 100 planes. Since the Party passed this law, Mandarr has sent large relief packages to all countries that experience natural disaster since the year of 3504. 

Bombing of 3509

In the year 3509 a horrific terrorist attack hit the capital in a series of 3 explosions  All the explosions were targeted at government buildings in an attempt to disable the government. The Prime Minister, 12 congressmen and many party members lost their lives. As a result General R.Lee took full emergency powers and launched a full NIOCC invesigation into what happened. Another secret plot from the Mandarran Liberty party sationed in Marada was discovered. A full scale invasion was a result of the invistgation.

War of 3509

After the attack of 3509 an invasion was immediately launched. The Red Army first targeted Marada's air defense units, then air attack units,

then land units, and within a week their enitre military was wiped out. After the military was gone the Red Army shifted its focus to liberating the cities, towns, and corporations. Much resistence was encountered and casuliteies were high but the Red Army was victorious. The war ended in the final assault on the capital only 2 weeks after the start of the war. After the war reconsturction begun immediately and the Kingdom of Marada was reorganized into the Workers Republic of Marada and became the 3rd state in the Union of Socialist Worker Republics.

Protests of 3518 and 3522

Due to a failed invasion, massive protests erupted across the Union. Hundreds of thousands of people took part and it completely paralyzed the economy. In 3518 a meeting between the Workers Party and oppisition groups took place, moderated by ambassadors from the Kingdom of Greenwood . As a result of the meeting the Civic Protection Act was overturned and general elections start in 3520. As a result of the civic protection act being overturned factions split off the Workers Party and formed the Democratic Socialist Alliance, the Green Party, and Federated Tribal Front.

After the elections, the DSA, green party and the FTF made small gains in congress and attempted to pass reforms that would either democratize the Presidium or reinstate the office of Prime Minster. Both acts failed, being voted down by the Workers Party that still held the congressional majority. Since the acts were both voted down disgrunlted civilians once again took to the streets in protest in 3522. At one point tensions during the protests were so high that the protesters started throwing rocks and government buidings and Worker Party members. Due to the assaults the membership of the Workers Party also took to the streets in protest.

Era of Consolidation 3525-3558

The protests that started in 3522 ended in the year 3525 after the election of a new General Secertary of the Workers Party. The new  Worker Party leader, Robert Redman, took the party down a more hardline path. He stated in a speech to the country that the Party will take EVERY measure at its disposal to protect the Worker Party movement. This era in Mandarr history is charaterized by the political struggle between the Workers Party , and the DSA and Green Party. In 3528 the Congress of Workers and Peasents was overthrown and replaced by the newly formed Central Committee, and General Secretary in the 2nd great Socialist Revolution.

The new hardline government wouldnt last even 15 years before it and the entire Workers Party collasped. The collapse was brought on during major economic distress caused by supply shortages, and the uncompromising nature of former General Secertary Robert Redman. After a secret meeting between 6 Central Committee members, and jusitces from the House of High Commissionars, the Workers Party and USWR was disbanded, a provisional government was appointed and a constiutional committee was elected. After the consitution was quickly written, Mandarr hosted its first elections.

2nd Great Socialist Revolution

In the year 3528, General Secertary,  Robert Redman, ordered the Red Army to occupy the capital, Revolution Center. While the occupation was taking place Robert Redman gave this intense speach

Central Committee of the Mandarran Workers Party

"Comrades and friends of Mandarr. A new dawn is upon us a 2nd Great Socialist Revolution has begun. As i speak to you our comrades in the Red Army have stormed the House of Congress and arrested the counter-revolutionary elements that aim to destroy our grand revolution. The disunity that Congress has created can no longer be tolerated. So hence forth the Congress of Workers and Peasants no longer exists and the Presidium will now handle all legislative and executive duties. Due to its new responsibility the Presidium is being renamed the Central Committee of the Workers Party. The DSA and Green Party are now considered illegal terrorist organizations and must be stopped by all means. May the new Central Committee be an everlasting symbol of the unity of our Great Socialist Revolution! Long live the USWR!"

