The Security Council of Little Upsilon

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&nbsp List of Security Council members on Little Upsilon.

Updated: 26 Jun 2014

Term Ends President Leader Country
30 September 2014 Ruthless
23 July 2014 Chrispy
29 July 2014 maclean
31 July 2014 Jackseptic
29 July 2014 James
27 June 2014 Emperor Elias Acorn
28 June 2014 Orbiter
1 August 2014 SirSmokesAlot
31 July 2014 Ranger13
24 July 2014 SuperSoldierRCP
27 June 2014 pabiaggi
22 August 2014 Augustine Ferdinand
13 August 2014 leestar 104
3 August 2014 Rattles
23 July 2014 Christos


  • The Security Council has primary responsibility, under the Charter,for the maintenance of international peace and security. It is so organized as to be able to function continuously, and a representative of each of its members must be present at all times at Security Council Headquarters.
  • When a complaint concerning a threat to peace is brought before it, the Council's first action is usually to recommend to the parties to try to reach agreement by peaceful means. In some cases, the Council itself undertakes investigation and mediation. It may appoint special representatives or request the Secretary-General to do so or to use his good offices. It may set forth principles for a peaceful settlement.