Flag for the Batavian Kingdom

The Kingdom of Batavia is a country located on the island of Austral Bergo, on the continent of Centura Donna. With a population of roughly 110,000,000 it is one of the most populated countries on White Giant. One out of sixteen (at the time of this writing) of War Level 3 countries on the planet. The Kingdom of Batavia retains the positions of Federation Manager and Member of the Board in the White Giant Alliance. Consisting of six other Dominions, the Empire has a total population of 487,213,279. Besides Indus, led by E_O, Batavia controls all of Austral Bergo island.


A political map of Batavia Isle, Dec 4500

Following a massive economic downturn in 4375, the 'Federal Republic of Austral Bergo' found itself unable to stem the tide of economic and political strife. It's Government unable to control the situation quickly dissolved, fracturing the former Republic into independent Nations. Many of these Governments, weary of Democracy and it's politicians after decades of strife, looked to the archaic nobility for deliverance. Matthew I, quickly took advantage of the chaos and declared a new Batavian Kingdom, with himself as the absolute ruler. Quickly gaining support and following several massive defeats, an unconditional surrender was signed on Dec 5th, 4381 giving his new regime full control.