During the 2nd revolution over 5,000 politicat oppisition members were arrested including some worker party officals. Due to the mass arrests the Republic of Ossory, applied international political pressure for their release. In light of the growning tensions within the Soviet Federation, the prisoners were granted amnesty and King Richard the 1st, of the Kingdom of Greenwood paid a state visit to Mandarr. This is his opening speech. 

"Friends and brothers of Mandarr, we are in complete support of your people but not in support of the recent coup. More advisers will stay behind and set up an independent human rights committee to watch over the growing political instability and make sure no human rights are violated. I call upon the new Central Committee to listen to its people and make fair reasonable choices"

In reply the General Secretary said" Although we disagree with the King's position on our second revolution and the recent developments regarding arrests of revolutionary opposition members, we are willing to work with the King in common goals. The King has already graciously granted military access and authorisation to build a military base in his Kingdom, and to have Red Army troops join the international cohort already there. Our goal is normalise relations with the federation members who have expressed their deepest concerns over recent events in Mandarr. We want to convince Greenwood and the federation as a whole that our second revolution is acceptable as it ONLY for the betterment of the people of Mandarr."

After the 2nd revolution the Socialist Republic that lasted for only 10 years collapsed and Mandarr returned to being a Single Party State, In the year 3530 the Central Committee voted all executive powers to the General Secretary, Robert Redman. 

Earthquake of 3529

During the fall of 3529 a horrible earthquake struck 2 states in the Union of Socialist Worker Republics. The

Workers Republic of Diantha, and Workers Republic of Mundari, around 10000 died in the intial quake. Because of the long government response, thousands more died. This prompted massive protests across the country. The protests quickly turned violent with many fires being set in many cities across the Union. Some fires burned for 2 weeks in some areas. Much of the capital, Revolution Center was burned down by rioters. 

The Protests lasted for almost a year and were the most violent in Mandarr history. The protests finally ended after, the House of High Commissioners held court to rule on the legitimacy of the new regime under Robert Redman. The court ruled in favor of the new government and the protests subsided.

After the court ruling, the Red Army swore an oath to the new government and swore to continue the fight for socialism during the annual Victory Parade.

War and crisis of 3533

In January of 3533, the USWR went to war with a rogue terrorist President. During this war the USWR test

Nuclear attack, Jan 3533

fired a nuke killing of 30,000 and injurying over 100,000. Due to the surprise and brutal nature of the attack the Republic of Ossory condemend it and imposed economic sanctions. Because of the sanctions, massive and violent protests broke out around the Ossarian Embassy in Mal Puento. During the protests radical extremists shot and killed an Ossarian minister and wounded many others. Protesters also blocked the runway, preventing the evacuation of Ossarian officials.. 

The Red Army was successful in suppressing the protests and arrest over 200 hundred protests to allow for the evacuation of Ossarian Officials. 3 of the extremists, also called the Mandarr 5 were exectued and the rests of the protesters receieved long prison terms after an international tribunal. 

Cultural Exchange of 3536

During the middle of the year 3536 officials from the USWR and Imperial Union signed a cultural exchange deal. Students from both nations will go and live, study, and work in the other. In Mandarr the sports team from the Imperial Union became the first team from another nation to win the USWR football competetion. The General Secretary, Robert, Redman, personally awarded them the Mandarran Socialist Athletic Achievment Medal.

The Fall of Communism

In the year 3539 a large scale economic depression hit, with shortage rampent and people out of work, the Workers Party was frantically searching for a solution. During a heated meeting of the Central Committee, 6 Committee members walked out in anger and protest of the General Secretary's uncompromising nature soon after the General Secretary made an illegal move and dissolved the Central Committee. Because of this many Party youth clubs, and other groups renounced their party membership and went underground. Soon after things got violent. On the night of December 12th 3539, local youth in Revolution Center, stormed the Peoples Palace, and killed the General Secretary and many other high-ranking, hardline party members. Because of this attack, and the death of the General Secretary, 6 central committee members and the House of High Commissioners secretly met in a house on the outskirts of Revolution Center. And there they signed a legal document offically ending the rule of the Workers Party, and the government of the Union of Socialist Workers Republics.

