The Republic of Leyr
Leyr Flag
Motto: Victory through power. Power through strength. Strength through wealth. Wealth through knowledge.
Anthem: Gypsy Chorus (Giuseppe Verdi)
 - World Little Upsilon  
 - Continent Lacerta  
 - Region Jura Fantastica  
 - Capital Argatia  
Official language English
Government Social Democracy
 - Prime Minister the Honourable Mr. Argyll Lester
 - Ministers 12 Ministers
 - House of Representatives 144 Members of Parliament
 - Senators 72 Senators
 - Formation May 2475 
 - Total 14,324,015  
 - Total 482,382  
 - Percentage 3.37%  
 - Total SC${{{production_total}}} 
 - Production per capita SC${{{PPC}}} 
 - Federation None
 - Common Market None
 - Empire None
Nominal Value US$10.70
URL Leyr in Simcountry.
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The Government of Leyr is a social democracy that aims for freedom of speech and freedom of vote. Federal Elections in Leyr are held once every four years - however, in 2475, one Argyll Lester ran for the office of Prime Minister and was wildly popular. It seems that the Honourable Mr. Lester may be around for some years to come - especially since he has declared himself the Prime Minister of Leyr "for life". Although the position of Prime Minister may be held by one who is effectively a dictator, the Parliament still holds some semblance of power, and the 144 Honourable Ministers and 72 Senators are always changing. The Parliament of Leyr consists of two houses under the Westminster system: the Upper House (the Senate) and the Lower House (the House of Representatives). Senate Elections are held at the same time as the House of Representative's elections (once every four years). Of the elected Ministers of Parliament (members of the House of Representatives), 12 are chosen to be Ministers in the Cabinet of the Honourable Mr. Lester. Each of these Ministers holds a position as Head of one of the Ministries of the Leyr Federal Government: the Ministry of War, the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of the State, the Ministry of External Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of the Police, and the Ministry of Propaganda. Leyr has a functioning High Court - however, his Worship Mr. Argyll Lester also functions as the Supreme Justice of the High Court, meaning that he may overrule any decisions made by the High Court (and thus keep himself in power).

The State Enterprise

Leyr has its own State Enterprise, the Grand Trading Cartel of Leyr. The Cartel is run by none other than the Honourable Mr. Argyll Lester, in this case known as Chief Executive Officer Mr. Argyll Lester. The Cartel seeks to establish Leyr as a strong trading nation in the world of Little Upsilon, firstly through the setting up of many profitable corporations in Third World nations, and secondly through the introduction of large amounts of Enterprise Corporations to the nation of Leyr itself.