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Need help starting a article? This guide provides useful information on starting a article on things such as a country or enterprise.

First Steps

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One of the most common articles on this wiki are country articles. Many users tend to follow the same page setup as country articles on Wikipedia. Page setup includes the types of headings and information present on the article.

Country Infoboxes

Common Headers

  • Etymology
    • The origin of your country's name.
  • History
    • An overview of your country's past and present.
  • Geography
    • Describe the landscape and climate of your country.
  • Government and Politics
    • An overview of your country's government, political structure, and political landscape. You can also place subheaders with related topics, such as Administrative Divisions, Foreign Relations, and Military, or you may choose to put these as separate headers.
  • Economy
    • A description of your economy. Brief history, statistics, key industries, economic outlook, etc.
  • Demographics
    • Some information on your country's population. Possible subheaders/topics to include are: Major cities, Religion, Education, Healthcare, etc.
  • Culture
    • An overview of your country's culture, traditions, customs. You can include subheaders, such as Architecture, Arts, Cuisine, Media, Music, and Sports, to highlight key areas of your country's culture.


Enterprise Infoboxes

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