Rise of the Nationalists(3540-3547)

After the fall of the USWR, a provisonal government was appointed and it elected a constitutional committee of over 70 politically independent

Nationalist Party symbols

Mandarrans. They created a democratic system, with a Senate and executive headed by the Viceroy and Prime Minister. During the first elections in 3540 the Mandarran Nationalist Party won the majority in the Mandarran Senate with 168 seats as well as the Viceroy seat. The Peoples Republican Party won 88 seats. Together they passed economic reforms that decreased government spending through social security and wage cuts, they also lifted many restrictions on private industry. They have hinted Land Reforms are on the way. Due to the Labour party holding the office of prime minister and thus the power of veto, no land reform was passed.

This caused a Labour Party backlash, as the Nationalist launched a fierce but respectful attack campaign. In the 2nd Mandarr elections in 3545 They lost  over 10 senate seats and the office of Prime Minister. The Nationalist as well as the Republican party made gains in the Senate, and Viceroy Steven Montgomery of the Nationalists was reelected to his 2nd term. During this second term the Nationalist passed their land reform and further economic reform.

United Front for Social Progress(3547-3562)

This privatized many acres of lands that had belonged to the collectives. Due to the privatzation many workers and peasents went homeless because they could not afford to buy the privatized land, as a result many went homeless. Due to further economic reform, social security payments, and government wages were cut, while corporate taxes were also cut and the military budget expanded 3fold. These cuts and austertiy measures caused a drop in the polls for the nationalists. Due to the economic collapse in the country side the Labour Party, and Green Party joined forces and became the United Front for Social Progress(UFSP) in an effort to win a senate majority. Together they filed a petition for special elections, a right guaranteed under the new constituion. Speical elections were held in 3547 and the UFSP won a 45% majority in the Senate, Linda Vazquez of the UFSP was elected Viceroy and Prime Minister Blake of the Peoples Republican Party was re-elected. 

After the UFSP victory the Senate instantly resumed debate over the austerity enacted during the previous government. After almost a year of gridlock and debate, the UFSP finally overturned the Austerity measures. Land was returned to the collectives and the collective farmers who lost their homes got them back. This caused a massive increase in the UFSP approval rating, making them the most popular political party at that time. Another political party formned in the year 3550. The United Tribal Socialist Party. The UTSP was founded from a collation of natives who were politically independet. They have been described by some as a radical socialist, Maoist party. There platforms includes the complete collectivization of all industry,  abolish all forms of private property. Due to their radical ideas and similarites to the former Mandarran Workers Party , they are not very popular.

Depression of the  3550s

After the elections of 3547, and after the Nationalist Austerity measures were reversed there was an economic collapse in Mandarr. Due to

Flag of the United Tribal Socialist Party

extensive social services and a large military. The Viceroy and UFSP controlled senate tryed to reverse it through small scale military deactivation. But it was not successful and the depression continues to this day. It has become the longest period of economic hardship Mandarr has experienced since the rule of the monarchs.

Due to the extended period of economic hardship, many radical political ideologies started to regain popularity. Mandarran Communism, triumphed by the United Tribal Socialist Party, and Mandarran Nationalism promoted by the Nationalist Party are some of the most popular radical parties. Because of their rise in popularity,, Viceroy Vazquez postponed elections till 3555, in order to protect the still fragile democracy. In 3555 Viceroy Vazquez was reelected, and the UFSP held onto its majority. The Nationalist party lost all its seats in the Peoples congress to the United Tribal Socialist Party. In the year 3558 separatist groups started to form in Nabatto. These groups were ultra-nationalist in tendencies and advocated either peaceful, or violent, independence from Mandarr. As a result  Viceroy Vazquez started proceedings to get a ban on political parties adovcating violence in place before the elections of 3560.. The Viceroy and UFSP struggled to keep the economically fledgling Union of Nations together. 

Socialist Unity Party Formation and attack of 3562

After the depression entered its 10th year, and the outbreak of separatist violence in Nabatto, the United Tribal Party and United Front for Social Progress joined forces to become the Socialist Unity Party , under the leadership of the Viceroy and Jake Redman, Robert Redman's son. This party was the first left wing party to make gains in the House of Ministers, traditionally its been dominated by the right sector.  After the elections in 3460 a bomb exploded in the capital, critically injuring  Viceroy Vazquez. Jake Redman was acting Viceroy until she recovered.. Far right nationalist, and separatist groups took credit for the attack. This attack led to further distrust for the Nationalist and right wing parties. And many Mandarran polls at the time, indicated many Mandarrans want to return to a communist government.

