Grandan Big Gift Crisis

Grandan Big Gift Crisis
Granda's ICBM..jpg
Granda's MBIC70 Castigador in Carmes.
Date  29 January 3373 - 15 February 3373
Location Republic of Lindana

Agreement between Grandan and Indamira

  • Withdrawal of the Granda's nuclear missiles from Lindana
  • Withdrawal of the Indamiran's military forces from Lindana border
People's Republic of Granda.png People's Republic of Granda Republic of Indamira
Democratic Union of Lindana Supported by:
Supported by: Flag of the Council of Centau.png Council of Centau
Carmes Pact.png Carmes Pact
Commanders and leaders
People's Republic of Granda.png Marcencio Alzaro Francisco Vargas
Agostinho Cavaho
Casualties and losses
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