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The Kingdom of Hermantine's Royal Family is currently headed by the House Selis. While not ruling Hermantine for a long time, House Selis has earned the trust of her people and continues to rule Hermantine.


The first "Royal Family" was the High King Lector of Hermania Alba. High King Lector's family ruled for over 1000 years before King Eric's murder at the hands of Cain Kitan of fief Hermantine. Cain then named himself King and began a short but violent reign. He was eventually challenged and killed by Duchess Ashley Selis of Hermantine. It was during King Cain's reign that the household system was developed and enacted. With every noble owning estates, they were allowed to form a household, which was designeed to provide Cain with a ready availible source of knights for his armies. It was around this time that the land was engulfed in a state of constant civil war, with no one claiming the throne.

During the Warring fiefs Era, the main power for each region rested in the hands of any household controlling a duchy. It was during this time that House Selis of the duchy of Hermantine began to quietly build up its forces, making alliances with other households and gaining the respect of the commoners. During the rule of Duke Henry Selis of Hermantine, he made a rapid attack on neighboring duchies, subjucating them and unifying the country. It was then that Henry was made king and renamed the country Kingdom of Hermantine to reflect his victory.

After the King Henry's death, House Corvall (who claimed to be decendants of House Kitan) tried to claim the throne due to the fact that Henry only had one child, the talented Princess Hanma. The Star and Rose Civil War was House Corvall attempt to sieze the crown for themselves. With their defeat, however, also saw all claims lost to the throne.

It was during Serene Queen Hanma's reign that saw the Kingdom of Hermantine begin to flourish. Developing diplomatic alliances and increasing education and health, Hermantine began to grow. Her reign also saw economical turmoil, as well as assassination attempts. She abdicated in favor of her 16 year old daughter Tallisabeth.

After the fall of the kingdom, House Selis was made the hereditary ruler of the Duchy of Hermantine.  They are considered Royal Cousins to CLan na Colliete

Members of the Former Royal Family

  • Serene Queen Tallisabeth Selis
  • Royal Consort Garth Senoi
    • Princess of Imil Elspeth Selis
    • Princess of Imil Tatiana Selis
    • Prince of Imil Alex Selis
  • Queen Mother Hamna Selis
  • Royal Father Roald de Comte
    • Princess of Ustio Dia Selis
  • Duchess of Ustio Gina Selis
  • Duke Consort of Ustio William Valicor
  • Duke of Mikasallia Gregory Selis
  • Duchess of Mikasallia Wendy Selis
    • Lord Terance Selis
    • Lady Yvonne Selis

Members of House Selis