Tactical Rock

During the 3560s an international crisis with the Nation of Tactical Rock broke out. The nations spilt off into many splinter groups. Communist

The Struggle of Soldiers and Peasants

militias, jihaddist, and government loyalists all fought for control of the country. Many Soviet nations got involved siding with government loyalists instead of the Socialist Revolution taking place. This led to the acting Viceroy Jake Redman to impose a ban on all foreign travel, and adopted an isolationist policy, though the government remained highly critical of Soviet involvement. The government commissioned a monument in honour of the Communist militias and failed Socialist Revolution in Tactical Rock.

Era of the Socialist Unity Party

In the year 3565 Viceroy Vazquez was reelected and the Unity Party majority grew by almost 10%. It was during this tenure that the Viceroy declared the First Republic Mandarr a Socialist Republic. This marked the beginning of a socialist dominated government for the Mandarran Union. In the 3570s the party and Viceroy's main focus was military expansion in the poorly defended provinces while continuing the Mandarran Economic Recovery. In 3574, Viceroy Linda Vazquez suffered a stroke which would leave her in a coma until her death in 3575. Her son Senator Hector Vazquez replaced her as Viceroy of the Republic in the 3575 national elections. 

In 3576 Viceroy Hector was granted further executive powers by the Senate, including the power of veto, and the power to call and suspend national elections. Later, in 3579 he would use those powers to suspend elections for Viceroy after recieved terrorist threats. Ultranationalist/Separatists threatned to kill the Viceroy if chooses to run and they threatned to bomb highly populated voting areas. In response via exectuive order from the Viceroy,  thousands of Mandarr troops were stationed at polling locations across the Union. In the 3580s nationalist protests broke out across the Union, in Mundari protests grew violent, when a nationalist protester started shooting into the counter-protesting Unity Party crowd. In an effort to protect citizens the Mandarran Police open fired into the Nationalist crowd killing hundreds. This would lead the Supreme Peoples Assembly to outlaw public protests and the carrying of firearms.

Mandarran Highlandic Trading Bloc and the Act of Disapation 

After much debate within the Senate in 3583 it finally passed economic independence resolution 01, which pulled Mandarr and all of the provinces out of the Unisov common market. Soon after talks would begin with theHighlandic Federation which would lead to the creation of the Mandarran-Highlandic Market The creation of this market was one of Viceroy Hector's main achivements. Soon after Viceroy Hector was granted full executive and legislative powers. He later dissolved the Senate and created in its place, the Supreme Peoples Assembly, which is divided into the Peoples Congress and the Secretariat of the Unity Party, this was called The Act of Disapation. 

In 3595, the Supreme Peoples Assembly became aware of a dire humanitarian crisis in a bordering state. So via order of the Assembly, Viceroy Hector ordered a land invasion. Soon after the Mandarran Armed Forces held a public referndum to see if the population wanted to join the Union. The vote was successful and the state was renamed as The Republic of Vazquez, named after the Vazquez family. Fast reconstruction begun and in the early 3600s the newly formed state joined the Mandarran-Highlandic Market.

In 3600 Viceroy Hector Vazquez stepped down as Party Secertary letting his son, Nikko Vazquez, take over the leadership of the Unity Party. Soon after in 3610 Viceroy Hector Vazquez passed away and Party Leader Nikko Vazquez was appointed Viceroy by the Supreme Peoples Assembly.

Nikkoian Era(3610-3666)

When Nikko took over as Viceroy, he immediately launched a series of reforms. These reforms included a Party Purge, and many economic reforms which included the nationalization of an entire Private Enterprise know as Mandarran Tech, and the creation of the state run enterprise the Mandarr Industrial Complex. These economic reforms were enacted in a series of 10 year plans, which first begun in 3605. By 3640 all states in the Union had such high levels of developement in health care, education, and transporation they had never been reached before. By 3640 the Private enterprise Mandarran Tech was completely assimalted by the Mandarran workers, foreign governments, and the Mandarr Industrial Complex. Nikko's rule would last another 26 peaceful  years before he past from old age. 

