Lynx Minor
Location Lynx Minor (Golden Rainbow).png
Regions 15+1 (exclave)
Countries 825

Lynx Minor is one of the three major continents in the planet of Golden Rainbow.


It is situated in the Eastern Hemisphere, entirely north of the Equinoctial, and is surrounded by the Eastern and Northern Oceans.


The continent can be divided into fifteen great regions (each of which contains many countries):

  • Amherst
  • Auruga Deserts
  • Bavaro Bello
  • Elizabeth
  • Fornax Musica
  • Glarus Modo
  • Hora Est
  • Marbella Maxima
  • Marco Doda
  • Metasta Gloria
  • Micron Bollero
  • Octanta Banus
  • Pasta Basta
  • Taurus Kulma
  • White Highlands


The climate of Lynx Minor is formed under the influence of several determining factors. The enormous size of the continent and the remoteness of many areas from the sea result in the dominance of the continental climate, which is prevalent far east except for the tundra and the extreme south. Mountains in the center obstructing the flow of warm air masses from the neighbour Equatorial Ocean (to the south) and the plain of the east and north makes the continent open to North Ocean influences.


Lynx Minor is the northernmost continent and is bordered by the Northern Ocean to the north and is mostly characterized by ice formations.

GR Time Zones.

Extreme points

Mainland Lyns Minor is entirely located within the northern and eastern hemispheres, runs from 135° of longitude east to 9° west and 16° of latitude north to 74° north as its extreme points.

Time Zones

There are eight time zones in Lynx Minor, which currently observe times ranging from UTC+01:00 to UTC+08:00.

List of zones

Since 3374, the time zones are as follows:

UTC Area covered
UTC+01 Hora Est.
UTC+02 Taurus Kulma.
UTC+03 Bavaro Bello and Marbella Maxima regions.
UTC+04 White Highlands and parts of Glarus Modo and Micron Bollero.
UTC+05 Most of Octanta Banus, Glarus Modo and Micron Bollero.
UTC+06 Amherst and Metasta Gloria regions, Midbara Exclave of Auruga Deserts, eastern parts of Octanta Banus and western parts of Elizabeth.
UTC+07 Most of Auruga Deserts and Elizabeth and west parts of Pasta Basta.
UTC+08 Fornax Musica, Marco Doda and eastern parts of Pasta Basta.
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