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Countries 184

Lacerta is one of the 10 continents of Kebir Blue and is located in the south west hemisphere. It is the seventh largest continent. The Great Ocean is to the west of the continent. To the east is the large continent of Antilia Major and to the north is the continent of Paova Major. The continent has many notable and unique geographic features such as the Sea of Scorfu, lakes, two large mountain ranges, four peninsulas, several river systems. Made up of 184 .


Lacerta is comprised of five regions Scorfu, Great Salman, Bavaro Bello, Shafield and Kusbara Verde.


By far the largest region consisting of 48 countries Scorfu is also the warmest region being in the north of the continent and closer to the equator. Scorfu has a unique geographic feature known as the Sea of Scorfu. The Sea of Scorfu is a large fresh water sea and is the largest such sea in all of the five worlds.

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Great Salman

The smallest region consisting of only 22 countries lies on the west coast of the continent. The Great Ocean influences the climate in this region and temperatures are warmer here than at similar latitudes elsewhere.

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