Earthquake of 3667 and Party Reformation(3667-3700)

Nikko's son Alenjandro was quick to fill his fathers footsteps. His first act in office was to reform the Union and give every province a new name. In 3667 the Republic of Mandarr, became known as the Mandarr Peoples Republic. The Mandarran Union became known as the Union of Peoples Republics. Though his tenure seemed promising it was cut short after only 6 months in office a brutal earthquake struck during a session of the Central Committee and Viceroy, causing the large government building to collapse around them, ending the Vazquez line.  With every high ranking party official including the Viceroy dead the Supreme Peoples Assembly acted fast and elected a new Central Committee. The new Committee went on to disolve the office of Viceroy to prevent an internal power strugge. 

Economic Coup of the 3670s

After the Central Committee gained the peoples power once held by the Viceroy, the Committee went on to reform the Socialist Unity Party and the Federal Government. The Socialist Unity Party was renamed the Communist Party and the Mandarran Union was renamed the Union of Peoples Republics, and every state became known as a Peoples Republic. The Committee collectivized every form of centralized government managment.(for more info on the changes see Branches of Government and Government Process.) Very soon after, the Committee launched efforts to regain control and managment of the economy from private influence. It enforced a very high corporate tax rate and minium wage, ensuring that a private enterprise that refused to surrender its assests to the Communist Party and stay in the country would serve the peoples interests. This would cause most corporations to flee throughout the union, over 20 were also nationalized for not increasing wages, as a result there are very few private corporations in the Union of Peoples Republics.  As a result unemployment reached levels that havent been seen for hundreds of years. The level of unemployment took decades to bring back into normal levels, it wasnt until the 3690s that the people of the Union of Peoples Republics had some form of economic stability. 

Government and Policies

For more information click Mandarran Federal Government

Government type: Communist State

Flag of the Union of Peoples Republics

Most Recent Central Committee election: 3712 Leading Party:  Communist Party of the Union of Peoples Republics    

                                                          Branches of Government and Government Process

After the Vazquez line ended, the Central Committee of the Socialist Unity Party disolved and abosred the office and powers of the Viceroy and a new form of collective government and government process began to develop in Mandarr.  The new process was solely governed and created by the reformed Communist Party of Union of Peoples Republics. The structure of the government is the structure of the Party, the Communist Party is the government in the Union of Peoples Republics. Primarly, the Party and country is governed by a Central Committee. The Committee governs all apsects of the government through collective reasoning based upon the principles of democratic centralism, Mandarran Unionism, and Marxism-Lenninism.  The Central Committee forms, guides, and manages subcommittees that specialize in many different aspect of government. The Central Committee is also the ideological leaders and oraginzational head of the Communist Party of the Union of Peopls Republics

When the Committee is not in session the Supreme Peoples Assembly appoints a Presidium consisting of 3 members to act as offical head of state, with all powers of the Central Committee. 

The Central Committee

This branch is run by the Prime Minister and Viceroy and their cabinets. They are elected via general elections every 5 years. The Prime Minister oversees legislative meetings, passed legislation, and is the only member of the executive with power of veto. The Viceroy is in charge of running the administration, appoints a cabinet, and is considered the head of state. The Viceroy is also in charge of approving Supreme Court Justice appointments. 

Supreme Peoples Assembly

Legislative branch made up of 400 members. The branch is divided into 2 houses. The National Communist Party Congress and the Secretariat of the Communist Party. Together they make up the Supreme Peoples Assembly. When legislation is first proposed it has to be approved first by the House it was proposed in. Then it has to be approved by both houses. Passed legislation goes on to the Central Committee  for approval or

Mandarran Senatorial Chambers

veto, the only way to override a central committee veto is through a re-vote. The A member or all members of Central Committee chair every Assembly meeting and set the agenda. In case not all members of Assembly are present Quorum can be held but at least 225 Assembly members must be present,  in case of a tie the Central Committee decides the fate of the debated topic

The Union Assembly meets twice a week in the Mandarran Peoples Chambers, in the Government district in Revolution Center. The building grounds are decorated with Red and Gold flowers, the colors of the Mandarran Revolution.

