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In 3003 Jadir Soviet Republic became the third province of the United Autonomous Republics. Situated on the continent of Paova Major on Kebir Blue, Jadir is a mountainous highland rich in natural beauty. An integral part of the Soviet Federation and "border countries", many consider Jadir's brand of semi-privatised social services to be extremely effective.

Although Jadir belongs to the UAR, most sovereignty is at the provincial level. The government, which is headed by the International Soviet Committee, is responsible for the majority of decisions in the country, with the exception of foreign policy and the military.

From Capitalism to Economic Transition (2997 - 3003)

Jadir was previously a capitalist democracy, established in 2850. In the late 2990s a weakening economy and government precipitated a crisis known as the Purple Decade. In 3000 the president of Jadir decided to hold a referendum on the question "do you support ascension to the United Republics of Vanqar and Mirabel?". After 78 per cent of the population endorsed it, the union was officially renamed the United Autonomous Republics.

Before the union could take place, Vanqar Soviet Republic laid out development goals associated with a transition to a socialist economy. Having excelled from the start, Jadir's entrance into the UAR was formalised in March of 3003.

As a Soviet Republic (3003 - present)

Following incorporation, Jadir has become very successful. Renowned for its mix of private and public, the country's economic doctrine has had some influence on the other member states of the UAR. Eduction in Jadir is focused primarily on technology, business, and industry. Nassau University is the country's most prestigious school, taking in students from around the UAR and other member states of the Soviet Federation.

One of the most significant issues in modern Jadir is the lack of environmental consciousness. Many of the former primary industries in the Southwest have caused erosion, flooding, and contamination. In particular, Amro, which was a sulphur corporation, has left 1500 hectares of land unihabitable. The Green Party is weakest in Jadir, where it currently holds only 7 per cent of seats in the legislature. Because no party has a majority in the current government, all parties are participating in policy formulation - with the exception of the Green Party, which has largely been dismissed.

In 3031 a massive earthquake struck Eastern Jadir. The epicentre was in Oran, a large community along the Kharel-Saltberg corridor. Loss of life was exceptional, with more than 200 000 persons perishing over the course of the few days during the disaster. Damage was estimated to cost almost 400 million dollars in Jadir alone, while Vanqar Soviet Republic was also badly damaged, there was fortunately very low loss of life.