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Game News

Documentation - - 1970/01/01 00:00

Several documents are updated. We have already updated some in the past several months. the documents are now more up to date, and we tried to make them a bit shorter where possible. It seems that rea...

Ammunition - - 1970/01/01 00:00

Many types of ammunition are reduced in price. The changes are 5% on average and are mainly in the defensive ammunition....

Education and health system pages - - 1970/01/01 00:00

Work is nearly finished on a better version of these pages. We expect these updates to be in place in the coming weeks....

Production levels - - 1970/01/01 00:00

A small increase in production levels and a slight price reduction....

The cost of the defense - - 1970/01/01 00:00

The cost of the defense continues to decline. The declines are in the cost of weapons and ammunition, mainly defensive ones but also some offensive materials. The cost of nuclear weapons did not chang...

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Current Headlines

  • April 1, 3984 (KB)
    • Flag of Yuet Kin.png - A magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck Yuet Kin, killing 7,874 people and wounding 25,532 others.
  • September 10, 3608 (WG)
    • 3030 Aquitanian Flag.png - Aquitania exits a recession triggered by the White Giant crash of 3600, the worst economic disaster in White Giant history. Although recovery is slow, the Aquitanian economy is growing again. The nation was cushioned by its strong reserves, foreign bonds and a seasoned share portfolio.
  • July 27, 3543 (GR)
    • VlagWeliopakistan.png - A magnitude 7.62 earthquake occurs 6 kms under the surface of Porto Capital. 59194 people died immediately, 102471 people were wounded.
  • 3400's-3510's(GR)
    • Download (15).jpg The Union goes into a huge crash depression after war with SanKa leaves millions dead.The Queen declares 'No Ruling' policy,and all Reinaldis are exiled to Guimaras Islands.
  • June 5, 3513 (GR)
    • VlagWeliopakistan.png - A Large Earthquake occurred in Yokistan. 68844 people died immediately and 119654 people were wounded.
  • June 5, 3497 (GR)