Department of Foreign Affairs

Under the jurisdiction of the Central The. Foreign Minister is appointed by the Committee, at the start of the Committee's tenure, as part of the Central Committee's subcommittee appointments. Since the fall of the Vazquez family line, the main foreign policiy goal has been changed from isolationism, to spreading Soviet Federation and communist influence to all parts of Kebir Blue.

Galactic Relations

Aquitinian Embassy in Revolution Center

In 3545 a new embassy was built in Revolution Center. Its owned by the Aquitanin Empire. Its location and purpose was highly debated, as its the first Galactic Embassy. The construction of the Embassy came after the proposition from the Soviet Federation for a Galactic Summit with the Union.  The Embassy itself is large and eloquent. The Mandarran government maintains a museum dedicated to the history of the Aquitanian Empire in the western section of the Embassy. The rest of the embassy is operated by the Foreign Ministry of the Aquitanian Empire.. Representing the fine culture from the Aquitanian Empire

Cultural Exhange with the Imperial Union

In the year 3536, the old Central Committee of the Mandarran Workers Party sent over 200 of the USWR's best students. It included students of all ages and of all studies. These students lived in the Imperial Union for many years till their studies were completed. . In return the Imperial Union sent students, and many athletes to compete in local Mandarr sports.


terms of office served in Soviet Federation

Office Terms served start year end year
Premier 1 3490 3500
Council 2 3500 3518
Premier 2 3543 3566
Council 1 3566

Mandarran Armed Forces

The MAF was founded in 3460 as the Red Army, at the first Congress of Workers and Peasants. It has its roots in local militias formed by local worker councils during the Revolution. The Red Army has a strict code of conduct with an emphasis on morality and human rights. The Red Army has been involved in many conflicts across Virignia Bella. Red Army uses a Military destruction only policy. There are 3 different sectors of the Red Army. The Mandarran Armned Forces are currently going through a major mutli trillion expansion project. More information on the Mandarran Armed forces can be found here

Nuclear Program

At the start of the year 3500, the ruling Workers Party started a top secret military program, the development of nuclear weapons. The party's efforts were succesful. In the year 3507 a small yield nuclear device was detonated, the Union of Socialist Worker Republics has been a nuclear superpower since. The country acquired a small stockpile of ICBM nuclear missiles and a launcher, and a small stockpile of tactical nuclear missiles and a launcher. In the year 3515 due to massive international outcry the party formed the Nuclear Defense Committee to ensure the use of these weapons will be for defense only.


The Mandarran people enjoy a country with a wide variety of ecosystems. The eastern coastal regions are

very lush and tropical. They are filled with a wide variety of plants and animals and Mandarr gets a tourism boost from this. Further inland, near Revolution Center, and Equality Center the land is flat and tropical, very rich farmland. With rain forests covering the parts not used for farms. Due to deforestation the MWP has now made any further development in the area highly illegal. The Eastern Region's wide variety of plants have made it a hot spot for finding new pharmaceutical drugs. 

Past the rain forests in the east you come across the Mandarran Plains in the west. A vast open expanse of grassland spotted with small towns and villages, with a more densely populated area in the far west near the border.The coastal regions of the east and border regions of the west are the most densely populated areas of Mandarr.

Major Cities

Largest cities or towns of The Republic of Mandarr
Rank Name Province Population
1 Revolution Center Shri Krsna 3,406,33
2 Vladvostock Shri Lankia 2,366,231
3 Equality Center Shri Lankia 2,185,195
4 Mocca Center Shri Ramma 1,320,466
5 Springdale Western Plains 1,285,499

Coastal Cities(Tourist hotspots)

Name Population
Freedom Center 320,000
Tacrograd 250,000
Mesa 125,000


The Socialist Union of Mandarr is a highly developed high-tech industrial state, with many high value public corporations. Mandarr has 53 corporations in total, with 6  being national corporations, 29 are state controlled and 24 are CEO controlled with very few to no regulations. The main industries in Mandarr are the mining, heavy industrial,, construction, high-tech, and the countries weapon industries. The most well known corporation is the internationally acclaimed state run Mandarran Times News Agency. Since the Worker Party collapsed in 3539 and the Nationalists were first elected in 3540 they created economic reform that lifted regulations on private industry, lowered taxes, increased the size of the military and defense industries, and lowered Disability and Social Security payments.


