Grandan Revolution

Pablo Tirano,before Carmes Bloody day.png

Pablo Tirano (middle),the Dictator and the President of Republic of Granda.

Date 11 July - 5 August 3328
Location Republic of Granda

Republic of Granda victory

  • Revolutionaries defeated
  • CPG escaped to the Adela-Granda border
  • Beginning of Grandan Civil War
  • People's Republic of Granda.pngCommunist Party of Granda
  • Grandan Liberation Movement
RG.pngRepublic of Granda
Commanders and leaders
People's Republic of Granda.pngRojasio Alzaro RG.pngPablo Tirano
People's Republic of Granda.pngMarcencio Alzaro RG.pngFranco Manuello
People's Republic of Granda.pngRaul Socias RG.pngRoberto de la Martinez
People's Republic of Granda.pngAdrian Carlos RG.pngLugencio Marino
People's Republic of Granda.pngAlejandro Marquez RG.pngGerardo Rosariez
People's Republic of Granda.pngGilberto de la Morre RG.pngCristiano Gomez †
Carlo Grenaldo † RG.pngJose Alvarez
Rodrigo Ramos †
Casualties and losses

Revolutionaries: 12,000+ killed,wounded

10,000+ captured

Republic Army: 128 killed and 1,300 wounded

Grandan Soldiers in firefight with the revolutionaries