Hercula Major
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Hercula Major is one of the ten continents of Golden Rainbow. It is the second smallest and the westernmost continent of Golden Raindow. Located entirely in the Western and Southern Hemispheres.


It is situated in the Eastern Hemisphere, entirely south of the Equinoctial line, and is surrounded by the Western Ocean.


The continent can be divided into two great regions:

  • Concorda (Subdivided into 69 countries);
  • Porta Bellisima (Subdivided into 46 countries);


Hercula Major climate is mostly cool temperate to warm temperate with a strong maritime influence.

Mean annual temperatures range from 5 °C in the south to 11 °C in the north. The coldest month is usually July and the warmest month is usually January or February. Generally there are relatively small variations between summer and winter temperatures. The exception to this is inland areas.

Central and north Hercula Major experiences subpolar and polar climates, much of them arid. Those areas are not heavily populated due to the severe climate, where it does exceed -20° C on most winter days and has a very brief summer season.

Extreme points

The extreme points of Hercula Major are:

  • North: 42° S;
  • South: 69° S (mainland), or 71° S (islands);
  • East: 107° W;
  • West: 152° W.

GR Time Zones.

Time Zones

There are two time zones in Hercula Major, which currently observe times ranging from UTC-07:00 to UTC-08:00.

List of zones

Since 3374, the time zones are as follows:

UTC Area covered
UTC-08 Concorda region.
UTC-07 Porta Bellisima region.
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