Education has been one of the top priorities of the government since formation in 3460. Trillions have been spent developing policies, teaching establishments, and facilities in all provinces of the Union. The elementary school curiculum includes, science, writing, reading, verbal communications, math, history, and physical activity. High school students are taught many life skills like how to be successful in the work place, every student attends sensitivity programs as part of their studies. High school students are also given more choice as to what they study. Many Union high schools offer a variety of different electives. There is a state run college system that is completely free of charge. Students that wish to advance to higher areas of learning have the chance too. The college system is run with 1 main college called The People's Institute of Knowledge that helps operate and run the entire USWR University network that includes over 5,000 universities. All the deans and professors of the former USWR were Worker Party members. The easy access to higher education has contributed in the massive industrialization of the country.

The People's Institute of Knowledge(PIK)

Founded in 3460 as the USWR's main national university. The campus was built on the outskirts of

The People's Institute of Knowledge

Revolution Center and is the size of a small town. Since its construction, Revolution Center has grown around the campus, giving it a natural, but urban feel. The university contains one of the largest libraries on Kebir Blue, and enrollment in any university is free. There are over 500 different courses at the PIK ranging from the arts, liberal arts, social sciences, physical sciences, athletics, and many more.

Soviet Peoples' University at Revolution Center

In the late 3530's councilman and Vanguard party members

proposed legislation that created the Soviet Federal University system. The fist University commissoned was SPU at Revolution Center.It is also the largest university in the system with over 40,000 students. The major departments include economics, and political theory, The University is large and modern and is located right across from major governmnet buildings in the Peoples' Square.  SPURC is also home to the National football competetion that thousands of Mandarrans and tourists from other countries come to see.  


Mandarr has a very extensive state owned road, rail, power, and water system. The population rellies on an extensive highway network that has over 45,000 miles of road in Mandarr alone. The part dedicates a large amount of the budgt to maintaining the road system. We also have a very high-tech rail system, one of the most advanced on this side of Kebir Blue. With over 18,000 miles of rail and top train speed of 400mph, the train system in Mandarr is very reliable.The main source of electricity in mandarr is solar. There are many solar farms across the country suppyling the populations energy needs and giving away whats left to needy countries. There are many water treatment plants along Mandarr's rivers and lake cleaning up the water for the people and recycling whats been used.

The Great Leap Forward

Shortly after the revolution in Nabattoo the Workers Party enacted a series of policies the would be called "the great leap forward." These polices were enacted during the golden era and are responsible for the massive success of that period of time. The Great leap forward started in 3462 and ended in 3485. In just 23 short years the people saw there lives drastically improve with welfare reaching 134 and life expectancy up to 65 and still growing. This was caused by the massive public works projects the Party passed. There were massive construction projects with hundreds of schools, and unviersties, hospitals, and thousands of miles of roads being built each year. During this time the Party also shut down many of the plantaions and farms that employed the population and built massive industrial complexs in their place.

The Stock Market

The state controlled stock market in Mandarr has been a huge contributing factor in the great success of the Great Leap Forward and golden era. In the early days it only consisted of a few corporations, but now over half of Mandarr's corporations are publicly owned. This led to a massive increase in revune for the country. The high-tech and industrial sectors dominate the Mandarr economy. Mandarr has become a major world supplier of high quality ammunition, pharmactuical, and electionic products. Other major industries include construction, the service industry, and utility industries.

Industry Estimated Production Value
Food 0
Mining 9.23B
Industrial 75.63B
Service 0
Government 0B
Construction 25.06
High-Tech 50.49B
Utility 13.25B
Agriculture 2.55B
Recreational 0
Defence 16.68B
Total for all 209.58B

Provinces of the Union

Name Integration Population
The Republic of Mandarr 3460 58,427,649
Republic of Nabatto 3461 32,550,829
Republic of Marada 3509 27,699,519
Republic of Mundari 3515 27,118,286
Republic of Diantha 3525 26,897,086
Republic of Berlingo 3537 25,113,997
Republic of Mindanoa 3538 25,061,897
Republic of Vazquez 3595 18,145,783
Rakav Peoples Republic 3606 16,826,785


The Mandarran people have a strong, happy, vibrant culture. They are celtic in decent, very communal, and liberal when it comes to social issues. The people of Mandarr enjoy many personal freedoms, such as freedom of religon, and freedom from poverty. They also enjoy the freedom to smoke weed. There are many holidays that go back to Mandarr's Vedic ancestry. There are many vibrant celebrations each time the season changes. The former Workers' Party was heavily involved with culture, hosting many local and national celebrations year round. The most important celebrations occur in Febuary during the anniversary of the Revolution and Party.


The peoples of the Mandarran Union are highly athletic. Many sports are enjoyed in the Mandarran Union, such as soccor, basketball, baseball, and football. Football is the most popular with National compettetions being held every year. The wining team of the compettition is awarded the Mandarran Socialist Medal of Athletic Achievment and they become celebraties too the people atleast till the next compettetion.  In the year 3536, a cultural exchange took place between the USWR and the Imperial Union. The Imperial Union sent an athletic team to compete in our yearly football competition, and they are the first foreign team to have won, and been award the Mandarran Socialist Medal of Athletic Achievment.


The music of Mandarr is very diverse. Music realesed by the Party is always in the style of Socialist Realism. Socialist Realism conveys the ideals

of socialism in an easy to understand musical format. People also enjoy the freedom to create their own music, resulting in a wide varitey of music. From Vedic chanting groups, to hardcore industrial night clubs, electronica, jazz, hardrock, it can all be heard on the city streets in Mandarr. With a wide variety of music Mandarr has a very vibrant night life. There are over 20 party commissoned night clubs in every city and town across Mandarr, all specializing in different genres of music.


Art plays a large and important part in Mandarran culture. The people enjoy a wide variety of genres

including socialist realism. The Workers Party has an entire department dedicated to the making of art in this style. Socialist Realism in art usually depicts a working-class hero, or revolution. As a result paintings and posters of working people adorn many local and national government buildings.  The people are also heavily involved in art. There are many art shows, and exhibits across Mandarr. There is also a lot of street art decorating the cities and trains. What would be considered vandalism in many countries is considered art in Mandarr.


There is a wide range of food to be enjoyed in Mandarr. The food is normally spicey and tropical in flavor,

chicken is a favorite among the people. Most of the time meat dishes are served on sticks with vegtables or fruit for added flavor. Rice and noodles are also very popular. Processed foods are banned in Mandarr, and so are big business grocery chains. So all the food in Mandarr is bought and sold in open air farmers markets. This ensures high quality organic fruits and vegtables. Many people in Mandarr grow their own food and what they dont use they give to the community for free.


There are many style of buildings in Mandarr. Government buildings are usually made from stone, are made very large, with an emphassis on angels and points. Many of the civilian buildings are built in a new age style, built sometimes in very strange shapes. Sometimes you can see an office building that looks

like a Tetris cube. There arent many private houses in Mandarr as most of the population has opted to living in large collective housing projects. The housing projects in Mandarr have been very succesful and are well maintained by the party. The Party provides housing to those who need it, or want it, free of charge and rent, with utilities paid. Because of the Party's housing projects, proverty is unheard of in Mandarr.

Public Holidays

There are many holidays celebrated by the people of Mandarr and the other provinces. Many of the days are religous celebrations impror, and other days celebrate certain victories and important events in Mandarr history. 

Day Holiday Background
2/21 Mahashivarthri Religious celebration 
2/29 Day of the Revolution, day of the mass games Day to remember the revolution of 3460, and day of the yearly games, all workers get time off
5/1 Labour Day Day celebrating the labour movement, all workers get time off
7/4 Memorial Day Day to remember the fallen people in our countries past wars, all workers get time off
9/24 Day of Meditation All workers get a day off for rest
10/05 All souls day Spiritual Mandarran day to honour the dead
11/15 All hearts day Spritual day to honour the living.
12/21 Winter Solstice  Day to celebrate the changing of the seasons